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Super Interesting, question, are you serializing php values when you store them?

It only gets serialized when it’s an object or an array. Strings are saved as plain text in the file. This can be handy if you want to use the file as a sort of config file. Than you can open the ini file with a regular text editor and change the values in the file.

A demo! A demo! A demo! A demo! A demo! ;)

Great to see that your enthusiastic :), but what can I show on a demo for this type of class?

:(( I need a demo … I am addicted to the demo, I’m in cold turkey… must have a demo! Give me a demo!! LOL

OK… I cannot resist no more… I will do the demo myself! :D

Good choice :D.

Ok this could be handy for my next project… bookmarked it!

how can i tell the class to load 2 different .ini files?

would i need to instantiate a new object for every .ini file i want loaded?

Also how would I access data from an ini file that has information that i could otherwise access with a multi-dimensional array?


$ini = parse_ini_file('my-ini.ini', true); $ini['section1']['username']; $ini['section2']['password'];

also, any plans for the update release with database support?

For the moment there is indeed not a possiblility to access multi-dimensional arrays.

I’ll add these two things to my todo list.

When do expect to release the database support version?

I don’t purchase anything without a demo either. what you can do is make an account at and record yourself doing whatever it is this does and show us in a screener video

The site gives you 5 minutes free. Then post the video in your demo, the demo can show you explaining things etc… something is better than nothing. thanks

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