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Hola, estoy interesada en tu módulo. ¿Podrías habilitar la demo? Gracias!

Hola. I added demo links in the desciption ;)

Hello, Your module is just promising but not yet worthy what you are asking for, Not even U$50.People sell scripts here that are really worthy paying for. Secondly, i see good modules here and doing great things on owners’ sites.Yes i would wish to buy it in future but the way it is now, can’t exceed $25, instead i buy a functional book script and not for prestashop.

Please do your research here on other scripts regarding booking and reservation and then compare it with yours in terms of functionality. you will judge yourself.

So, copy ideas from other scripts regarding reservation, work around your module and price it an amount worthy spending.US$100+ is alot of money. Even those that hav sold 2000+Downloads have not yet reached that amount. And by the time you sale that amount, your script must be good and worthy keeping.

You can also start with $20 and after reaching certain number of people to give you advise on user experience, then you increase slowly. Please learn how this community works

Lastly, change your module demo to English AS we do not understand the language its in or create the option to switch laguages

Anyway its just a piece of advise and wish u the best


I added little explanation below the calendar. It is described too in the module description. You can add/change/delete categories et products. Events are products with dates.

When you visit the module backend, setting page does not have the links as where to create categories or add items or where to set dates,etc. Please give those writes to exactly how the module functions

Thank you Ronnie

When you visit the module backend, setting page does not have the links as where to create categories or add items or where to set dates,etc. Please give those permission rights to exactly see how the module functions

Thank you Ronnie

Hello, I bought the module but I do not see the reservation-1.0.2.zip ZIP file. I also use PrestaShop version 1.5.6. thank you for helping me PS je parle francais

Hello, Thanks for your purchase. I answered by email :)


The module frontend does not show anything.It only shows a blank page. Please work on that

Thank you


It is a sandbox for your tests. Someone deleted all the data, just do as you want to test with false data.


First thank you. for your work.

I just bought the plugin and realize we can’t set more than one reservation date per product. Did you planned to had the functionality to setup more than one reservation date ? If yes when did you planned to release that ?

Sorry for my bad English


Thanks for your purchase :) Soon there will be an option for recurrent events, but multiple dates are not on the todo list for now. Maybe later, but I cannot tel you any release date.

Thank your for your reply. I will wait for this update because we can’t match our needs with your plugin right now.

Of course, and you can have a refund, I understand.

The demo does not wok. We wait for the update. Thank you. Ronnie

After 2 months, the demo isnt available… Its not pro… Bye

Permission issues on the demo file

Reservation The demo does not work. Please link functional demo