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You’re right! Awesome form builder!!!

The form keeps glitching out and will not allow me to select other tabs to access options under “Field Validation” ideas? email me bob.none[at]


E-mail sent. In the meantime, you might double-check your versions of jQuery and jQuery UI (min supported are 1.4.4 and 1.8.7, respectively). I believe using older versions may cause these glitches.

Thanks, Paul

Just purchased this and it looks great, but when I click “Get Code,” there’s nothing there. I’m using Chrome. Also, after saving the form and then re-entering to edit it, the “Reset” button is placed on the form even though I didn’t select it.

Hi Silverskymedia,

I bet you’re opening this from a file, rather than running it as a local site on a local web server, (such as WAMP or XAMPP ). reformed uses HTML5 localStorage to save your form data, and this requires that the site be run from a web server, as the data is associated with the domain name. That’s why you’re experiencing these issues.

If you have any further problems, let me know.

Thanks for your purchase, Paul

paul, you are correct. i actually tried this before your reply and it worked…there is still a bug though. when not selecting the reset button, it just appears anyway after saving and then opening it to edit.

Just uploaded 1.5 to fix the reset button bug you’ve described. Should be available for download shortly.

Thanks, Paul

I really love this script but I need to know if there is a way to go back and edit the labels and options after i save the form without going into the html?


I created a field called “name” and label it “Name” and it is not required. How do I go back and rename the label “Your Name” and make it required. Can that be done without going into the the html code in edit mode. I notice it does not allow this in edit mode.

Thank You Great script by the way.

Hello thepcman,

Thanks for the compliments. In the situation you described, you have two options: 1. You can edit the raw HTML by clicking the “Edit Form” button (which you stated you didn’t want to do) OR 2. You can delete the old form field and create a new one in the “Edit Form” editor, then drag and drop the new field into the position you desire.

There’s currently not a way to reopen the dialog of options for a field you’ve already added to the form. I figured most simple changes could be accomplished using one of the 2 options above, and I wanted to keep the functionality as streamlined as possible.

Thanks for writing, and hope this was helpful, Paul

The fact that you responded so promptly is more than good enough for me. Thanks for such great service. Let me look t it a little more but I am almost sure I will purchase it soon.

Great job!

hello just purchase the plugin and having difficulty with getting it to work. I followed instructions, but confused on a couple of parts.

reformed requires that your site have jQuery 1.4+ (1.4.4 recommended) and jQuery UI 1 .8.7+ available.

I have downloaded jquery 1.4 and included it in the

I am not sure how to include jquery 1.8.7 because it is a directory with many files?Which files am I to include?

step five says to add some javascript. Do we add the javascript to the or section. Do we need to change any of the code?

Here is the website so far.

Hi jcavin,

Thanks for your puchase. Please see this demo I just uploaded for a live example, and view the HTML source for instructions:

Thanks, Paul

Thanks so much for doing this. It helps. My form would still not display :( I replaced YOURFORMID with the form name. Is that correct? How do I find form id?

It appears there is a typo in your form’s code:

Change this: $(#satellite’).reformed().validate();

to this: $(’#satellite’).reformed().validate();

(note the missing ’ before #satellite in the previous call)

This should solve the issue. Thanks, Paul

really looking to purchase this file, just one quick question. Can I add a print form button, so instead of submitting the form it prints it to a printer? Is there an easy code addition to make this possible? Thanks!

Hi theeastgate,

This page has several jQuery plugins that allow you to print a specific div :

If you know any HTML and jQuery, it should be trivial to add a “Print Form” button that prints the div containing the preview form (div class=”reformed-form”).

Thanks for writing,


Hi, Can you create chained select boxes? Change one select and the other shows a different list for selection?

Hi Reaper,

This functionality isn’t baked in, but it would be possible with a little jQuery. What I would do is create my form in reformed with all possibilities visible, then take the form code and add some javascript to hide/show the desired values based on the user’s selections.

Thanks, Paul

I have a few question about the form builder:

Are the forms cross browser compatible or is it just the builder itself is only compatible for I8+?

