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I am looking for a booking calendar that I can use in an intranet. I have 5 rooms that I need to have calendars – the user is supposed to schedulle a meeting from 6 to 7pm for eg and receive an email confirmation. Also he needs to send the same confirmation to other users that are supposed to attend the meeting. Does the plugin do that – send emails to more than one person? Can I use this without a payment gate? Thanks.

Currently, no.

Hi, I could not try the live preview

Prepurchase questions…

1. Is this plugin currently supported? 2. Is it working properly?


Has this plugin been abandoned? The preview doesn’t work.

Can this be used without the payment functionality?

Does it create a customer database where notes can be made by customers details?

Can the daily/weekly bookings schedule be printed out?

Need to make this as a stand alone script because of those that do not use WP.

Hi, your calendar import ics , google, airbnb etc.


I need to create a “Smart” Contact form for my wordpress website with conditional logic auto-responders.

This smart form will send Email Response N, Email Response Y1, or Email Response Y2, based on 2 criteria (date availability and type of event)

The conditional logic will work like so:

Check availability:

a) If not available, send Response N

b) If available and event is wedding, corporate, mitzvah/quince, send Response Y1

c) If available and event is anything else, send Response Y2

Can I do this with your plugin as is or would I have to customize the plugin? If I have to customize the plugin…What files would I need to edit?

At the moment, the plugin is in the very basic form as it is not sending any email but the paypal receipt sent by paypal containing the item details. The logic behind handling user input does not exists and if you want to use my plugin in the way you requested, you have to do a lot of customizations. Basically, you’ll have to understand the whole plugin code to know where to edit. In my opinion, I think it does not worth it unless you really need this and no other plugin satisfy you.

HELLO, the demo dosen’t work have you got an other link ? did customer can pay with paybox ?

I’m using a Timetable plugin And I need to add a booking with available slots and Paypal option for my events. Is it possible to connect this plugins?

Fix the demo site.

Hi, I like the plugin.. But bit confused. Let me explain my requirement and let me know weather this plugin was useful for my project or not.. I am developing a hotels list of directories website. There will be any numbers of hotels. In each hotel page I need to show the Availability Calender and the user will select the available date and then go for payment by giving some form to enter the user details and then it will go for payment.

May I know is this plugin was useful for my requirement.?


Hello. I’m looking for a special kind of plugin, which can manages multi reservation, more than 9 differente places with many time slot. And I also want to know what are the different types of payment included. Thanks you

I need to bind to book full weeks. it’s possible? No matter if the system autofills or validates, but the reservation must go from Monday to Sunday. Sorry for my poor English

Demo is not working