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do you have documentations for this?

Yes, we have detailed documentation explaining each feature of this plugin.


jtap Purchased

What is the code to display an iFrame? I can’t seem to find any mention of iFrames in the documentation. Thanks!

Hi jtap,

Please find code for an iFrame modal below,

    title: "iFrame",
    text: '<iframe width="560" height="315" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/owsfdh4gxyc" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>',
    html: true,
    animation: 'swing',
    modalNOverlay: 'black',
    confirmButtonText: 'Done',
    confirmButtonColor: '#ff0000',
    allowOutsideClick: true,

Please check configuration options that you need.

Let us know if you have any query.

Please get some time to rate & review our product that will help us a lot.


How to disable youtube video when modal is out of focus?

When I use youtube video in demo and click outside the modal, the modal disappears but video keeps playing.

Hi Kczilla,

Can you please create a support topic on our support portal [http://support.pixinvent.com/]? so that we can give you the updated js file to replace with current modal js.

Awaiting to hear from you.

Cheers ~

just send me the fix please, I do not want to subscribe to a support portal

Hi kczilla,

It seems like your support for our item is expired. Please provide your email id so we can share js file with you. It will be hard for you to replace the code.

We request you to renew your support as well.


Really neat and superb idea and library, but has SERIOUS flaws! Right now I’m stuck with a big UX problem. Why on earth do you guys put the CANCEL button as the first button on the interface? Are you from Asia? At least have the option to change the position of the buttons.

(2) There is no way to change programatically the color of the Cancel button. Only the confirm button has this option.

(3) There is no way to add a third/custom button to the interface, and 3-button interfaces are very common…

Hi FJarabeck,

We will try to cover this all options for next update for sure. We must say that’s really nice suggestion, and will try to do as more customization as we can.

Thanks a ton.

hi there, how can we call a separate file/page in the modal. For example i have a link <a href="page.php">Open in Modal</a> and i want to to open this link in the modal. How can i do this. Thanks In Advance


You can use iFrame to call a separate file/page in the modal. You can check iFrame example to get better idea.

Please let us know if still have any concern.


Hi, Thanks for the reply. However we have dynamic links (list of links eg. more than 5 or 10) which are created reading the database. while in the iframe example we have to define each replete modal which is not possible dynamically. So is there some other way to work that like in fancybox we can define a class and simply uses that class for all the dynamic links. Is there some way to attach the modal with dynamic links?



Can you please create a support topic so we can share code to you? As we can’t share code here.

Hope you understand the concern.

Awaiting for support topic. :)



fmosse Purchased


I would like to use the “image” onload page popup but also that is has a Close “X” link at the top right. Is that possible? Thanks, Francisco

Hi Fmosse,

Yes, That is possible. You can check out below examples from latest downloaded version of replete modal :

For, Onload : onLoad.html Close ‘x’ link : closeIconIn.html image : image.html

If you still have any concern please create support topic at (http://support.pixinvent.com).


Hi, I need a popup with a newsletter form. Can I do this?

Hi jonathanfmella,

Yes you can do it and you need to code for subscription yourself. You can find subscription form example in Demo page.


hello,work in https?

Hi jorgejgm,

Yes, Replete Modal works in https. Let us know if you have any other query.



almaron Purchased

is there an easy way of integrating this into joomla/wordpress Templates?

Unfortunately, This is just javascript plugin so we are not sure about how it works with joomla/wordpress.

I’d like to know if there is a scroll bar feature on the side if the content of the message is long. Let me know. Thanks!

Hi QuantumPhysics,

It does not support scrollbar feature by default but you need to write custom css.



kczilla Purchased

When a form modal opens on screen width < 800px (approximate) the modal should focus on the first input field. I have to scroll up to go to the 1st input field. Please fix this.

Hi kczilla,

Please create a support topic at https://pixinvent.ticksy.com/ and share your code or URL to get better idea of your query.



kczilla Purchased

The issues are clearly explained in my comment above. I do no like registering to all these forums to explain a problem with someone’s code. Again, on mobile, or a device whose width is < 800px, the modal does NOT focus on the 1st field. So the user must scroll up. I actually posted this same problem over a year ago. Please fix and reply.

Hello kczilla,

We totally understand your comment but it is recommended to share the code on support portal. We can’t share code in comments section.