I really am only familiar with HTML /CSS, is their a style sheet that is attached to the form I will easily be able to change elements on?

Is there form processing generated as well?

Appreciate it!

Hi theemorgandorfer,

To answer your questions: 1. Forms should be cross-browser compatible—the form builder isn’t because it uses some HTML5 features that aren’t available in older browsers. The forms are styled mainly with jQuery UI, which is compatible with IE6 +, Firefox 3+, Safari 3.1+, Opera 9.6+, and Chrome, so you should be good. You can checkout the demo form here if you’d like:

2. Styles not managed through the form builder are included in a separate style sheet (ui.reformed.css—check it out in the demo above). Here you can choose different widths for inputs, or rearrange the general layout of the items, for example.

3. Server-side form processing isn’t generated because everyone has different needs. However, a form processor script is included that’s extremely easy to use (basically just put a few hidden inputs in your form with your e-mail address or other desired config options—see the documentation). Other processing options are described in reformed’s documentation.

Thanks, Paul

WOW !!! Can I place more than one “field” next to each other or do all the fields controls have to line up vertically?

Great file and best wishes.

Hi gluegl,

You can edit the included ui.reformed.css file that handles the form layout after downloading your form. All other styling is handled in the form editor.

I did buy your form builder few weeks ago and it worked so well i forgot to make a comment… sorry !

People have to know how amazing it is.

Of course, i didn’t understood each step at the beginning even if i took time to read your help files.

I think the best help is to read the comments, maybe you could update your help files with the difficulties often mentioned.

It works ! It works really well ! And it’s very quick !

Thanks Newoyo! You made my day.

Just purchased this and I cannot get it to run on my local web server (where I do all of my development). No weird settings here, it’s a XAMPP stack running on OSX Snow Leopard, accessed via Chrome 12 and FF4 .

Description of the problem: Page loads and appears flawlessly, but clicking either of the main buttons does nothing. Console reveals the following error on page load:

Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property ‘attributes’ of null

I prefer not to have to debug this myself since I just bought this thing. The error occurs in your list_saved_forms: function() around line 972 of the uncompressed file.

Hope you can help

Hi relvinnian,

I have to say, I’m stumped. I don’t know what could be causing this, and I’m unable to replicate this error. Does work for you? If so, it must be something unique to your particular webserver setup/browser setup. Can you give me any more information?

Thanks Paul

Paul, works in Chrome and FF, but not locally.

However, I found that it does work in Safari, so I can deal with that for now. When I get some time I’ll do some testing and see if I can get it to work in Chrome 12 and FF4 .

Really it is odd, though.


i just bout the app and i install it in my site so i face 2 problem

1- the them dosnt’t work in the website! 2- when i upload file i didn’t received it !!?

plz advice

you can check my website here:


Looks like you got it sorted. Regarding file uploads: it’s noted in the documentation that the included simple form processing script will not handle/mail file uploads. There are many scripts available online that can handle file uploads, and I include links in my documentation to some good options.

thanks for responding, i am not very good in coding so could u plz tell exactly how i can make the file uploading works cuz the only reson to buy ur script that i thought the file attached works !! so plz advice

is there or will there be the option of conditional fields?

EX. if option two is selected in drop down box A. then fields C, D, and E are now visible.

thanks, John

The best way to implement this type of feature is to create your full form inside of reformed, and then add some extra jquery to the created form with the custom show/hide logic you require. This isn’t a baked-in feature, however.

Nice plugin. what i am trying to do is.. edit the fields once i add it to the field.

Anyone having problem with the form rendering correctly in IE?

Works perfectly in Chrome and Firefox.

Sent an e-mail; sorry for the delay. The issue is with your doctype—the page is rendering in “quirks mode” in IE due to an incomplete doctype declaration at the top of your webpage.

Can I use your form-builder to add forms to “your” JQtouch file?

Hi gluegl,

You could probably use the raw html form code that is generated, but the styling would be handled by jqtouch. I can’t remember off-hand exactly what needs to be done to setup a form within jqtouch, so you may want to double-check the jqtouch docs.