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I would be interested in buying this script if it has the possibility to register a walk’in client, i have a laptop/mobile repair shop and i need for my clients to physically sign a paper to leave their devices with us and they also receive a copy, can your script fulfill this request? if yes any pictures or a functional demo would be useful, in rest everything seems to be fine.

Thank you in advance, yours, Angell.

Hi, yes it can register walkin clients. When you enter a new repair there is an option for walkin client. As for the paper to sign that’s where you print reparation. Those options are there

Could you please send me some pictures with the interface and the paper the clients have to sign, i could not find it in the demo unfortunatly, or an email address where i can contact you directly.

And another question would be if the print reparation export can be edited to add more fields, maybe using shortcodes to populate with data from database, i am speaking from the developer point of view.

Contact me through my profile page

hello how to add another sms api in it ? we need to add api

It will be possible with the coming update first week of Feb. All HTTP Gateways will be supported

Image in pdf could not displayed and with error message “Image not found or type unknown”, please assists.

Yes thats what dompdf wants, an absolute path. there is no concern at all


chiewmey Purchased

I would like to change sidebar menu background colour to white, please advice which css file location.

Inspect element in chrome


when is your new update coming and what are the features it contains?

Oh i have just realised that its in the update i have not yet released

It is ok, please let me know, once the new version is ready, so I will buy it.

You can check now

Greetings, Is there a report available in Repair shop manager the would show total sales for a given period? A report that would show total for parts,labor and tax total? I looked at the custom reports in the demo but didn’t see anything. Also is it possible for RSM to use my opencart database?

Thank you Kent

Hello. Currently there is no such report. Opencart database can be used but with customizations

Hi, I am really interested in buying this script as looks perfect for my computer repair business. I have just a couple of questions if ok

1) Can a custom SMS provider be integrated/used such as textmarketer? 2) Can clients/customers open tickets when they are logged into their account?

Thank you in advance

You will need to edit the code to achieve that

OK no problem, will have a go, if not can I just install it in a separate folder om my ftp server and add my own logo

You can check the update now

Hi can you make a Opencart 2.0 DB connection for sync user accounts and if possible products?

1. Saved items will be related to any other pages and if so what are those pages “

2. How to set up a service with a fixed amount to be invoiced to the client ?

Sales->saved items

Yes, I can see the saved item is shown in the Sales -> saved items. But, in which page, this saved item is linked to be selected?

Invoice details page. This is the page where invoice items are added. To add saved item just click a button called item


mVoidpro Purchased

The last update very upset me, never seen such a miserable design in my life. Hope you will do theme changer in Settings


Is this system for multiple branches/repair sections ?

If not can you provide it ?

No it doesn’t have multiple branches. Not ready to provide it yet

How can I see demo of the software, I am not able to see demo credentials right now.

Hi, Can I get manager id and pass? I could not find the information in demo?

Hi, Can I get manager id and pass? I could not find the information in demo?

Hi, Can I get manager id and pass? I could not find the information in demo?

Hi, Can I get manager id and pass? I could not find the information in demo?


chiewmey Purchased

Hi, I got below error when I want to close the ticket. Please advice:

Swift_TransportException in AbstractSmtpTransport.php line 383: Expected response code 250 but got code “530”, with message “530 5.7.1 Authentication required “

Check your smtp settings in .env

I installed the script with the php version to 7.0 everything seems to work. The only thing I noticed for the moment is that by going to the settings / update table it says that I have installed version 1.1 I tried to do update by typing my address / public / update on the bar but the system always tells me local 1.1 I think the script has all the functions of the 1.6 but because it says that I have the 1.1? Maybe php 7.0 is not good?