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Hi @tjmugova, could you please advice how to export the search result from custom reports( into pdf file?

I have added buttons in data-table as below but still couldn’t see the pdf button:

$(document).ready(function () { $(’#data-table’).DataTable({ dom: ‘T<”clear”>lfrtip’, buttons:[ {extend: ‘pdf’, ‘text’: ‘{{ trans(‘general.pdf’) }}’}, {extend: ‘print’, ‘text’: ‘{{ trans(‘general.print’) }}’}, ], “lengthMenu”: [

[20, 50, 70, "All"] // change per page values here
        "pageLength": 20,
        "pagingType": "bootstrap_full_number",
        "language": {
            "search": "Search: ",
            "lengthMenu": "  MENU records",
            "paginate": {
                "previous": "Prev",
                "next": "Next",
                "last": "Last",
                "first": "First" 
        "order": [
            [4, "asc"]
        ] // set first column as a default sort by asc

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Hi, how can i configure SMS gateway?

Regards Mike


mimk97 Purchased

do you see an Error ?

Put the mobile on the client page not user


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Ive installed the script everything seems to be going well until i tried to save the settings.

Forbidden You don’t have permission to access /public/setting/update on this server. Additionally, a 403 Forbidden error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request.

checked my other error files showing Tue May 15 01:03:40.904543 2018 pid 4091563:tid 140600393172736 AH01276: Cannot serve directory /home/example/public_html/admin/: No matching DirectoryIndex (... ) found, and server-generated directory index forbidden by Options directive

Would appreciate some help thanks :)


zhelng Purchased

So after accessing, do you have ideas on the problem? I have reinstalled the script twice already

No, you were not responding. Can you send cpanel access instead. My keyboard was not working on your mac


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My bad, Ill send you the details through email


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When a User add a Repair it shows “Whoops, like something went wrong” after save

A normal customer has his own customer area. I am not sure what you mean by loading pdf invoices, do you mean importing pdfs generated elsewhere?


mimk97 Purchased

hhm, but how can a normal customer login without password? yes, i mean import PDF


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sorry for beeing a Pain, but could you Answer my Question, please


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I´ve translated the Language Files and saved them in new Folder. How can i change the Language now?

Hi the script is based on laravel, you can edit app/config then enter the new folder name on locale

Hi, Print Reparation did not send to default printer. Please help.

That has to do with your computer configuration

Hello i have some pre sales questions where do i send them? regards!

I have paid 200+ usd for a costumized version of the software so it will sync with our opencart. Untill now i did not see any code nor do i get any reply on my emails anymore. Since 4 weeks no communication etc. I have paid in advanced because is though this is a reliable seller and active in this platform.

I have too say that im very dissapointent in this matter and dont suspect to receive anything from this seller since they completely ignore us.

So be aware!

Hello i would like to purchase this script but i have some questions forst:

1- The template of the demo doesnt look as the images in the product page, are there templates available for this? the demo looks a little bit messy compared to the images in the codecanyon product page, everything so white is a little confusing when filling the forms.
2- Can the repairs be filtered by location somehow?
3- Can the repairs be filtered by client?
4- Do the custom fields show up in the final report and repairs log?
5- Can you add expenses and materials (or parts) used for the repair to show on the final report?
6- Does the system show a final report of the completed repairs with the technician comission and the expenses and parts used of the repair?
7- If it does, is this comission calculated before or after substracting the expenses and parts used totals?
8- Can the currency added in configuration be switched in each repair for example to have 2 currency options in the repair? If not can this be custom developed?
9- Is there a option to quote (send quotation) of a service to the client with the costs and products invoved in the service?
10- The uploaded files to the repairs can they be pdf? or they must be just images?


Hi I changed the template in the current version

2) Not yet 3)You can search client in the datatable or just view client profile to see all his repairs 4)They show up in the repair sheet 5) You can add that as invoice items 6 & 7) Commission is shown on final amount 8)No, it can be added as customization 9)No 10)Images

Hi tjmugova. I want to purchase this script. But is PHP 7 now supported?