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Does this works with Amazon.in ?

yes it does

Does your plugin work with amazon.de?


3 questions: does it work with Amazon.es? Can it be translated to Spanish? Does it work without WooCommerce plugin, just on a simple page or post?

Yes to all 3 questions

Excellent job ;)

Thanks :)

is this compatible to woo zone?

It can work with or without woozone & woocommerce. It’s a standalone plugin.


N3k0 Purchased

Asom plugin :D

Question: Theres a option to add a widget whith rules? also, theres a shortcode support?


No, it cannot be displayed as a widget, only as a box on posts/pages… No need for shortcode as you can setup the box products for each post/page.

Do you support visual composer?

also on demo site some templates are displaying 404

please open a ticket on our support system: http://support.aa-team.com/open-ticket/

Sadly, the most example links are not working. Decision is, to buy another plugin. Is it so difficult to set proper working links on your own product?

You are not the first one on envato :/

Demo will be up and running soon, thank you for reporting this. It’s not actually an issue with the plugin, it’s just that the links were redirecting to the wrong page.

Hello there,

Please let me know: In order to use the 90 day cookie feature, do I need to install the woocommerce pluging for the cart? is it mandatory or can I use the 90 day cookie feature without having to install woocommerce?

Please advise,


We provide documentation for our plugin here http://docs.aa-team.com/products/relazone/
An for WooCommerce you can find tutorials on many websites like youtube or the official documentaion on their website https://docs.woocommerce.com/document/woocommerce-guided-tour-videos/
If you know how to use WordPress, working with WooCommerce will be really easy, you’ll see.

Kind regards

Great, many thanks!

Glad I could help :)

Hi, please let me know, I would like to use your plugin to promote an amazon wishlist I have with over 100 products (books)

The idea is to show different selections of this +100 books on the site as follows:

A) Different selection of around 10 books in practically all posts and pages of the blog

B) Also to show all +100 products on a specific page (which would be like the “shop”) arranged in different categories.

Given that the site has a large number of posts and pages, I would also ike to use a feature which would allow assigning a given selection of 10 products (books) to ALL posts and pages in ONE go (and not one by one)

Please let me know if I can do this with your plugin.

Many thanks,

Hi keidderf,
Unfortunately we do not have a feature like that in our plugin.

Bets regards

Hi, do i need to install WooCommerce in order to use your plugin ? Thanks in advance for your answer… :)

Hi RapidZack,
Yes, you will need WooCommerce in order to use this plugin.

Bets regards

can this be use on multiple amazon accounts for different amazon countries like your other plugins does? Like displaying related products from Amazon UK to UK traffics and related products for Amazon US for US traffics and so on???

Hi centrum1337,
Yes you can have multiple Affiliate ID’s just like our other plugin.

Best regards

Hi! There is a non wordpress version? Thanks

Hi princeee,
We do not have a non WordPress version for this plugin.

Best regards

Does it work without Wooecommerce plugin?

Does it support cache? Will it slow down my website? Do you have demo in back-end?


Hi gimefree,
It needs WooCommerce, every plugin you add will require some memory on your server and thus slowing down your website a bit. We do not have a back-end demo.

Best regards

- It’s possible to use filtering by products category if want to display in certain products? It`s possible to configure the template taking the tittle automaticatly in all products or you need to do it one by one? It’s possible to display a small Prime logo or only the image of the product? - Have you a similar plugin to eBay?


Hi phineas137,
1. Yes, you can select the category that you want the products to show from.
2. Not sure what you mean by this.
3. The plugin can only show the image of the product.
4. We do not have a plugin like this one for eBay.

Best regards

In the second question I wanted to know if need to edit each product one by one to display related products taking their tittle, or it’s possible to configure a template that apply to all products.

Currently you have predefined templates. I`m afraid you cannot do that.

Hello it not valid my AMAZON key it say that are not registred but i use it with awazon and not are problems why it not run??

Hi cxgiugn1,
Open a ticket at support.aa-team.com and we will look at your keys there to see what is the issue.

Best regards

1- Can I use a shortcode to insert in certain places? 2- Can I choose only one specific product to show in one page, and another specific product in another page?

Hi yasserawadd,
1. Unfortunately you can’t. 2. No but you can link Amazon categories with WordPress categories or tags.

Best regards