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Just a suggestion – it might help sales if you described a simple business use case for this script as it’s rather technical at the moment.

Dear cfoinfo,

Thanks for you feedback. I really appreciate it. I will provide a business case.

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I see you added the use case – I think that helps.

I guess this works for any application where you want a publicly accessible form to post data into tables that are accessed by a private application.

For example a publicly accessible ‘donation’ or ‘funding request’ form that posts data into a private charity management system.

This way you can provide the form code to lots of ‘supporter’ websites who can help to promote your charity and channel donations/requests via the API post into your application.

Hi, can I use this to POST to an image upload form ?? Thanks

Hey pal,

The API does not upload image at this time.



I would like to use this script to offer click2call services for my clients. Do i have to buy an extended license?

Thank you

Hi intertelecom,

Sorry for my long delay. I am not sure how this things works here at the CodeCanyon… I think is ok, at least from my perspective.

Thank you!

Will this send data back to the client.

For example, acme.com want’s to allows their users to access their data on my site.

So they log in on acme.com using this form, the script checks if the user exists then sends the user’s name, user id and any other data back to acme.com

I’m using it for checking out my PHP scripts licenses if valid or invalid so it really help me out to protect my scripts from being illegally distributed…

it is really nice simple but i think you need to have look at RemoteAPI Class file missing ”?>” at the end of the file also line 63 gives sometimes the following notice : Undefined index: query in www.my_site_path\RemoteAPI.class.php on line 63

But everything is working fine anyway.

would this work for a domain spinner?