Reservations Calendar

Reservations Calendar

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Item Description:

The Reservations Calendar plugin allows users to ‘rent’ a time interval on specific dates using PayPal


  • Clean design
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to interact with it
  • Simple payment method via PayPal
  • Shortcode and widget
  • Only CSS3, no images
  • Cross Browser support

Shortcode usage:

[reservations name="Calendar Name" price="0.5" email="" limit="true" minimum="10" currency_code="USD" currency_symbol="$" currency_left="true" currency_decimal="," available="everyday{00:00-24:00}"/]

@param name This is the calendar name, this one will show up in PayPal item name.

@param price This is the price per 10 minutes.

@param email This is your PayPal email address.

@param limit Does not allow to select older days (default to true)

@param minimum The minimum amount of time that can be reservated (default to 10)

@param currency_code This is the currency code to use for PayPal (default to USD)

@param currency_symbol This is the symbol to show on calendar (default to $)

@param currency_left Put symbol on the left of the number (default to true)

@param currency_decimal This is the decimal mark. If this is comma, the digits are grouped with a dot, else with a comma (default to ,)

@param available This is the time available for reservations. This is in the following format:

available=”month.when{startHour-endHour, startHour-endHour, ...}, ...” where:
- month can be any of month names in english or the word “any”, or nothing
- when can be one of the following: everyday, mondays, tuesdays, ..., weekends, weekdays, day1, day2, ...
- startHour is in the format hh:mm, where hh are hours in 24h format, and mm are minutes
- endHour same as above

NOTE 1: Only hours in the same bracket group adds. Otherwise it overrides. If you have “everyday{14:00-15:00},mondays{12:30-13:00,13:30-14:00}”, then everyday you will have 14:00-15:00, but mondays you will only have 12:30-13:00 and 13:30-14:00.
NOTE 2: The priority is this: explicit month and explicit day, explicit month and weekends / weekdays, explicit month and everyday, any month and explicit day, any month and weekends / weekdays, any month and everyday.

For example, summer is not available, every working day of autumn, winter and spring from 09:00 to 18:00, but mondays only from 09:00 to 15:00, but also from 19:00 to 23:00. The rule should look like this:



  • [05.03.2013] Fixed some issues
  • [06.09.2012] Released version 1.1
  • [13.06.2012] First release