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Hello , Can we editing those car booking to any type of clothing booking woocommerce website.

Well, you could make the changes in the template files, replacing car(s) words to cloth(es).

Hi it can possible for editing add two exte field

Hi. Not at the moment. Good solution would be that you can define your own fields.

Hi, I am interested in this plugin, but I have a few requests; 1) Can this plugin have the option to NOT generate or hide the price 2) Be able to Print Invoice on the Wordpress Backend Reservations 3) Send the full booking details along with the generated reservation code via email rather than just confirmation message

Hi. 1) Can be commented in the template file (since there’s no such option in the plugin settings). 2) Invoices are not supported. 3) This functionality is already provided by the plugin.

Hi, can I use this plugin for “shuttle service” point A to point B with fixed price for passengers or for car?

Hi. Fixed prices are not supported.

Hello i need a wysiwyg editor if i edit a car is it possible?

Hi. WYSIWYG editor is not supported thorough plugin, but you can paste HTML code generated somewhere else.


Thank you for the answer. How can I the the subject for email Change (Reservation). How can I change the PHP file have unfortunately not found

This should be added to the Settings. If still needed, you can change it in rentacar.php file (classes/).

how can I translate the calendar in December in German? how is that possible?

Plugin uses jQuery Datepicker. Take a look at docs:

Sir , is it applicable for Android & I Phone , i can use it as an application?

You can use it via mobile browser.

Hello, I’m developing a multilingual wordpress site. The pages are displayed through shortcodes. How can I do to set up pages in every language? Thanks in advance.

Hi. Plugin does not support multi language.

Hello. Why they arrive 3 identical email of reservation? Thanks

I’m waiting for a reply…

Hi. One mail is sent to the customer and one to the owner. So, if you’re testing and you’ve set the identical mail, that how you could get two mails. But three mails… that’s strange. Does this still happen?


Do you support seasonal prices?


Unfortunately not.

Hello, this plugin is not responsive? I have a mobile theme and in the page of the module do not resize. Thanks

Hi. Might be, not all values are set in %. It can be changed in CSS file.

Hi, I do know how put the plugin in my page.

Hi, I do know how put the plugin in my page. Can you help me?

Hi, can you please help me? I dont know how put the plugin in my page.

Thanks a lot

Hi, I have a problem with the price of cars. When I set the price: 100000, in the front the price show 100.00, I need works currency on COP. Another problem is I work on the onepage and when I click on button search the page go to top, I need set url to

My website is:

Thanks for your help.

Hi, thanks for your purchase. I’ve visited your site and as I can see everything works fine? Prices are ok, scrolling as well.

Because I fixed, but I think not the best way. If I have some problem I write you.

Hi I have purchased the plugin but I have some issue: 1. to set the price 25000 it shows 25.00 2 to book for manydays and amount is 1000, it shows 1.00 3, I wish to use local currency and il will need amount in thousands and the plugin doesnt support it.

still waiting for support!!!

Hi. Thanks for purchase and sorry for late reply. I’ve managed to reproduce the bug and fix it. Until I publish it official, please send me your email via private message, and I’ll send it to you asap.

How this plugin support payments?

It doesn’t.

loooool!! And it doesn’t have any support after 11 month.

Hi! This plugin would be perfect for me, but there is just one issue. Is there a way to set a maximum for car options? For example, when there are only 5 Child car seats available, the plugin can check if it’s possible to rent this car option with the car or they are already booked by someone else..

Unfortunately not.

Hi! How I can make locations list? I cant find it… when I make a reservation to one of my car, it doesnt show up for another search.But they have several cars for each of them. Doesnt this plugin support for multable quantities? Those are very important aspects, please guide me as soon as possible… Thank you


Thanks for purchasing.

In Settings menu (of the plugin), you need to turn on custom locations (for pickup location and/or return locations). It’s taxi mode, meaning it’s not possible to define the list, it’s a free input. Of course, you need to indicate somewhere on the site which area (or city) you’re covering.

You cannot set number of curs. To achieve this, just duplicate records.