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Hi there, I’m interested in purchasing this form for a client of mine as they have requested csv functionality. Would they be able to download completed form information at anytime? If so how would this be done? Could they access via URL?

Many thanks.

Hi devs, thanks for your interest.

Yes, they would be able to store any information and download it anytime.

We have a sample source code included in package, and documentation cover this topic in detail.

CSV files are kept in a publicly accessible directory, unless you password protect it (our docs covered this topic).

Hi. We bought your plugin a while back and don’t remember any issues, but now we are coming across one with the upload feature.

After uploading a file image and reviewing it via email, the image link is broken and goes to a 404 Not Found page. I checked via FTP to see if the path I specified contained the image, but it doesn’t. The folder’s permission are set properly. Here’s the link to my page. Please let me know what I need to do to fix this issue. Thank you!

Upload link: http://www.sengjoe.com/source/ Image link after upload: http://www.sengjoe.com/source/images/screenshot_1376963023_dentist.jpg

Yes, I’ve set folder permission to 777 and the config file has the right upload path.

Why would the image file rename itself with “screenshot_#####” after you submit the photo?

Check if delete_files_upload is set to “1” in main reform configuration file.

User would upload file with any name, so just to avoid probability of same name file upload from different (or same user), files get renamed once we store them on the server.

how to enable uploads?

Hi said001, thanks for purchasing.

File Uploads: #1 Make sure you have write-permissions (chmod 777) to your upload directory, if you have *nix operating system

2 Enter valid url under reform configuration file

upload = “uploads/” uri_uploads = “http://example.com/reform/source/uploads/”

3 By default it deletes the files from the server once its attached to email

delete_files_upload = “1” To turn this off, write as following; delete_files_upload = “0”

4 Have a form field in your form as usual.

Example: <input type=”file”..../>

Let me know if you need anything else. For further communication you can send an email to support1@r0ash.com.

Regards, ~Ahmed.

Hi there, i cant seem to get the form to post a success/failure message or even incorrect details etc.

Is there a known cause for what im doing wrong?

nvm, i checked the error log and got something about mbstring, i rebuilt Apache with it enabled and problem disapered.

Hi Thanks for purchase, its good that the issue is resolved, let me know if you get any question or concern.

buy your script and is very good, thanks. Any questions can be auto banned the ip address?

Hi rickyrichi, thanks for purchasing. The form submission (as a whole) could be restricted by one or many IP Addresses. Checkout ‘Enable/Disable IP Restrictions’ section in doc, if you got any question or concern, shoot me an email support1@r0ash.com. Regards.

I am having some trouble with the reform. It is getting a lot of spam but what concerns me most is it is giving us blank results. Can you help me out?

Hi, Sure I can help you. Kindly email (support1 @ r0ash.com) me URL where the form is installed.

Amhed, you’re the best! Thanks for fixing that!

Thanks Jon for your patience and nice words :)

This has the worst documentation of any resource I’ve ever used!

Hi enihma32, thanks for purchasing and sharing your experience. Let me know if I can assist you in installing or configuring the script. Regards. ~Ahmed.

Hi r0ash,

I purchased your scripts and am having a couple issues.

1.) How do I redirect the user to a “thank you page” after the form is submitted?

2.) After I submit the form I receive the email and it write to .csv file however the form retains the inputted information and still says “please fix following errors”

any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.


Hi Rezz, thanks for purchase, kindly email (support1@r0ash.com) the URL where you’ve installed the script.


Thanks for the great support…above and beyond! My issue required a little more than installation and I am very pleased to see that you back your product and were able to help in such a timely manner. My issue is resolved! Happy coding…

rezz thanks a lot for such nice comments.

Hi, sorry but i’m having trouble using this set up on smtp, the form says success but i am not receiving any email. At http://matt-phillips.co.uk/contact.php can anyone point me in the right direction please? I’ve readd all the documentation, searched the web and envato forums but cannot see where it is going wrong.


Thank you for purchasing and contacting.

I’ve tested and found that emails are arriving fine in your inbox.

Check your inbox (that you setup under reform) you will find an email from the system that was from my email address (ahmed....@hotmail.com).

Also kindly hide your .ini as mentioned in the docs.

Let me know if you got any question or concern.

My apologies, i’d set the wrong inbox. Thanks so much for your help, i’ve uploaded a htaccess file now as mentioned in the docs. Great script, look forward to using this for clients.

Thanks :)

Hi, is the captcha always be the same characters? How to make it random. I don’t know any php. thanks

If I pick any images I want, then still the same image will show up every time?

I think this form is great for advance users and developers only and I will rate it 5 stars for that. Lot of features and examples but a headache for newbie users. I spent the whole day trying to configure but no luck(no skill). If you could help me setup specific entries on the forms it will be greatly appreciated. Thanks

Hey William, I understand your concern, email me at support1@r0ash.com and we’ll do teamviewer or skype to resolve your concerns. Its good product and I like when people use it, will strive to make it worthful for you :) Waiting for your email.

does it work in prestashop cms pages?

Havent tried with prestashop, but one of customer have used it with magento.

Hello.. This is a pre-purchase question. We want this form to be used only once by one IP address. Is that possible with this form? Will greatly appreciate a quick response. Thanks.

Hi, you can deny access to particular ips.Whatever IPs are there in banned_ip files, the form wont be displayed, until clean ip is used.

Prepurchase question: is Google Spreadsheet still working after Client Login google dismiss? is it working with OAuth2?

To the last update, I’ve included the API. No it does not work with oAuth2.

Hi, I want to purchase this script only for Google spreadsheet but before this Please confirm me that it will still work or not?

Hi. Unfortunatley the message input box is not responsive, it is too wide and spreads over the rest of the content to the right of it when used in a narrow situation.

the form css is from uniform (https://github.com/pixelmatrix/uniform). Though its possible to use altogether different css/styles for your form, but you need to know HTML/CSS & jQuery for the purpose.