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What PHP version is required?

reForm form processor requires PHP 4.4.4+, however check third-party applications for their requirements. For example Google Spreadsheet works with PHP 5 and requires Zend’s GData library.

Is is possible to export data as CSV?

Yes, checkout our Demo page. Go to features > csv-export.

I want to save data into databse.

Infact everything is possible with plugin based architecture used in reForm. You will get access to example code and extensive help documentation, once you purchase this item.

I want to use SMTP instead of PHP’s mail() function.

We have used phpMailer for sending emails via SMTP protocol. Its just a matter of enabling SMTP mode and setting up your reForm with SMTP credentials.

The extensive documentation contains video & snapshot demonstration of SMTP configuration.

I want to block form submission from specific IP or range of IP Addresses.

Very easy to configure in reForm. All you need is enable IP Restriction and feed your banned ip file, that’s it!

I want to send an automatic response to the person submitting my form.

By enabling auto-responder feature, your users will receive email. Plugin based architecture enable to to configure auto-response message quite easily.

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