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Good work Paul, looks excellent ! This will sell like hot cakes

Ha, thanks for the kind feedback! I certainly so hope so!


This is great! Could you please teach in detail how it can be integrated with WordPress or inserted to Post/Page on WordPress.

Thank you so much.


Hi Mike,

The easiest way off the top of my head would be to create your form and upload the required html or php form page generated by reformed (along with any necessary javascript and css required, of course) to a folder on your server, then setup a page inside of wordpress containing an iframe that points to your form. Here’s a link detailing how to integrate Wufoo forms with wordpress in this manner that should work for any custom form, such as those created by reformed:

Hope this helps, Paul

Fantastic. Congratulations. Note: Use not use http://localhost or an error will happen.

Hi, and thanks for purchasing (my first—I’m eternally grateful)!!

Sorry to hear about the error—I’m running WampServer, and I access all of my test sites locally via localhost. In fact, the local development code for reformed is on my laptop at http://localhost/reformed_app/. Could I inquire about your setup? Perhaps unzipping into a folder, then placing that folder in your local webroot will resolve this issue?

Anywho—thanks so much!! Paul

Has been resolved and everything is fine now. Take this opportunity to suggest that the inclusion of code files are generated with the form to facilitate the inclusion and avoid mistakes.
Thank you

can the form details be posted to a database ?

is cascading forms possible.

meaning, if one radio button is selected then a new field should come, and if another is checked then another field should come.

I am creating mailing list software and i want a very advanced form builder in it. Will u create it for me from scratch. I will give full details

Hi chvsoftwares,

To answer your questions: Yes, the form details can be posted to a database, but you’ll need to use a form processor other than the default one that comes with reformed, as this processor only e-mails results. Equipexq points out below that you may look into Form Tools (see his comment for link) if you have other form processing needs. Of course, there are tons of free PHP form processor scripts available online for almost any need.

I appreciate your offer for work, but I’m currently unable to accept any new freelancing jobs.

Thanks so much, Paul

It look like you could easily adapt this terrific form builder as an ExpressionEngine [EE} addon. CodeCanyon just added an EE section. EE addons sell really well [see devot-ee com] and there isn’t anything like this presently available. Great work. Thank Chris

Thanks for the info, DCalabrese. I know “of” EE, but I haven’t had a chance to play around with it. Looks like a solid piece of software, however. I may check this out in the future.

Thanks, Paul

CVHSOFTWARES : I used to formtool ( ) Reformed and it was perfect.

paulpullen .. I suggest to include a folder with a demonstration of the DEMO form ready in the zip file, I am not able to insert style only with documentation. Thank you

That’s a good idea. I’ll try to include one in an upcoming update.

” I appreciate your offer for work, but I’m currently unable to accept any new freelancing jobs.”

Yes let me know whenever you become free.

Its better that my project part in

where form building has to be done, be developed by a person who is well aware of all forms etc.



Can this be used to create a popup form that appears when the user goes onto the webpage, or is this not possible?

Hi petrapcb,

This software simply creates the form—you would need some javascript to make the form appear inside of a popup/modal dialog. However, jQuery UI includes this functionality built-in with just a few lines of javascript, so it wouldn’t be difficult to do. You would simply call dialog() on a hidden form div on page load, like so


There are other options for the dialog as well—see the jQuery UI site for dialog examples.

Version 1.1 is now available for download. This minor update contains a bugfix where unnecessary classes were sometimes not removed from the generated form code. It’s recommended that you upgrade reformed when possible.

Thanks so much, Paul

Does this create the PHP / Javascript to validate and process the data as well, or just the “visual aspect”?

Hi mordauk,

Client-side validation is setup through reformed, but server-side validation is up to you. A generic form processing script is included, but since everyone’s form processing needs are different, it would be too difficult to try to include a processor script that meets everyone’s needs. However, if you’ll check my documentation (the Form Processing section) I include a link to some free and robust form processing tools that should cover any need.

Cool, thanks.

will this work with databases, eg: i have used Dreamweaver to build the insert recordset to database, can i just alter the form action for this, also how secure is the form validation. If someone just switchs off javascript on there browser will this stop any validation?

Hi ct1410,

Reformed creates standard forms, so they will work with any script any other form will work with—reformed simply adds in some styling and client-side validation. You can point the form’s action at any script you’d like.

Server-side validation is up to you and your chosen form processing script; you’re correct that someone may use your form without javascript enabled, and thus bypass the client-side validation checks. Client-side validation (i.e., javascript validation) should be considered a convenience for the end-user, and not be relied upon to prevent malicious data from being submitted through your form.

Thanks, Paul

Hi Paul.

I’m having some issues with the form – i’m sure its my lack of focus and not the form itself. Would I be able to ask you a question please. You can contact me at happiestguyalive[at]

Thanks, Mike

any way this form can do calculations using the input text/numbers? I’m interested in creating a Return-On-Investment calculator…

Please let me know. Thanks, and nice work!

any way this form can do calculations using the input text/numbers? I’m interested in creating a Return-On-Investment calculator…

Please let me know. Thanks, and nice work!

Of course, such specialized ability isn’t baked in, but, there’s nothing that would prevent you from using this form with a javascript or PHP script that would perform the necessary calculations for you. I’d bet a quick web search would turn up some ROI scripts you could use as a basis for your own script.

Thanks, Paul

damn nice job, cant wait for future releases.

possible food for thought

a pre-made form gallery ability for the user to create and save forms (and share if they want)

now i have to find a domain for this script LOL ’s

Thanks for the compliments and suggestions! Much appreciated.

Really great work! :)

I made something similar a couple of years ago for a CMS I ’ve developed, but I think this was a much better solution. I was wondering if it would be possible for me to incorporate Reformed in my CMS . I would have to rewrite it quite a bit to fit my purposes though. Does one of the license options allow me to do this?

I believe the extended license option would allow this, from my quick reading of the terms. If you’ve already purchased the standard version, I don’t know if Envato allows applying that towards purchase of the extended license or not.

Thanks for the compliments! —Paul

Version 1.4 just released—no major changes to the program, but some important instructions for adding the form to your site with validation were inadvertently omitted from the previous help file included with reformed. Please see the link to the updated documentation on the item preview page if you haven’t already downloaded the latest version.

Thanks, Paul

I will post again when the updated version has been approved by CodeCanyon.

New version is up! That was quick!

Hi Paul,

my form is missing its styling:

Do you have any suggestion ?

Hi binadms,

It appears there is a typo in your call to reformed()—check the lower case ‘b’ in business; your form id contains an uppercase ‘B’. Should fix the issue.

Thanks for purchasing! Paul