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It looks great!

Is there any ETA for the Wordpress version?

Thank you!

Hey Darkecho

Thanks for your Complement! :)

We are planning to launch WordPress version by end of this year.

Thanks, GeeksLabs Team

LOVE THIS! Same as your other plugin. How can we control look and feel of pop ups with code experience?

Hi Netgain4020

Thanks for appreciations!!

Please elaborate your requirements.

Is there any way this plugin can be installed into a WordPress theme? I read that this is not a WordPress plugin – after I purchased it. I have a WordPress theme, Avada, in which I would like to use this plugin. Help!

Hi taygraphics,

It’s not a WordPress plugin but if you’re a developer then you can include our script using WordPress hooks and call manually on pages. That’s the only way you can use it with WordPress and we could suggest.

Our WordPress plugin is getting ready and you can always contact us once its launched. We will surely help you out!!

We can not refund you according to envato refund policy for this case.

Thanks, GeeksLabs

Hi! Is the scripts supports AMD/RequireJS?

Hi igorsaz87,

Yes, but you have to configure it on your own.


Is there a way to validate multi input form fields? I see the example for one field, but I need to have multi input fields before submitting email form.



Hi YogiFish,

Script does not support in-build validation, Example is given just to show the validation possibility.

If you want to validate multi input fields, you can use jquery.validate, form validation or any other validation library.

Hope that helps!!


OK thanks I’ll look into that

Great job! nice work

Thanks, kisded!!

hi,this hav admin panel?? if customer submit contact form! where show them for me?

No, This is just a JavaScript component. You can just show pop ups as shown in the preview on your website. You have to manage form submission and everything else on your own.

Hi this interfer’s with other class on my site. How do I run it using 2 class? For instance I have this as a link that I want to pop up one of your forms:

        <a class="btn btn-primary">SEARCH NOW</a>

Great :)

Hi, I’m loving this. Is it possible to have a form with multiple forms? like 1 form has contact details, click on next it goes to next form to fill in more details etc?

Like a form wizard as per this: http://keenthemes.com/preview/metronic/theme/admin_6/form_wizard.html

Yes, you can do it. But you need more accuracy in JavaScript code for that.

Please mail us at admin@geekslabs.com if any concern.

Regards, GeeksLabs Team

Pre-sale question: I need to create a popup window which will show a standar form. (not a newsletter subscription form) This form should include select lists, checkboxes, etc. Can I get this with this plugin?

2- One more question: can be the modal be triggered when the user reaches the bottom of the page?

Hi chefnelone,

You can include any form fields in this plugin. You can trigger this modal when user reaches at the bottom using JavaScript code.

Please let us know if still have any query.

Regards, GeeksLabs Team

Are you able to set a “one time load” cookie so as not to annoy site visitors?

Yes, ethistle. It works. :)

Hi, nice script.. pls tell me , i need a newsletter subscription form for an html website, a working newsletter form, can i use your plugin to do that?


Hi xrisxal2000,

Thanks for appreciation. We have newsletter subscription form that you can directly integrate in your site but not the PHP code to submit the form and receive as an email as its just a JavaScript plugin. You have to manage that on your own.

Let us know if you have any other query.


Do you have the php server side to process a form to be emailed using php mail?

Hi Kczilla,

Please Download latest Replete Modal Version 2.

That contains form-submit-ajax.html file and that’s using php file for ajax submission. You can check that for example but you have to do php code in that file as per your requirements.

Write us at admin@geekslabs.com for any further query.


Hi, I would like to use your plugin to open an PHP include page when people click on a link. I saw that you said it is possible to open iframe; could you help me with the code ? (I’ve already PM you on admin@geekslabs.com but didn’t have answer)

Thank you

Hi mediaticag,

We already replied to your query via email.

Ok thank you !

Is this script Bootstrap compatible?

Yes, this is simple javascript code and is compatible with bootstrap.

Hello, looking forward wordpress plugin. Is there iFrame support ? thanks

Hi Barinburo,

We are planning to release WordPress within a month or two. And Yes, it supports iFrame.

Thanks a lot

Instead of a confirm button, I want it to take users to a link. How do I do this?

Hi Doodler222,

You can remove confirm button using “showConfirmButton:false” in rplm. And you can add link using HTML.

Please let us know how it works with you.

Please contact us at admin@geekslabs.com for any concern.

Regards, GeeksLabs Team.

Is it possible you provide an example? :)

Hi Doodler222,

Please find the code below.

<div class="linkExample" style="display:none;">
    <p>Some text goes here...</p>
    <div style="text-align:center;"><a href="https://www.google.com" style="color:#fff; font-size:1em;">Submit Link</a></div>
Change href=”https://www.google.com” according to your choice. In script,
    var linkExample = $('.linkExample').html();
        title: 'This is a Title',
        text: linkExample,
        html: true,
        modalNOverlay: 'black',
        showConfirmButton: false,
        showCloseButton: false,

For any further query please email us at admin@geekslabs.com, as it’s not advisable to write whole code in comment.

You can also create support Topic in forum.

Thanks, GeeksLabs Team