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Hi, Where is the Department included? I’m waiting Thanks

Hi, the department i had used it only for tickets.

Hi, my purchase code: 0c0edb58-d6a5-4391-ae89-875f6c9f1db3

Delete this please!

Hi, I see on the Codecanyon website that the system is in version 1.3 and my download is in 1.1. Where do I upgrade?

Am sure the update will be available any day from now


Its already in queue for review. Can you use one thread for comments. Thanks

Hi, I love this system: Support for Repair Shop Manager, but, I’m missing some important items like for example: Calendar to schedule customer trips, database backup, more graphics and others.

These will be included in next update


I did not like the way of installation. I had enough work to install it in a folder in my localhost, because I have other systems and this could not be in the root of the server. I will use the system on localhost on my laptop. The Installation Guide does not provide for this.

Think of this form of installation, there may be other people wanting to do the same.

Thanks for the feedback, Laravel apps are quite tricky. I will see what i can do about that



Hi, the translation of the months in the chart of the dashboard is important.

Hi, will be added in next update

good job. thanks!

Whoops, looks like something went wrong. 1/1 ReflectionException in Route.php line 280: Method App\Http\Controllers\InvoiceController::delete() does not exist

Whoops, looks like something went wrong. 1/1 ReflectionException in Route.php line 280: Method App\Http\Controllers\RepairController::delete() does not exist

Oh i must have madea mistake there, i will create an update ASAP

So happy to see new version. But what is product section use for? Could I check who bought this product?

Its for your stock. For now you can not check who bought the product but in the future you will

When you will fix bugs? Why u don’t answer me in Skype? Buy script with support for 6 month, but from 6 month only 1 i get answers and help.

because fix is not coming here it is:

to fix ‘delete’ missing class on repair and invoice , change as follow :

on /app/Http/Controllers/InvoiceController.php and /app/Http/Controllers/RepairController.php


public function destroy($id)


public function delete($id)

that it. ;)

manage_roles -> custom_field is missing , any user can change that

repairs restriction to user -> now any user can see all work orders . All users should be restricted to see only the orders he created not all of them , this is admin only stuff.

Hi thanks for noting that

Hello,where is :repair Status code and email settings server (smtp) ? All custom fields appears when a client check the:repair Status ? Thank you.

Hi, I will fix that in next update

found a bug:

1/2 ErrorException in 991b7253890a8e6299d2d61236d455adac694c1d.php line 82: Undefined variable: custom_fields
2/2 ErrorException in 991b7253890a8e6299d2d61236d455adac694c1d.php line 82: Undefined variable: custom_fields (View: resources/views/repair/client/create.blade.php)

if you login as client can’t create new repair

Thank you, already working on the update

update ??

Hi, update expect 25 April


Questions about 3 function.

1. I need a site or a separate page, where the customer can create a repair (without) login and where they can see the status on the repair. And not the same site/place where the staff or admin sign in – Is this something you will add to the RSM? If yes, when will this come. Because i really miss this function.

2. And can you in customers field add, the function. So i can create check field – like you have create with Required Field below customer field. “Yes and No”. So we or the customer can choose the accessories, that are sent with phone or the pc, that should be repair?

3. Where can i create department to the ticket. I have look. But can not find any place, where i can create a department to the ticket?


1) Am not sure if other clients will like this, if they do then i can include that

2)I plan to add custom fields for different menu items

3)If you can not see it then i probably missed it and will put in next update

is this supported? i see comments with a lot of bugs

Its supported, check update log you will see its updated. Bugs are always fixed in next update

on demo “product” tab doesnt work, “Whoops, looks like something went wrong.”

It seems nice. Pre-purchased questions,

1. Is there any mobile app planed to introduce?

2. What about customer support offered ? if i purchased many number of License while promoting your script , can you come to curtain agreement to have specific need of customer support ?


Kind Regards

Hi, sorry had an early holiday.

1) Yes that’s in the plan, just waiting for a certain number of purchases

2)That we can discuss


Hello, I’m interested in your script, I would like to know if it is possible to integrate it in Prestashop in order to use the same database? If so, what would be the price of development? have a good day

Hi, i will need to look at prestashop db first. What is it that is in that database that you want to use?