Discussion on reformed -- Themeable Form Builder

Discussion on reformed -- Themeable Form Builder

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No more help :( was hoping you could help me with this…

I just purchased reformed last night and I’m loving it straight out of the box. One question though…my form labels and text boxes don’t line up as they continue to build down the page. In other words, I want a colon at the end of my label (like Name:) but the colons won’t line up. In addition, the textboxes are off a few pixels. The offset is very evident using “UI Darkness” theme on a white background. Any thoughts on how to get them to align? Thanks again—great product!

Hi Justcomps,

Thanks, and glad you like it. The main layout for the form is described in the ui.reformed.css stylesheet. Feel free to tweak the default styles included in this stylesheet to tweak the layout of the form.

Hi Paul,

I can get the formbuilder to work locally, but when I upload it to my webserver it won’t work anymore. I’m sure it’s something with LocalStorage? What do I need to change to make it work online?

Thank you in advance!

Hi Cuhfus,

If you have a live preview up somewhere, I’d be happy to take a look. However, it’s only JavaScript, HTML , and CSS , so it should work on any server configuration. Localstorage is an HTML5 browser feature, and is completely separate from anything server-side, so I’m 100% positive that would not be the reason. Most likely some paths to some of the scripts are incorrect for some reason.

Thanks for your reply! You can see a live preview here:

I just unpacked the ZIP in that directory.

Hi Paul, Could you take a look at our online version of the script? We still can’t get it to work. All we did is extract the ZIP to this folder:

Thanks in advance.

We purchased an extended license for the script ($65) and we’re not getting any answer on comments and e-mails. Also the script contains bugs and it doesn’t work online (only locally).

Waste of money!

So If I bought this, would i be able to use it to make forms, then have users submit data? then I could look up the submissions through a webpage?

Hi afk_king,

The simple processing script included with reformed only emails results to your desired email address. If you require more than this, you’d need to implement your own solution. However, there are scripts out there that you could use—reformed forms are just regular web forms and are compatible with any processing tools available. See the documentation for recommendations of form processing tools.

Hi Paul,

Firstly, an excellent piece of coding! Quick question for you, I want to change the date format in the datepicker to yy-mm-dd so I can post to a mysql database. How and where do I do this in the code?

Thanks in advance,


Hi phillippeo,

Here are the relevant docs from the jquery site on setting the date format for the datepicker:

Bascially, you’ll want to include a snippet of javascript (placed after all other js code, or inside your doc ready block) with the following code:

$( ”.selector” ).datepicker( “option”, “dateFormat”, “yy-mm-dd” );

with .selector being replaced with the actual datepicker’s selector. This will change the date format for a particular form created with reformed.

If you’re wishing to change the date format for reformed itself, look in the themes/jquery.ui.reformed.js file for this line: $(this).removeClass(‘hasDatepicker’).datepicker(); and replace it with this: $(this).removeClass(‘hasDatepicker’).datepicker({dateFormat: ‘yy-mm-dd’});

Hope this helps, Paul

Is this responsive? will the generated forms work on mobile devices?

Hi MrGamble, There’s nothing inherently “responsive” about the forms, but the code Reformed generates can be styled however you desire. You can use just the raw HTML if you desire, instead of using the themeroller themes. They work just fine on mobile, but, as I mentioned, the styles would probably need to tweaked for optimum look and feel on mobile.

Hey paulpullen, for over a year I’ve used your product and absolutely love it! However, I’ve just recently run into a problem that I haven’t run into yet. When I load my form, the text input fields are disabled. I’ve specified the settings, styleFileInputs : true, styleRadios : true, styleCheckboxes : true, styleSelects : true and styleButtonsWithUniform : false, as well loaded the form using the default validate method. I’m not using any over-riding javascript on the page to style the form fields as well. Any ideas on what I’m doing wrong? Thanks!

Hi justcomps. Thanks for the purchase, and glad you’ve found it useful! I can’t think of any reason why this would be happening off the top of my head; if you have some code up somewhere where I can take a look, I can probably figure out what the issue is.

hi, can I use your script on my web site to provide a “free form builder service” to my users? Regards

Hi company-design, I’d recommend you look at both the regular and extended licenses and see which license best suits your use case. I’m not intimately familiar with the terms of either license, so without knowing more details, I’d be hesitant to give a definitive answer that might result in your breaking of the license stipulations.

Thanks for the question! Paul

Hi thanks for your reply. I want to provide a free form building service, look like this web site: can I do it with regular license? Regards Company-Design

hi paul

we have installed the form online but whenever submitting the form the below error coming System error: is not authorized to use this form

whats changes we need to do please tell us

Please see the documentation. There are some variables you need to set in the code.

When I click “GET CODE” there is nothing in the Copy and Paste Box, and the zip does not have a index file. . . any thoughts?

also where are forms saved if I load in a different browser there is no forms to load. . .. cookie?

This usually happens when you do not run reformed under a web sever. You must run it as a local website, rather than just a local file. Forms are saved to your browser’s local storage, which is browser-specific. Forms saved under one browser will not be available in another (this refers to the actual form creator; forms created with reformed are just regular forms and will function in all browsers, of course). Please see the documentation.

I have a form created, only when I of binding a file upload (picture), sends the form with no attachment. Why is that?

The basic form processing script included does not handle file uploads. This is stated in the documentation. Please see the documentation for links to more robust form processing tools if you are unable to code your own solution.

I bought reformed Form Builder Extended License, and download the source code, how can add form name to our database? how can add fields to our database? please help me .

Hello esaddam, Forms are saved to the browser’s localStorage by default. I do have some sample code available from a different project that allows for saving the forms to a MySQL database. If you’ll contact me via email, I’ll send you a link to these files and those should guide you in the right direction.

Thanks Mr.paulpullen, Please send me the link for project that allows for saving the forms to a MySQL/MSSQL database.

If i want to add google analytics tracking code to the “thank you” section or page, where can I add that?

If you’re using the included form processing script, you can add a hidden input field named “redirect” to your form: <input type=”hidden” name=”redirect” value=””> and create your own success page with whatever code included you wish. See the form mail instructions here .

Hi, very nice form builder. Pre-sale qs: 1. Is this a stand alone package that we can buy and upload to our web hosting account to create forms for any website we own? 2. do we need to write our own code to process the form info to be sent to a specific email address.

Sorry I have been looking for a form builder for sometimes, and your one looks very easy to use but I hope it does not require any code skills for us to use. best regards

Can I use these forms in Weebly…And can I set up results in Excel

Hello this is more or less what I’m looking for, but I do not see the option to change the text of the buttons or messages … is it possible to modify and translate these string?

Hello I am interested in buying this app but before I do I need to know how to save forms to a mysql database. The forms need to be available from the server not just my local browser.