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PRE-PURCHASE QUESTIONS: Is it possible to have Services pre-listed so that a Service can be created; for example Diagnostics, which automatically has a price assigned to it already and then the ability to add further Services or Parts to the Repair?

Hi Currently that is not possible but has already been requested thus will be part of the next update

Hi tjmugova. When is the update coming out? For what I saw on the demo it looks great, excellent job. I was just looking for a software like this for a couple of clients. I’m only waiting on that mobile interface and the possibility to add for e.g. devices or cars to a client’s profile.

The update is out now, the next update surely will add devices to client’s profile. The mobile application is set for January


We want to customize or develop a small small with Admin Area & member area.

Purpose: Company they have shareholders. around 500+. company transfer and make payment(shares money) to member every year.

Admin Area Features Required: ( RTL + Arabic Languages + good looking font like NEO SANS ARABIC REGULAR )

1- Admin Dashboard shows total number of members. recent transaction. 2- Add member. edit member. edit member details. 3- Export report to excel. pdf etc.

Member Area features required: ( RTL + Arabic Languages + good looking font like NEO SANS ARABIC REGULAR )

1- Member Dashboard shows his details, like = recent payment, his profile, his documents. edit and add features. 2- Member registration form, with uploading the documents. 3- Add his family, like, dad, mom, son, daughter, wife, etc.. 4- Export report to excel, pdf, etc.

please quote us reasonable price for this small script.

Our Hosting Platform is Linux.

awaiting your urgent response, we want to start this project urgently now.

Shafiq Ur Rehman email : mob: 00966 50 9064163

Hi, great code but could you:

1/ Add name of technician who fix (multiple if possible) and allow to upload more image when in process until that job finish.

2/ Add the date with the service when access customer details.

3/ A link to detail of service on the name (instead of click on choose …) in customer details

4/ Direct edit information in customer details

5/ Export to excel with custom column.

6/ Could model on same field with model because ít’s not important.

I just need to manage customer service history and technicians who involve with that service. I don’t need sale and product. Could I hide theme? Love your code so much.

2) I meaned a date column indicate the date customer used that service in customer details

6) Model same field with serial (^^)

Others) Thanks

Oh ok, that can be sorted

Ah in Repair, the Category is not requirement, I don’t want to choose it, I could change it to another Name like my Suppiler for my Product.

Or could you give me an ability to add custom field to Product like supplier Name?

There is some bugs. When the customer answer to ticket second time, there is no email and any notification to admin.

Hi, thanks for noting that, had gone for working on the next update which will be available in the next few days

Hello, I want to purchase it for our own franchisee module business mobile repair .. is there anyone who have used this software for mobile repair business ?

In new repair field there is option for model… can that field come with predefined fields list of models add remove options

hi, that can be added for you. Yes some are using it for mobile repair.

I’m having issues installing, I uploaded all files and went to “” but was not brought to a installer screen.

hi, try, if you still have problems contact me through my profile page


hi. when will release the 1.3 version?

Hi, release set for 20 jan



louiskole Purchased

What are ALLthe steps to change out the skins? I want to make “skin-black” the primary css style.

Hi the admin theme is based on AdminLTE . You can get instructions on how to change there but basically if the skin is there in the skins folder you just have to put it in the master.blade file found in resources/views/layouts then on body tag you put the skin class


Found the bug. The Admin cant delete the repair – thereis erorr. need fix it

no. it is on – purshased

1.2 version

Hi, let me check, this will be fixed in the next update

Hi, Will it be possible to add 2 or 3 features to program.

1. Solution / Work that is done. On the repair rapport, possibility to insert a field with soluttion on the repair / work ordre.

2. History to the repair. Under the repair, the possibility to add text, when we change the status on the repair. So we can see how has change the status. And also all little text with it. And then the status changes, send e-mail to the customer.

3. When we or the customers create a new repair, a field where the customer or the staff by checkbox, can select what accessories where is with the repair product. Like battery, power supply. So when the repair i done or finish. We can see if everything is there like. When we received the repair/product. - Content to the check box, should we be able to configure under settings.

Is this something you will add to RSM??

Hi, those are nice suggestions definetly to be added on the coming update



Thanks a lot, When does the next update come? :-)

Before the end of this month


louiskole Purchased

I have two more last questions.

How can I add a logo to the login screen.What file do I edit to add the logo,instead of the text. What are the steps to use different skins? Thanks

You need to edit resources/views/login.blade

When you get the update first backup your files

Can you please add on Settings page checkbox to show a mobile number on registration page(Need this field be a required to fill in register form)