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Hi Guys – this looks like a great add-on for wpDataTables. In an email I received about it it says that you will be looking to send reports via scheduled email. Do you have any details on how this will work and when it is likely to have this feature?

Hi there, thank you for the nice words,

We thought about adding one more admin page to set up the schedule for reports (which report to generate, at what time, how often to repeat, to which mail to send) and add in docs explanation of how to add Report Builder scheduler task in crontab. It can also be done with WP-Cron, however it’s not that stable (WP-Cron depends on page visits while “real” cron is totally independent).

For the timing really can’t tell you right now as we just launched and will be basing the roadmap for future versions on user feedback. If this will be highly requested we will implement this sooner.

can customize?

Hi there,

Thank you so much for noticing – this is fixed. Actually there was no problem with plugin, but with some recent changes in server configuration which we didn’t notice. You can see now that there’s no issue any more. Thanks!

hi thank you, ok that nice, btw, can u guy do some customize?

We do have a service of paid customization jobs, however we are in a tight schedule, and we cannot promise to deliver things quickly currently. You can contact us to let us know your requests so we could let you know if this is possible.

Would be amazing to generate Avery Labels with a docx template – think this would be possible?

Hi there, thank you very much for the purchase,

Can you maybe show an example of what you mean? Thanks!

Avery provide word doc templates for all of their labels http://www.avery.com/avery/en_us/Templates-%26-Software/Templates/Labels/Return-Address-Labels/Return-Address-Label-80-per-sheet_Microsoft-Word.htm Im currently moving an access membership database to wordpress but one of the the thing you lose is MS office integration for things like mail merge and label creation. Seems like your plugin should work in these cases.

Our guess is that it should work if it’s a standard DOCX file – we will try it out, thanks for the nice idea.

Hello! I try to get into your support system, but I get this:

The license code you submitted does not match the product you chose

As you can see I’ve purchased it :D

Hi there, thank you very much for the purchase, please enter the code for wpDataTables, we will be glad to help you. Sorry for the trouble, you’re right it doesn’t accept Report Builder purchase codes yet.

Hi there, great looking plugin! I’m hoping it’s exactly what my clients need. There’s only one question though. When a website visitor uses the plugin is there ever a time where they UPLOAD anything to the website? Or do they only download the Word doc and Excel spreadsheets to their own computer? My client is concerned about security and needs to know if their visitors would be able to upload as well as download. Looking forward to your reply!!! :-D

Hi there, thank you for your interest and for the nice words!

No, front-end users do not upload anything, only download.

Thank you so much, we are all very excited about this plugin!!!


RaybanM Purchased

Hi looking good. I will use FSQM but i think it good practise to have separate data SQL for manipulation going forward. Can WPdatatables already permit downloads ?

Demo site for this product shows options for PDF and CSV but you only sell as Word and Excel feature download. Please clarify.

Also I trust we can provide the system with templates and map the outputs to fields accordingly correct? Cheers

Hi there, thank you for your purchase,

wpDataTables has a built-in feature to export visible part of table to PDF, XLS, CSV files – but with ‘hardcoded’ formatting without much flexibility.

Report Builder allows you to prepare a Word or Excel template, which you can use to generate a DOCX or XLSX file with actual data and with formatting that you need (fonts, sizes, colors, margins).

Adding PDF to Report Builder is in TODO list for future releases.

Hi Team, Congratulations!

And thanks for creating great plug-ins for WP. I have below pre-sales questions, could you please help me to understand.

1. Report Builder add-on: Is it possible to generate reports in .pptx format.

2. wpDataTables: Is it possible to import data from Excel from front end.

If not available now, do you have any plans to add these features. Also, please let me know if you provide any customization service for adding these features for me (I am ready to pay).

Many thanks-PNR

Hi there, thank you very much for your interest and for the kind words,

1. Unfortunately not. We were assessing this feature, but our research shown that it wouldn’t be very functional nor needed for a lot of users, so we didn’t implement this.

2. Creating tables and importing data to them is currently possible only from WP-Admin/back-end. We didn’t quite understand the kind of use case when front-end users would need to create/import tables, and how much requested would it be. Can you describe your scenario?

As for customization services: yes, we do provide them, however please note that these features can take a significant effort to implement therefore would not be cheap.

You’re welcome!

Hi there, my client purchased this plugin… it has a WONDERFUL end result. However the building process is not as favorable as we had hoped. It seems that we have to manually type in the fields what we want in order to view the end result the way we’re wanting it. This will be tiresome to the user since there are so many fields to enter.

See example: http://test.schoolhouseteachers.com/member-resources/schedules-and-planners/custom-schedule-builder

Do you have an add-on that can provide clickable options or scroll down options? If there was a way to have YOUR end results with the customization instant Word document AND with how this form works (clicking and scroll down options) the combination would be incredible!


Do you have something like that so that the process can be like above, but the results be like what you have w/custom Word document?

Would you or someone you know be able to do the custom coding like this for affordable hire? They’re really wanting the clicking and drop down menu options pretty bad.

We can do this of course. Can you please contact us at support@touchmesoft.net with all the details. Thanks!

awesome, thanks!

Really nice add-on. Simply to use and customizable. Support smart and usefull. Very greatfull for your works!

