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i will buy this script if you can make it a multi admin where each admin can manage their own separate reserves when they login and users can enter a reservation without login by just choosing the date then fill out their information.

Hi, i think this is a nice idea, but it would break the current system concept. Maybe i’ll release a different script in the future. Thanks for feedback!

Hi, we are looking at this as a possibility for our College’s equipment reservation system. However, we need to verify if it would work with our server/firewall setup. Do you offer a trial installation we can test before we purchase?

Hi, yes i can offer, please send a mail to moiseh @ gmail dot com for more info

Good day I need installation help … Please contact me

Hi, i sent a PM to you

Hey I sent you a PM …. Can you please help!??

I’m still unable to load this script, I’ve tried multiple times to configure it based on the setup guide and still I keep getting a misconfiguration error. I’m not asking you as a part of support to aid in this setup/install….. I’m pointing out as the only person who has purchased it so far its not clear on how to actually use/ get it to work correctly ….PLEASE … back your work and help get this script online… If possible we can arrange a teamviewer session so that this can be resolved..Thanks

I’ve been replying to your Gmail account

Script fixed now, the .htaccess file was missing :)

Thank you very much for getting this up and running,working with me until everything was okay!!! You ROC!!!!!!!! :)

I am unable to load the admin at all I have uploaded the files, imported the db and confirmed mod_rewrite is enabled. It just comes up as 404 but redirects to /user-login/

I have an htaccess file. The site also runs WP and permalinks work.

Try to add this line on .htaccess file: RewriteBase /path-of-reservic/—if not work, mail me moiseh at gmail dot com . It’s certainly some .htaccess problem …

Didn’t work. I’ve emailed you.

i will be purchasing this within the next day or so, is everything still functioning correctly?

Hi, i re-enabled this item, it’s ok if you still want buy

Hi Moiseh,

I would like to know the system that i can still modify or add some feature or PHP Code inside by myself? And also Is that the coding structure using MVC?

Many Thanks, Fa

Hi, currently it’s not MVC. The structure is based on static YAML files to define the forms, listings, models and PHP callbacks to modify custom aspects.

The structure is not complex, i can provide the support as you need.

Good one bro


Please help i did upload the files i can’t logging sorry for my english thanks

now i log like admin but i see the pannel to the left like a user please help me

my boss just payed than-you my friend

received. i’ll notify you in next hours when the job is done.


Thank-you so much for you great support. one more help when the person Request new reserve the time is not correct.

Answered on e-mail

Than-you i did send in email to you


Hello moiseh,

I’ve purchased this item today and when I donwloaded the zip file I noticed that the CHANGELOG is not the same as you posted in the product page:

This is the last version of my CHANGELOG:

Version 0.3 (Jul 2016)

+ Refactored all internal the code + Added new reports and charts + Item types now can be added

But your CHANGELOG says that the last version 0.3 was released on March 2017.

My downloaded version is not the updated one, can you please provide me the last version please?

The zip you received first is the same of the demo by the way… This new has some new calendar features…

I wrote you to moiseh @ gmail dot com with all the details.

Email with the new version sent.

error notice bro

Fatal error: Uncaught exception ‘Exception’ with message ‘This operation is not allowed on demo version’ in /home/estud703/public_html/reservic/src/core.php:134 Stack trace: #0 /home/estud703/public_html/reservic/src/Resource/Model.php(148): checkIsDemo() #1 /home/estud703/public_html/reservic/src/Callbacks.php(379): Resource\Model->save(Array) #2 /home/estud703/public_html/reservic/index.php(74): Callbacks->doReserves() #3 {main} thrown in /home/estud703/public_html/reservic/src/core.php on line 134

Thanks, fixed the error. But anyway this operation is not allowed on demo :)