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Looks great! :)

Good luck with sales ;)


Thanks MJ ;)



hmmm useful, the regex library is almost worth the price itself… but it’s lacking supported for password / authentication sites I believe?

say I want to extract information on a page that requires login…

will you continue to support and update the app by adding more examples to the regexp library in the future, or is this it? nice app btw.

Hello, Thanks for your support.

Yes, I’ll continue support and updates, but honestly I think I’ll not add a way to support login. I’ll make some search about Basic Auth :

Maybe I’ll find a easy way to support login. Basic Auth seems easy to implement but not sure if “all” login area support this.

Best :)


I had a client who needed to extract emails from a members area.

what is “basic auth” ? like htaccess password protected areas?

If you want, you can send me the URL via private message. I’ll check how the login works.


can this be used with a local path? For example if I have a folder on my mac with 1,000 mixed files in it and I want to get a list of image file names in that folder?

checking back but I don’t see any updates since the original. Still working on this?

Hello, I was a bit busy these months to add this feature. But it’s still in the list and I’ll add it for sure :)


hi, any progress?

I could not get it to work. ???/

Of course, I sale softwares that doesn’t work… :)
Seriously, I need more infos to help you. What is the problem ? Error message ?


It works for one specified URL. What if I want it to dig deeper in to that URL? Say that I want to scrape all the email addresses from is there a way to do that or do I need to harvest URL’s first and then execute it?

Thanks Beny, the URL harvesting is working really well but when I put them in to the RegEx again to collect emails it crashes.

Btw, this is a great tool! (when it works)

RegEx Extractor crashes with harvested URLs ? Strange… URLs must start with “http://”. Does the URLs have something special ? Really strange that it crashes :s


Looks great.. But can I use this to harvest urls?

what expression to use when trying to harvest urls?

Hello, To harvest URLs from which website ?


Can I harvest from AMAZON anything? Like: If I’m searching for a product. Can I harvest the weitgh the images the description?

Hi I buy your software but I can’t extract french phone numbers that is : 06 XX XX XX XX or 07 XX XX XX XX

How can I do?

Hello, J’ai vu votre email. Pouvez-vous essayer quelque chose comme ça :

Dites-moi si cela fonctionne correctement.
Merci :)


Merci beaucoup. As tu une solution pour générer tout les URL d’un même site web?

Pourquoi quand je copie colle plus de deux url en même temps le logiciel plante?

I do not get any results in the output box when I run the app.

I have tried several different URL targets and regex patterns but there are no results for anything.

Any idea what the issue is?

Hello, Can you send me the URL and the regex you tried please ? By email : support(at)rapidformfiller(dot)com

I’ll give a check.



Je voudrais récupérer des adresse e-mails de sites présents en faisant une recherche google.

Donc je pensais le faire en 2 temps : Copier l’adresse de recherche google pour faire une extraction d’adresses de sites.

Et, prendre ce résultat, pour en extraire des e-mails.

Malheureusement, ça ne marche pas, je ne peux pas récupérer les adresse des sites que je vois en faisant une recherche google. (J’ai essayé avec les 2 exemple d’expressions).

Tu a une idée du problème ?

Merci ! Sébastien

Merci pour ta réponse !

Je vais essayer ça ! Entre temps, j’ai récupérer ton soft SimpleGoogleScraper et je balance le résultat sur RegEx. Au final, c’est peut-être plus rapide…

Par contre, le soft plante aléatoirement (je suis sur yosemite) une idée du problème ?


Nouveau problème : le soft plante presque à chaque fois que je lance une extraction… :/

Bonjour Sébastien,

Oui, il faut le faire en deux temps. Et ça peut être assez fastidieux si tu as beaucoup de pages Google à brasser. En effet Google bloque les IP temporairement lorsqu’il y a trop de requêtes d’un coup.

Voici l’URL de recherche Google à utiliser :
Page 1 =
Page 2 =
Page 3 =

Dans l’exemple ci-dessus j’ai utilisé le mot-clé “cheval” ; tu as juste à le remplacer.

L’expression régulière pour extraire les URLs :

À la fin il faudra nettoyer les URLs collecté avec un simple éditeur de texte, en utilisant Rechercher-Remplacer.

Tu devras rechercher et le remplacer par rien (du vide).
Tu devras rechercher et le remplacer par rien (du vide).

En espérant avoir pu t’aider :)


With this can you extract and combine fields in a csv file? for example, if I wanted all addresses in a csv file to be one long address instead of in this format: "2851 Kihei Pl Ste D",,"Honolulu","HI","96816","us".

Also, how big is your library reference? Thanks.

Hello, Unfortunately you can’t do that automatically with my tool. You can extract each part, but you’ll have to find another way to combine in a CSV. Best :)

Hi there, Beny. I have been using Regex Extractor for a several hours today and everything worked wonderfully. But suddenly the program is crashing, even with queries I have run successfully earlier.

I tried doing a full uninstall (using Cleanmymac2), but not luck.

Here’s the crash log:

I was using this regex query: <title>(.*?)</title> ... and this list of urls:

Clarification: I did a full uninstall using Cleanmymac2. Then I reinstalled – I actually bought both the App Store as well as the Envato version. Both versions crash with this query+urls.

Hello, I just checked your URL list with the regex and it works on my Mac (OS X 10.10.4), screenshot :

I’m reading the log to understand where is the problem. Sorry about that.

It was working before for me as well, so I suspect some kind of configuration file was corrupted. However, a reinstall didn’t solve it.

Salut, c’est le code source ou bien juste l’executable ?

Salut, Juste l’executable :)

Does it come with source code?

Hi, No it comes without source-code.

how much to include the source code? Is it written in Objective-C?

Sorry the source-code is not for sale. Yes, it’s written in Objective-C.

Still work? And does it export?

Yes, of course. The app perfectly work. No export button but you can copy the content of the ouptut box to the clipboard ;)


guu_uhh Purchased

Hi, very useful! Nice work. Should you help me create a pattern to find instagram user in a page?