Discussion on reformed -- Themeable Form Builder

Discussion on reformed -- Themeable Form Builder

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looks good. does your form send emails with attached files out of the box??

I recently got another nice looking form maker which didint do that and was rather disappointed. looks nice. and i love that you can save your forms.


As noted in the documentation, the included form processor script does not handle file uploads. However, I also link to other solutions in the documentation that you may use for this purpose; in addition, there are tons of free online scripts that you could choose from that would give you this capability—reformed forms are compatible with any form processing script.

Is there a way of instead saving the forms to the HTML LocalStorage, that the forms could be saved to a database instead?

Currently, no. I wrote everything in Javascript, so there’s no php script included to save the forms to a database. This could be done, but I don’t have any plans in the immediate future to implement this. If you have any javascript/php knowlege, it wouldn’t be that difficult to do—you’d just need to grab the form’s json that would typically be stored to LocalStorage and post it to a php script that would insert it into a database.

Hello. From what I’ve seen this is a wonderful form builder! I tested out the demo on my website, to see if it would look right and there’s a few things wrong with it, but most I can fix reading the more in depth instructions.

I’m interested in buying it, but before I do, I would like to know if it integrates into Joomla articles?

Thanks, Lindsay.

Joomla makes it a pain to insert custom forms into articles without installing special extensions that alllow for inserting php/js code and configuring your editor to not strip code. I typically just upload custom forms to a directory and then use an iframe to show the form inside an article or module.

Thanks for writing, Paul

@Paul, Ok Thanks. I’ve Started writting a Script that will process the JSON in ColdFusion right now. When I get that done, I’ll port one into PHP too.

I’ll keep you posted on that progress.

Very cool.


Really cool. Amazing job.

Much appreciated.

I just wasted my money….. proper links on html, proper html, everything in the right folders and it is not working…..

waste of money

Thanks for the constructive feedback! Although I’m sure you’ve carefully read the instructions and checked out the demo form (, you may want to give those one more looksie. Otherwise I’m sure CodeCanyon will want to remove my defective “waste of money” from their marketplace.

This looks and works great, are there additional validations planned such as EqualTo, which I see as an error message in the code but unavailable in the form builder. Also, are there any validations for strong passwords? I have code to do that but how would I integrate it into your CSS style sheets easily?

Just today I bought…a question how can I change the text from “Human Verification: What is 3-2?”...I tried with the “Edit HTML ” on the form’s raw HTML but don’t work, I need change to Spanish language: “Verificación Humana: Cuánto es 3-2?” Please let me know…Thanks!

The relevant language is contained within the reformed/js/jquery.ui.reformed.js (and it’s minified version: jquery.ui.reformed.min.js) files. You should be able to do a search and replace on either file (I believe the form uses the minified version in my instructions on how to add the form to your webpage, so it looks a bit scary—refer to the un-minified version if you need more guidance). If you need more assistance just let me know.

I replaced on both files: reformed/js/jquery.ui.reformed.js and jquery.ui.reformed.min.js…only that continue the same original text in the “Form Preview Area”: Human Verification: What is 1 + 7?... I changed for a Spanish text exactly as your instructions on both files…I’m using Chrome…do you think something is missed?...Thanks for your excellent quick reply…

You may need to clear your browser cache-Chrome likes to cache javascript. I think those are the only 2 files that have the validation question, but I could be wrong. If clearing your cache doesn’t work, let me know and I see if I hid that setting anywhere else. :-)

Thanks, Paul

I cleared the browser cache-Chrome at 100%...don’t work…if you can help me I will appreciate. Thanks!

The changes you made should appear on downloaded forms; however, to see the changes inside the form builder, you’ll need to find the copy of jquery.ui.reformed.js inside the reformed_app/themes/ folder and do the search/replace there. That should solve the issue. The form builder uses a slightly modified version of this file.

Thanks Paul…I Gotcha! A Plus+++ you are the best…a real Happy Customer :)

Hello, I’m interested in your form builder.

While trying the demo, I couldn’t figure out how to implement the following:

if I have a dropdown called ‘Category’ and the first item in that dropdown is ‘Please select’, how get the validation to return an error message like ‘Please select a Category’ when ‘Please select’ is selected?

Best regards

Hi Steve8633,

To achieve this, you’ll need to set the select field’s validation to “required” and then go into into the form editor and edit the form’s HTML so that the first select option (“Please Select”)’s value is empty:


This will trigger the correct error if an option other than the first select option isn’t selected.

Hope this is helpful, Paul

Hey Paul, great application. I think I’ll get some wonderful use out of this! Thanks.

I am running into one issue however. When I build and launch a form created with Reform, it shows up with no formatting whatsoever. It appears that the style sheet formatting isn’t loading, but I am installing every file in the correct location, and am 99% certain that I have followed all directions provided.

Can you take a look at a sample form and tell me what I may be overlooking?

I can easily format the form myself if necessary, but I assumed that this is the purpose of the theme.

Following up on my last comment, please disregard. I went through and found my mistake.

Now that I found that error, I’m EXTREMELY happy with this purchase. Worth it’s weight in gold!!

Hi Paul. It’s a great form builder. Good job.

I have a problem. I don’t understand how can i set the form’s layout by taking an example from picture below (1, 2 or 3 fields per line):

Thanks a lot.


Hi Andrea,

Thanks! The form’s layout is contained within a CSS file called ui.reformed.css. By editing this file, you can reposition the form’s layout however you desire. You’ll need to know a bit of CSS , however.

Thanks for the purchase! Paul

The box “Copy and paste the form code below into your page:” is always empty for me. Even in different computers (using Google Chrome).

Here’s an answer I gave to a similar question further up in the comments:

“I bet you’re opening this from a file, rather than running it as a local site on a local web server, (such as WAMP or XAMPP ). reformed uses HTML5 localStorage to save your form data, and this requires that the site be run from a web server, as the data is associated with the domain name. That’s why you’re experiencing these issues.”

Hi Paul, I am very happy with this script. But I got one question and I hope you can help me out with this, ‘cause php knowledge isn’t so good… Everythings works but what I want is that the form can also send a short message that goes with the mail, but I want to use html in that email something like this: $message = “Thank you for your email We will get in touch as soon as possible. ”; Can you please help me with this?? Thanks, Werner

Hi mooke,

To include a custom message, you’ll need to edit the formmail.php send_form() function. Specifically, you’ll need to add your message to the $mailBody variable within this function. For example, you could change line 245 from $mailBody = ””; to $mailBody = “Thank you for your email…\n”; Be sure to end the line with ”\n” (this will insert a new line character, starting a new line for which to begin writing the form’s contents).

Hi Paul,

thank you for your reply. But what if I want to use bold text en a logo at the bottom of the message? Is that also possible??

Hope it is!

thanks again!

The included formmail script sends emails in HTML format, so you can include any HTML you wish in the $mailBody variable as outlined above. Also, please remember that you may use any form processing script you wish—there are many freely available online, and if you have specific needs that you find aren’t being met by the admittedly simplistic form mail script included with reformed, a google search will likely turn up many other viable options. Links to some good, free form processing tools are also included in the documentation.

Hi Paul,

sorry to keep bothering you with this…. But when I use HTML in $mailBody I receive this in my email:

text Naam_aanvrager: werner DozenVolgpapier: 5 Visitekaartjes: naam, functie, e-mail, mobielnummer

What am I doing wrong?? I’m not so good with with php, can you please make an example for me, so I know what to do…

Thanks again!

<b>text</b> Naam_aanvrager: werner DozenVolgpapier: 5 Visitekaartjes: naam, functie, e-mail, mobielnummer

This is what I mean…