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Hi there, nice work may I ask some questions?

1 – Can I have roles Advisers, Staff and admin
2 – All these roles would log into the backend but have different views on menus
3 – Can I restrict menu items/pages via logged in user
4 – Can I use a variable in mysql query to restrict returned data [select* from tbl_sales where adviser=”loggedinusername”]
5 – is it possible to have the todo list for all users
6 – Can I add menu items and submenu items to left menu and change skin color?

Many thanks

Hi miam00,

all the options you need are possible but you need PHP knowledge in order to set it up. It requires core files changes to get it as you want.

The ToDo List is already for all admins.

Best Regards


A few questions:
  1. Is Google login integration still planned?
  2. Are any frameworks used, or is it core PHP?
  3. Is email sent using the PHP Mail function, or is it possible to use an external SMTP server that requires authentication?
Thank you.

Hi asapwebworks,

Thanks a lot for your interest!

Here the Answers to your questions:

1- Yes
2- No, it is full core PHP
3- The PHP Mail function is used to send emails

Best Regards

Hello, the logout is not logging out the user.

Thank you! All files are there. But for Ex. when I click on the contact link, i get this: Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Call to undefined function get_website() in /homepages/46/d285003393/htdocs/new/theme/contact.php:59 Stack trace: #0 {main} thrown in /homepages/46/d285003393/htdocs/new/theme/contact.php on line 59. I did not change any script file.

Thank you

In my admin Under my permalinks, when I click on Test it, it is not working, I get Error This domain name has just been registered.

Please create a user for me to test and send me please the credentials by Email. Best Regards Carlos

Hello, I am not a coder I am using avarcade script and their facebook connect has been broken for a few weeks If I cant get this implemented with the script will you help me get it working?

Sorry, but I m not familiar with avarcade script .

Best regards


Hello – I sent an email inquiring about how the script files can be updated to run from a /regex folder inside the site. But I have not received any answer back.

Can you please advise ( for an experienced PHP developer )—what changes do we need to make so that we are able to keep our own site /root folder organized as we have it, and run RegeX from within its own sub-folder.

Our project requires that we keep a very precise and organized internal structure. We purchased and wish to use your utility—but there must be a way to do so from within its own folder, please?

Thank You.

Direct message has been sent with relevant information. Thank you.

Hi Ximbalo

thanks. I sent you another email :)

Hi again.

the script is now installed. (just sent you a email with the credentials)

Best Regards Carlos


Very interesting. However, if I begin an install, I get thsi:

GET http://localhost/_admin_back/bower_components/bootstrap/dist/css/bootstrap.min.css 404 (Not Found) localhost/:8 GET http://localhost/_admin_back/bower_components/font-awesome/css/font-awesome.min.css 404 (Not Found)

and, of course, the page has no style. If I complete the db fields, then, belatedly, the admin fields, the mail page appears to show, but has no styles and the links don’t lead anywhere.

What am I missing?


Hi Carlos,

Yes, as I now see from the documentation. I’ll see what I can do.



Hi Carlos,

Well, I’ve gotten as far as this almost blank page:

Any ideas?


Hi wendy2017,

The blank screen could be some server requirement that is not activated or not all files are uploaded. Please check the Server error log an tell me the error.

Best Regards


I can’t use this if it won’t work on localhost (Apache XAMPP)

Hi tcloud ,

sorry but I could not understand what you mean?

Hi Carlos,

I’m still waiting for the apache error log, but just checking how far the code gets it seems as if it reaches this point in install.php

<?php echo _(‘Install Regex’);?>

When I try to echo the database name it shows just an empty string, even though it is set in inc/db.php


Sent you a mail ;)

Hi Carlos,

Thanks for the email, but there is nothing in it!

Did you forget something? If it is too difficult to fix – something on the domain/host, don’t worry, just let me know.


Hi Carlos,

No reply from you, so have used something that works.


Yeah pointless if it cant work on localhost as I really test all my stuff before going on live server. You should really make this clear before selling. So buyers beware you can NOT test this on localhost.

hi these are pre-purchase questions;

1- is there a config option TO REMOVE the social media logons (facebook, twitter) on the logon screen? We want people to SUBSCRIBE with their email and not use a social media logon to access our content.

2- How does this package protect a subdirectory on a shared hosting account? we are using a hosting service running Linux and Apache with selectable PHP 5.4, and PHP 5.6, will it work or does it have to be 7.0 and up? Also how would your software protect a directory folder that contains HTML, audio and video files, do we need to add a php form at the root, do we need an HTaccess file in the subdirectory that needs access restriction? or the customer just uploads your software to the subdirectory folder where the access management is intended? are there step by step instructions for implementing the software files purchased? or do we have to be a PHP coder? We have limited knowledge of PHP and most of our expertise is in HTML coding and some Javascript.

3- I dont see where we can integrate the logon screen and logout with our own HTML pages of the site. Say our web design studio has created a custom HTML page with artwork and we want the logon/logout panels from your software to overlay on top of our HTML screen (like a semi transparent layer or maybe just on top of our HTML page) how is this accomplished? we did NOT notice any menus in the administrator panel that would allow for this integration.

4- Suppose the Admin wants to send an annoucement/email to specific members (renewal reminder) or to the entire membership, we only noticed an admin panel for formatting email messages on registering and for password resetting. Do you have an admin panel for creating custom emails and for selecting receipients from the membership roster (either specific members or entire membership)?

Thank you for your assistance with our pre-purchase inquiry.

So the author no longer exist?

hi these are pre-purchase questions; So the author no longer exist?

Hi, I installed your script and tried to change the language after selecting Multilanguage on but it doesn’t seem to be translated. I also added a new language (with related .po and .mo files) but nothing is translated. Some advice? Thank you

I stupidly purchased this while searching within WordPress plugins and honestly didn’t notice that this is not a WordPress plugin. Can I get a refund? I have zero use for this with a very complex WooCommerce site… I wanted to provide a client the ability to create users on the front-end.

Thank you in advance for your consideration.