WordPress Custom Registration Fields Plugin

WordPress Custom Registration Fields Plugin

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WordPress Registration fields plugin allows you to add extra fields to your registration form. Collect more information from your customers using 14 different types of fields such as file upload, dropdown, image upload, number, etc. Thanks to WooCommerce compatibility, you can add custom fields to both WordPress & WooCommerce registration forms.

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  • WooCommerce Password Protected Categories & Products
  • WordPress & WooCommerce Choose User Group at Registration
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  • Features List of WordPress Registration Fields Plugin

    • Add Unlimited Fields to Your Registration Form
    • Wordpress & WooCommerce Compatible
    • Show Fields Data in “My Account” & Registration Email
    • Supports 14 Types of Fields

    14 Types of Registration Fields for Your WooCommerce & WordPress Forms

    1. Text Field
    2. Message Display Only
    3. Email
    4. Checkbox
    5. Multi-Select
    6. Dropdown
    7. Radio Button
    8. Number
    9. Password
    10. File Upload
    11. Color Picker
    12. Calendar to Select Date
    13. Time Picker
    14. Google reCaptcha

    WordPress Custom Registration Fields Plugin - 1

    WordPress Custom Registration Fields Plugin - 2

    Change Log

    Version 1.2.0 Updated:
    Issue Fixed:
    1 - Issue fix on error message show on checkout page when user is logged in.
    Version 1.1.0:
    Issue Fixed:
    1 - Issue fixed with google reCaptcha
    2 - Issue fixed with color picker field
    Version 1.0.0
    Initial release of the plugin