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Nice work mate ;)

Thank you :)

Doesnt look like your demo works? I click any of the articles and just get sent off site.

Exactly. The short-code has options to make the headings click-able so you will be directed to the original article. Or you can turn it off. We do not want to fill the web with duplicate content. On the content grabbing screen you can write a summary of what the article is and if you want link manually as well. We have provided a WYSIWYG.

Agree with Themeish. Would like to see how the full articles look inside the demo.

This is slightly different from what we are providing. What we are providing is something like Facebook wall link sharing, on your blog. Not an article/rss grabber. But since we see that there is demand for that as well, we will add a new branch to this plugin so you wan select in between. Stay tuned. )

Agree as well… There seems to be no proper demo for this plugin… Could you provide one?

We will do a video tutorial and update the description. Also do a spinoff version to accommodate the user requests here. :) thanks ppl for your feedback.

I think the demo is exactly what the plugin is intended to do. Basically an RSS feed grabber.

Demo is correct. But we not rely on RSS.

Good job!Good luck :)

Thank you.


This is a really useful plugin for curating content. However, is it possible to grab the image as a thumbnail and not as a large image to avoid what may be copyright infringement of images in some cases?

Sorry for being not clear. Yes its already there. What I meant was adding some sort of a watermark stating the original domain. So you are covered in copyright infringement.

Ah yes that will be even better – an attribution code snippet rather like Wikimedia images generates is also an idea. But I think if it is a thumbnail you do not need any attribution for the image but I must check again. Facebook doesn’t have attribution for its linked thumbnails (402×320 pixels must be ok in that case so a size generator perhaps is an option), as long as you link to the article as they do. This plugin can be useful indeed. Perhaps if you look into it and include info, it will be very good as a selling point.

Good luck.

Marina, that is some great feedback. will definitely take those in to consideration.

Would this work with YouTube Videos? :)

Hi, we have released the next version. it will be available to you in 2-3 days time

Hi Dakshika, my apologies for getting back so late. I/we have so much on our plate. Ok, I was just looking at the screen shots and I dont see a “category” to chose from when using extracted urls. Can I give you my site information and maybe you can tell me if the plugin will work for me without changing the look and feel and for it to stay looking the same as my other video posts? :)

my hope was it make the urls that i share in posts, like the urls i share on facebook, with images and a small box… but this… i dont need it.

Where is the instruction manual for this plug-in? Or a video tutorial? I can make the extracts and posts but the missing element how do you get them all in one page

Thank you. Actually that’s a great idea. Will definitely look into it :)

I don’t mind paying again for an improved product. BTW, the style that it extracts from my theme is too big on the page. If there is a way to choose another headline size it would be great. LOL I am so demanding. :)

Our next planned update will have a pre styled link box so you want have this issue. the updates are free and you’ll be notified through here

The idea is awesome.

Here are a few ideas I think would be awesome :)

-The plugin needs to create individual posts.

-There should be a field where the original link is automatically entered in for the credits given.

-And it would be great to have your plugin pick up our categories so that we can easily chose.

-The plugin needs to create individual posts. – It does

-There should be a field where the original link is automatically entered in for the credits given – It does this too :) View demo at

- And it would be great to have your plugin pick up our categories so that we can easily chose. – Not categories. Post types for now. We’ll add this idea to the roadmap.

thank you

btw just for our info. did you read the description of the plugin? Or was it not clear?

Hello can it be made to work on comments rather than as a custom post type?

User case: you would create a regular post. User visiting can leave comments. If there’s a url in the comment along the text, you get the image thumbnail and description from the external website…

Like when you post a status update on facebook.

Nice idea. Our next update will contain pre made styles for URL display. However them appearing in the comments section is a different function altogether which we will explore in a whole new plugin.

I want to see a working demo before purchase. Current demo is not too good. reply asap.

Hi, so is there a new version with full article, so that post can be commented? Also, can I select category? Thanks

All the features without the category selection are available

But if I edit post later, I can select category, or? Do you plan to list this in next release?

You can now select the category as we have just released the update. (pending approval) watch for version 1,2

Once you learn how it works then it is fantastic! I combine it with ScoopIt content curation, so ScoopIt looks for the write contents to select and I take few of the best out of the selection, then just copy the urls into this magic plugin… and have everyday stunning posts on the blog! Wau! One Point however, I am not sure but it might be that the plugin has troubles with Wordpress updaters. The first installation on the existing website crashed the whole website fatally. I had to completely recover. then set up an own blog and WP installation without updater, and Blitz! it works. Thank you for this excellent tool. Every Dollar Worth!

Thank you very much for the word of appreciation. If can kindly provide a 5 star rating as well :D we will roll out an update in January as we are working on updates to all other plugins of ours.


I love this plugin. Before I would like to go for it, I have question. Is is possible to have this option in a page ? so that my user can submit their link to extract the article and submit as post?

Thanks Sakthi

we can only allow the access to registers users to post links of the default wordpress backend. There wont be any frontend panel that they will log into. The same backend of wordpress with limited options as a low level user. One of the menu items will be the plugin. We will update the version tomorrow.


Thanks for your feedback. I would love see the update in your version.

please send us your email address through the support contact form to send you the update

is the new version out yet? The one with the entire article. From there a built in article spinner would be great.

Hi i just purchased your plugin unfortunately i am having a few issues

The first issue is json error – SyntaxError: JSON.parse: unexpected character at line 1 column 1 of the JSON data

When i hide this error to allow the extract to work -it does work to a extent

1.) The description is limited to a certain amount of characters 2.) extract of video and featured images does not work

Please advise

I have also sent you login details for wp via support contact form

Please resend those details via the support form. We have not received it yet

Just sent it