Thank you very much! :)

I have a wpDataTable that uses placeholders, but it seems that report builder does not support it because I get empty reports. Does Report-Builder supports placeholders? If yes, can you show me an example? If not, please add it to upcoming updates.



Hi there, thank you for your purchase,

Report builder itself doesn’t include them, but if you base a report on a wpDataTable with placeholders it should. Can you please provide more details – open a support ticket please in our support system: http://wpdatatables.com/help/support/


Pre Sale Question: I need this for creating a word document by text informations from web visitors. So I dont need “data table” source, but i need “variables”

Question1: Do i need the main plugin “data table” for that? Question2: Is it possible to change the size of the variable input field? Becaus i need it bigger, because there are large descriptions

Thanks for help

Hi there, thank you for your interest,

1) Yes, the main plugin is necessary as some of its core libraries are used in the front-end. 2) Of course, it’s possible with some CSS (you can add the CSS in the theme’s ‘custom CSS’ setting if there is one, directly in the file, or inline in the page).

Ok, thanks for that.

For 2.: Can you give me an example that shows to change the input line in an text area field? maybe with 10 cols

Hi there, sorry for the delay. OK, I see what you mean now, I didn’t get you right first. Turning an one-line input into a textarea is not possible with CSS but is possible with a small jQuery snippet. A JSFiddle with similar example: http://jsfiddle.net/Dracs/WzE48/2/

We can assist you with that if you decide to use the plugin.

Hi Team, I need your help to accept the .xlsm as the template (currently, it is accepting only .xlsx file formats). could you please suggest me the changes(.xlsm also the xml file format like.xlsx).

Thanks in advance. PNRao!

Hi there,

Unfortunately support for .xlsm isn’t implemented yet, do you need it for support of macros?

Hi Team,

Thanks for the quick response. Yes, we need for macro files (as the macro files (xlsm) are using more as templates than .xlsx file). and this will help us to create more useful templates.

Many thanks-PNRao!

Hi there,

Unfortunately for the moment there’s no easy way to migrate to these, but we will investigate this!

Hi, great plugin concept!

Pre-sale question: We are a current, very happy, wpDataTables customer. We have a large excel workbook with several iter-linked spreadsheets that include:

(a) several input worksheets, (b) intermediary worksheets that calculate financial indicators and financial projections, and (c) a dashboard spreadsheet that provides a handful of summary tables and charts.

We would like to web-enable this workbook by:

(a) exposing key input tables for the front-end data entry, (b) exposing the dashboard tables and charts via front-end, and (c) generating a Word document report that includes data entered via front-end, the calculated dashboard tables and charts, and some intermediary calculations/tables.

Is this possible using wpDataTables and Report Builder?


Hi there, thank you for your inquiry, and for the kind words,

Unfortunately it is not that sophisticated, at least yet. The examples on demo site show pretty much everything that plugin can do so far, and e.g. it doesn’t support charts yet, multiple sheets might also become an issue (though it works in most cases). The Sandbox site of wpDataTables also has Report Bulider installed so you can try to play around: http://sandbox.wpdatatables.com/wp-admin/

good work!

Thank you very much for the kind words!

1.0.2 Version is coming in 2 days,

  • PHP7 Compatibility
  • Follow table filtering fix
  • Updated versions of internal libraries
  • Checked compatibility with most recent WP version

weihs5 Purchased

I have a wpdatatable with groups so that certain rows are grouped under a single title row and there are a couple of these groups within my table. How can I export to a worddoc table so that my groups appear?

Hi there, thank you for your purchase,

Unfortunately Report Builder does not reproduce grouping functionality of wpDataTables, it will only see the data below (so each row would have a value of a column).


mrdon Purchased

I saw a review about how there isn’t any integration between wpDataTables/Report Builder and Gravity Forms. I’m not sure I need integration or not, but what I am wanting to do is to build customized forms with Gravity Forms and use wpDataTables/Report Builder to create reports on that data. Is that possible? Thx

Hi there, thank you for your inquiry,

Yes, unfortunately Gravity Forms integration isn’t built in (yet). It will be possible if you: 1) Configure gravity forms, 2) Prepare a MySQL query that can return the data that you need, and then prepare a wpDataTable based on this query, 3) Create a report based on this wpDataTable.


Axelmet Purchased

Hello, I have a problem with the report, only a few records, the word file does not open with error: error xml parsing, in addition, some fields in other reports, which contain special characters, e.g. T & T is reported as T & amp; T (obviously without spaces). What can I do? Thanks in advance


Axelmet Purchased

update: the xml error problem is still due to special characters. If there is an accented letter in the field, the xml error appears and the word file does not open. The table is utf8 GeneralCi collation and has no problem in any other display

Hi there, thank you for your purchase, and sorry for the late reply.

Please (if you didn’t do so already) open a ticket in our support portal: http://tmsplugins.ticksy.com/ – our team will look into that and suggest a fix.

Thank you!

Presale Question: Is it possible to print the report directly instead of download and then we open and print? That will save a lot of clicks.


Hi there, thank you for your inquiry, and sorry for the delay,

As the type is DOCX or XLSX unfortunately currently it is only possible to download, then print. We do plan adding a PDF generator for DOCX templates, then it would be possible to open the generated report directly in the browser.