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Hi Arkord, I’d like to buy this calendar, but I need to other functions.

1) exclude all saturdays and sundays

2) start calendar from 8 days from now, included weekend. for example: Now it’s 18 july 2014. I want to start 8 days later, so 30 july 2014

3) set manually holiday and exclude to calculate day to start.

thanks CL

Hi clclcl, thanks for your interest. If you need custom functions, please contact me via my profile.

Hi Arkord, have you received my email?


Hi Arkord, I just bought your calendar, i made changes that i need, just on css with colors i play little and i can`t make it to work on this website: I want modal to be, appear calendar but when i click on event don`t appear tooltip with text. What can i do?

Hi Arkord, I use modal calendar and i can`t add link in my events. Please help me.

Any html formats doesn`t work inside the I tried
and and nothing work (event is in 3september)

I send you an email

Hi my friend, this is great script. I love it.

Also I have a question about this script. How can I change style of bygone days.

Thank you for your interest

I send you an email

Olá arkord, comprei seu item, porem preciso personalizar altura e largura e não consigo, como faço?

I send you and email with the details please check it

ok, obrigado.

Question Before Purchase Can users search for events by location such as city, state, province, country, etc.? Thanks

That feature is not available currently

good , I would like to click on the day and send ” GET ” the data ” inputDate ” . As I can do ? thanks

Hi, currently there is not a “direct” way to do it, but is posible. Regal calendar set the date value to an input, then you can get the value to that input and send it via GET request

if you require additional help don’t hesitate to send me an email

Hello, one question, the calendar plugin support .json data?

This feature is not available currently, but it won’t represent problem to include it if you need it

Looks great! Can I list multiple location on the same day and multiple recurring events on the same day, so guests can book/register? Thank you. Bookmarked.

Hi, thanks for you interest. RegalCalendar can show multiple events at same day,and events with different locations. Currently It does not include book/register feature

I want to buy , I wonder if this visible for Iphone, Ipad and Android

Yes, it can be visualized in safari and chrome

Hi arklord, how can I change the path to the images? currently I am working on a platform where I have to add the images in a specific folder and seems that is trying to detect an img folder under where the code is.

Hello Robert I sent you an email

How to start the calendar from Sunday instead of Monday?

You can use ‘startWeek’ option
  startWeek: 0