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when is the awaited update?... thanks

I couldn’t give you a date for the next update, sorry. I’m a bit busier than usual at the moment.

most people weren’t asking for too much. waiting for update.

If the script doesn’t suit your needs you may want to look for a different solution instead. Updates will come, but I’m currently too busy to work on this and I don’t have any timeline or roadmap I can share with you.

Help!! i need help wiht cron jobs . i read the documentation but it doesn’t work!. can you make a tutorial ?

You don’t have to create or modify any file. Cron jobs are run by the server, all you need is a cron job that loads the /cron URL in your server, like so:


wget is usually used to load the URLs in cron jobs, but your hosting provider may be using something different.

I guess you should get in touch with your sysadmin or your hosting customer support and check with them. They probably have an option to add cron jobs in the users admin panel.

ok! one more question! this ”/cron” is a file or folder ? my panel is this I have to modify index.php? thanks you!. Sorry but my host works on cron jobs but it doesnt work whit your script! :(

It’s not a file neither a folder, it’s a route which is handled by the script.

I see you’re issue in the screenshot you uploaded, it seems like your server allows you tu run php scripts directly from within the server but not load them as web pages.

Maybe you could create a simple php script that loads the cron url, that should do the trick. Try creating a php file with this contents:


And load that file from your cron jobs, if your hosting provider allows you to do that I guess it would do the trick.

Are you still developing your script? Can you add hours to reminders?

I’m quite busy at the moment and I don’t have the time to add new features right now. Anyway, the hours and minutes feature has already been requested and is already in the TODO list.

Ok great, I’ll wait :)

I notice the dates end at 2018, what happens when we get to that point? script no longer works?

It adds three years to the current one, so It keeps updating itself. Next year it will end at 2019.

I cannot login to admin page, because it says always Wrong Username or Password and whatever I change in setthings, it always wrong. How can it be possible?

Also – how can I setup email to be send every day at 8AM by my local city time?

Please make sure your server meets the script requirements. You can also enable the debug mode to see the actual error message, to do so edit the index.php file and set the debug to true in line 21.

Feel free to email me if you’re still having problems with this.

I sent email yesterday, I’ve checked everything and all settings seems correct and cron is running every hour, but no emails coming. Maybe because SSL security need to be checked ON?

Connection to Timed Out – and if I try 25 port Connection Refused. I think it’s because you don’t have SSL option YES/NO, and I cannot use it :(

Hello, I am interested in this script. but one more thing i would have preferred.

Can you make this script to also send attachments?

can you also set time for dispatch?

Can you also add email subject?

these will make it a great script.

Waiting for your reply…

Hello, I am interested in this script. but one more thing i would have preferred.

Can you make this script to also send attachments?

can you also set time for dispatch?

Also Can users login before they set email reminder?

Can you also add email subject?

these will make it a great script.

Waiting for your reply…

Hello, this is a pre-buy question, is it possible to input a list of users mails when creating a reminder ? Thanks a lot.

That’s not supported in the current version.

I’m thinking of using this script to mail many users (email addresses from MySQL user table). Would it be possible with this script? Instead of just 1 email address, auto-remind everyone about something?. Thanks

Sure, you could use the script for that. In fact the script sends the emails based on the addresses stored in the database, it also allows the use of an external mail server, so you could use something like mailgun or mandrill.

However, if you plan to send thousands of emails you may want to use some kind of newsletter system instead.

I want to be able to have it send the emails, as programmed, but also send an email to admin, with the exact same message, each time. Would it take much of a change to be able to do that?

What about changing the layout of the form, to allow several blanks, or even a drop down select list, to choose a preset time period in the future, instead of the calendar option, such as: 14 days, 30 days, 60 days, 90 days, etc?

Think I can modify it to do this?

You certainly need some PHP knowledge to make that changes, but it shouldn’t be too difficult.

Which part needs php experience? My primary concern is that an email is also sent to admin.

You’d need PHP experience in any case as you’d have to modify the script to add the features you want.

Hi, Can this help in embedding a reminder option in wordpress posts? I want readers/registered users to be able to create email reminders for themselves.

No, sorry. This is not integrated with Wordpress in any way.