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Don’t buy. It doesn’t work and the author doesn’t respond to emails. I think it is obsolete and should be deleted from this market place.

What a great comment ! Seriously, I think that you are using it in the wrong way. This software is fully working, of course ! If you have troubles, you have just to contact me for support. What was your problem ? Because your simple comment is stupid and not constructive. You’re certainly obsolete ;)


So commenting does get results as opposed to emailing. I already sent an email to contact@rapidformfiller.com about three days ago.

I have not received your email, otherwise I would have replied. I always reply to emails from buyers ;)


I just bought it. I wanna use it for extracting email adresses from Facebook pages but it doesn’t work. I tried regular expression: [A-Z0-9._%]()[A-Z0-9.-]+\.[A-Z]{2,6} and [A-Z0-9._%+-]+[A-Z0-9.]+\.[A-Z]{2,6} but with no luck (it finishes without any output data). Please help.

Hello, Facebook doesn’t use the “at” symbole but the ”@” code. So, the regex should be like this : http://pastebin.com/jxf73zNK

Also the Facebook page must have email addresses on the page. It can not extract emails from Faceboo database, it’s not a hacking tool of course ;)


If I am searching for emails from a URL list (assuming quickly that it can do that), will it search X levels deep on a site. In other words, if I submit a list that has the domain “myshop.us” and an email resides on myshop.us/contactus, will if find that email or does it only search the top level of the domain that you give in initially?

Thanks in advance

Hello. No, it will only scan pages you specify. It will not parse the website in deep.

Hope it helps :)


This is BRILLIANT! I’ve been working on a complicated data extraction project for nearly two months and was still only 1/3 of the way through it. I bought this and set it to run and just SEVEN MINUTES LATER, the data I needed was all in a text file.

Obviously the extracted data needs a bit of manual cleaning, but that’s to be expected with any type of data extraction project.

To the author – you’ve just saved me a serious amount of time and frustration!

Thank you very much James :)

I really appreciate ! Best,


can we import regular expressions in where is the best place to obtain them

Hi, You have just to click “Load RegEx List From File” button and select the file with one or multiple regular expressions (one per line).

Best ;)


can we extract info like ISIN from Amazon? like scrapper?

Hello, Is ISIN like ISBN ? If yes, so yes you can extract these datas. For example with french Amazon.fr, to scrape ISBN you can use this regex : http://pastebin.com/zVTyy7WG




I want to buy one copy but wanted to ask whether this works now extracting email , profile ID from a particular facebook page or group. Thnx


Extracting datas from Facebook is possible only if datas are ‘written’ on the page (present in source-code). RegEx Extractor can’t extract datas from Facebook database, of course.

Hope it helps :)


no mac os version ? only windaub?


Just purchased this tool. I tried adding the FB regular expression you mentioned above and get the following error on PC and nothing happens thereon:

“le canevas ne permet pas de dessiner”

The expression I’m using for scraping emails is “[A-Z0-9._%]@[A-Z0-9.]+\.[A-Z]{2,6}”

Could you tell me what might be wrong?


Salut Beny,

Je galère pour faire fonctionner l’application. J’ai un besoin urgent de constituer plusieurs listings avec des données publiques de différents sites.

Je suis sur Paris et je suis même disposé à te rémunérer si tu me formes pour être efficace avec l’application parce que j’ai beaucoup de données à récolter et à compiler pour de futurs projets.

Merci, cordialement.

Salut, Je viens juste de répondre à ton mail. :)

Can I extract email address specifies domain like I want to grab email address from .co.uk domain only is it possible?

Hello, Yes you can with this regular expression : http://pastebin.com/eUf8KBDe




Hi, i purchased this item and want to harve some email address from a website, but unfortunaltey the output was zero. The Expressions i copied from the library. Could you help me?

Hi, Can you send me an email at : support@rapidformfiller.com Send me the URL where you want to extract email, I’ll give a try with different regexs. Thanks.

I have 20k text file all are individual. So can i extract all together? I need to extract phone number.

I replied to your last email. We exchanged around 10 emails. I explained step by step what to do but the problem is that you don’t know what is a regular expression, and this tool is name RegEx Extractor, it’s all the purpose of this tool :/

What i asked u?? i need text file extract to collect phone number. You told me 1k file can extract at once. i can’t select 1 more file.

u reply… so…. i also reply u….. that meant not u support me .,,, i asked how it work?? you told another … u never give me good support.

Still supported? What would be an expression to extract all urls from search and list of urls with extensions, /contact.html, contactus.htm, contactus.php and so on? Also, is it possible to add a keyword search to only grab urls that have keyword in title and descriptions? Thank you.

No response… nice

Missed your message. Not sure to understand your question, you want to extract from Google results? Not the good too for that, Google will ban your IP after few requests. You need a Google scraper and a lot of proxies.

Just purchased , I know you don’t support but I hope you will still consider helping me.

I tried it out , loaded my URLS and my regex strings etc Searched a website for proxies but nothing turned up

Closed program and tried again and this time it worked. Something is happening and it’s making it break half the time

I was hoping you would consider doing 1 more update , just to help a brother out Can you please consider it?

This seems like a great tool , and you shouldn’t give up on it!

Hi Jackey, Just seen your comment. Sorry about your issues. I’ll try to update the app soon but it’s complicated at the moment for some reasons.

I understand , I really appreciate the response I had an idea for some features you could add if you do another update Let me know when you have some free time and I’ll pitch the ideas to you , thanks!

Yes, let me know about your ideas, I’m interested. Feel free to send me an email at : contact@rapidformfiller.com

How would i use this tool to extract PDF files from web based on keywords?

Hi, I think this app is not what you are looking for ;) This app was made to extract text datas from webpage using regular expression.

I need this app now. How would I extract phone numbers and email from 1. Web search – I know need proxy 2. Specific websites

What would be a general set of Reg Ex I would use to accomplish this? Tnanks

Hi can you send me a demo.link

Sorry I don’t have demo version for this app.

Does it work? i bought another similar app from another seller but it does not work , may be due to outdate .

Yes, totally working if you use a good regex ;)

could this be used to extract google maps results?

Not sure it works. Google doesn’t let the data easily extractable.