There is nothing wrong with the code by the way, we do not set any focus in the modal and it should be like this as user should be able to set focus according to his requirement.

You can just write a line of code to set the focus to your first filed like below:


Hope that make sense. Please renew your support and create a support ticket on support portal from next time to help you better.

Please carefully read our support policy: https://codecanyon.net/item/replete-modal/14803339/support


does it support full screen popups and vimeo video?

Hi NatureMedia,

Full screen popups are not supported but vimeo video is supported in replete modal popup. you can check in demo as well.


Hi, so I’m pretty interested in this modal, I just want to ensure it will fulfil my requirements. I want to activate various modals from a nav menu, the modals will be custom html that describe available services, and a selection of galleries for the user to choose from.

Can I set a an image within the modal as a link? I would like to use the on click event to open a lightroom gallery when that image is selected. Will the modal close when this happens?

Can I use CSS on my custom html pages that are displayed in the modal window?

Will you be looking at allowing full screen modals, as this could be very useful indeed.

Kind regards

Hi Blupace,

Sorry for replying too late. Please find your question’s answers below :

1. Can I set a an image within the modal as a link? I would like to use the on click event to open a lightroom gallery when that image is selected. Will the modal close when this happens? 1A. Yes

2. Can I use CSS on my custom html pages that are displayed in the modal window? 2A. Yes

3.Will you be looking at allowing full screen modals 3A. Not for now, but we will consider it for future update.

Please let us know if you have any other query.



aloyoon Purchased

hello this is great and done some amazing work with it but it really need to be full responsive

Hi aloyoon,

Thanks for the appreciation. We will surely look into the responsive part and will update the plugin accordingly.


I would really like to “like” this product. But when you are working on a project you should not have to wait 2 days for an answer to a support question. I’m still waiting.

Apology for the delay. We have already replied your questions in support portal. :)


Great Job on the Plugin. I have read the documentation, read the comments, and searched google but still, have a few questions. I’m embedding Youtube videos in the Modal.

1. On Modal “Close”, how do I stop a video? You can still hear it playing in the background.

2. When I add a link for the Modal it shows my mouse cursor as an insert text icon instead of the normal “Hand” icon you usually see in links. How should I fix this?

Thank You


The plugin looks great. I’ve gone for a basic implementation based on your form-subscribe.html example.

rplm({ title: “Get Real Foods news!”, text: “Signup to our newsletter and receive fresh news”, type: “input”, inputPlaceholder: “Subscribe with email”, imageUrl: “images/plantbased-learn-tile.jpg”, imageSize: “400×300”, animation: ‘zoomIn’, modalNOverlay: ‘black’, overlay: ‘custom’, customOverlayColor: ’#FFFFFF’, allowOutsideClick: true, confirmButtonText: ‘Sign Me Up’, delay: 0, duration: 1, oneTimePopUp: false });

How can I get hold of the input entered for use in my server side code?

I have purchased the product and can provide purchase code if required.

Thanks, Jon

Hi jon_weir,

Thanks for your appreciation. :)

You can check “confirmValidation.html” example to get idea of your query to use input value in server side code.

Please let me know if you still have any doubt while checking that code. You can also create a support topic at https://pixinvent.ticksy.com/


Hello, I just purchased this script and I would like to know how to implement the following javascript code:

” <link href=”http://www.photobucs.com/dogs/vote/index.php?controller=pjFront&action=pjActionLoadCss&id=5” type=”text/css” rel=”stylesheet” /> <script type=”text/javascript” src=”http://www.photobucs.com/dogs/vote/index.php?controller=pjFront&action=pjActionLoadJS”></script> <script type=”text/javascript” src=”http://www.photobucs.com/dogs/vote/index.php?controller=pjFront&action=pjActionLoad&id=5”></script> “

into the modal-transparent.html page?

If I can’t, does it support frames?

Hi acilegnaj,

Thanks for purchasing or product.

To implement modal, you need to go with documentation fisrt. So let me know, Have you tried implementation of transparent modal with your script? If yes share me that code as We exactly don’t know how you want this. You can also use documentation to make the modal as per your requirements. You can find documentation folder in downloaded package. And Yes,Replete Modal supports iFrame. So you can use it too. If you want iFrame example then please create a support topic at https://pixinvent.ticksy.com so I can share it.

Thanks for getting in touch. Cheers,