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I hope you can add a PDF generator soon. That would make this plug-in PERFECT for me. :grin:

Hi there,

it is in plan for sure. Though seems like it is feasible only for the DOCX report, the excel format keeps ruining the layout when we try to generate PDF out of it, independent from the library we try to use.


can generate date in native date excel

Hi there, thank you for your inquiry, and sorry for the delay.

The date is genereated as string (at least in current version), but can be easily then converted to Date on Excel side.


im getting Error in the last step of viewing the report

"This page isn’t working

admission.dmusis.com is currently unable to handle this request. HTTP ERROR 500”

only after i install the pluging so why its not working with me ?? how to fix the error ASAP please

Hi there, thank you for your inquiry,

Please (if you didn’t do so already) open a support ticket in our support portal: https://tmsplugins.ticksy.com/ – and please provide a temp wp admin login, our support team will help you out.

Sorry for the delay, last days of April and beginning of May are days off in Europe.

Ok I did send them privately the login details


mut3 Purchased

Is there an ETA for the watermark/logo feature for print & PDF download?

Hi there, thank you for your inquiry, and sorry for the delayed reply,

We do have a plan to implement PDF support, but unfortunately do not have any approximate ETA – rather than it for sure won’t happen quite soon.



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We’re finally getting round to getting this report builder set up but whatever we try (we created a working docx + xlsx template) the reportbuilder will always create the doc with only the web displayed data​, not the whole table/data.

The strange thing is that we can’t seem to set the ‘Follow table filtering:’ to ‘off. If we do, it still saves with that ticked and Even when we change that setting in the db directly, going to the report builder shows it ticked still/again.

Please advise​


Hi there,

Did you de-activate and then activate the plugin again? Are you running wpDataTables 2.0.2?

Thank you


RtComp Purchased

Yes, we did but things just didn’t work so we’re back to pre v2 again now as the site needs to be online and working.

Hi there.

Is it possible somehow to create a temp dev ‘duplicate’ of your site where we could reproduce the problem? As unfortunately we can’t see it on our copies.

Is it possible to use the Gravity Signature Add on – it works that the filename is inserted in the wptable, but after that I want to use your report builder to insert the signature in a word document – how can I do? Is it possible?


Unfortunately at the moment dynamically adding images to the docs and spreadsheets generated by Report Builder isn’t supported. We are looking into implementing this feature, but unfortunately for the moment it wouldn’t be possible even as a custom solution.

That’s okay.

Send you message

Hi, i have questions.

  • i have a php laravel web site
  • i have a wp site under folder of main web site ” /folder-wp”
  • our site has productions
  • we want auto catalogue create with our products
  • we want auto price list create
  • we want download versions: PDF, WORD, EXCEL
  • our database MySQL and complex data type

Are there inculude these?

Do work this plugin this ways?

- Main site : Laravel - Sub-site (under folder) : Wp - We create PDF REPORT on sub-wp-site

Hi there, thank you for your inqiury,

For the moment unfortunately PDF reports aren’t supported. We plan to add these soon for the DOCX-based reports.

Otherwise you can install the product (and the main plugin - wpDataTables) in the WP site, and use it to generate reports based on the parent DB as wpDataTables can access the DB directly.



mcveyb Purchased

This would be a wonderful addition. I using signature image for contact form 7 can display it in the wpdatatable but need to be able to add it to my report for printing out records. This would complete a great plug-in. Any update on a time table for this feature would be greatly appreciated.

Hi there, thank you for your inquiry, and sorry for the delayed reply,

Of course, we are looking into the possibility of adding images to the reports too, however due to the limitations of PHP Office library we didn’t yet find a stable solution. Unfortunately we can’t yet say when this will be possible – but we’re researching.



FredN Purchased

Hello, Very nice plugin :-) I have few questions. I would like to do this : 1.- Fill a GravityForm 2.- When it’s filled I would like to be able to directly print a selected report in docx Is it possible to do this ?

Another question : I would like to do this : 1.- Fill a GravityForm 2.- Inside GravityForm I would like to add a dropdownlist where I can choose a report I’ve build in ReportBuilder 3.- When I click submit in GravityForm it automatically fill the DB with the datas that are in GravityForm and it automatically print the report I choose with the datas I entered in GravityForm Is it possible to do this ?

Thanks for your answers. BR Fred

Hi there, thank you for your purchase,

1) Not sure I fully understood the use case. Basically this should be possible if you use both Report Builder and Gravity Form integration addons, however it might require some additional customization.

2) This would be possible with some custom coding.


Hi, I’m using this plugin since long. its Awesome. but recently i need to add images to my reports. how it could be possible. I need it urgently, is there any customisation available?

Hi there, thank you for your inquiry, and sorry for the delay.

We have this as one of the main tasks for one of next versions, but unfortunately the ETA isn’t quite soon and the current implementations aren’t yet stable enough to provide these as customizations.

Can we generate and download more than 100 files in 1 click ? Thanks

Hi there, thank you for your inquiry,

Technically there is no limitation from the side of the plugin. However it may happen that it would just take too much time to generate on the server, or even break due to timeout. It should work with DOCX report good to some limits like 300-500 files at once.


Hi Here is my presale question:

1. I would like to create a contract which is custom made by the user by selecting different checkboxes. (if user selects termination, than termination will be in the final export).

2. The Contract is then exported to make the final agreement (in word)

Is this possible? If so, please let me know how and if you can provide custom work.


Yes, it is possible but it would require some customization work. Please open a support ticket in Pre-purchase section in our support platform: https://tmsplugins.ticksy.com/, our support manager will be glad to give you more details.

Thank you!

Hi, is it possible to generate an excel report with one record in the database to be displayed on several row => Some field on one line and other fields on others line/column. Thanks a lot


Yes, it is possible, if I understand you correctly. Please read in our documentation about ways to create a template: http://wpreportbuilder.com/documentation/create-template-for-wordpress-report-builder/, and pay attention on rule number 6 there. Also, If you have any further questions or you want to describe what are you trying to achieve with more details, please open a ticket, we have Pre-purchase section and our support managers will be glad to help: https://tmsplugins.ticksy.com/.

Thank you!

Pre Sales Q? we need Demo if online available, We have HRMS Plugin in WP, we need to add it with can it possible


Thank you for your interest in our plugin.

For testing purpose we have sandbox website where you can see and test all plugin functionalities: http://sandbox.wpdatatables.com/. Also, if you have any additional questions you can always open a ticket in Pre-purchase questions section in our support platform https://tmsplugins.ticksy.com/. There you can give detail information about what do you want to do, and our support manager will be glad to help.

Best regards!