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Hi I activate the plugin and works great just I have a question in the Welcome Email for the user the subject of the email is Wordpress , how can I change that ?

thanks forward

Hello, please check “Welcome eMail” tab on plugin options; if ReForce “Signup Email Enabled” then it should use “Signup Email Subject”. Please check and let us know. Thanks!

Well i never found it where to change the subject of the email senden to the user in any suscription, otherwise the plugin brings some erros about the css inside the pages I chanhe thw whitelist where its appear but still showing … How Can I deactivate it ? just in the plugins menu … i think i going to lost the parameters, I just want to have installed without show in any page . how can I do that?. Thanks forward

Hello, to disable plugin from appearing on some pages please use white-listing functionality, please follow documentation. If you have any errors it is advised to reset plugin options and reconfigure it correctly. Hope it helps. Thanks!

Your facebook login doesn’t work, but another Facebook plugin work

I already input the same “App ID” and “App Secret”.

- ReForce just redirect to the same popup and nothing happen when login via facebook. Can login via user name and password on popup. - but Facebook All plugin, can login via Facebook account properly

I purchased your product because of popup login with Facebook

So, please fix it or let me know how to fix it asap.

Hello, we didn’t get your email, please try to contact us agan or please email us directly, support@alvimedia. Thanks!

Hi, Whats is your email id. Is it correct support@alvimedia? No .com? or Whats?

Hello, our contact address is you can also find it in the documentation. Thanks!

Hi there,

I have just purchased and tested your plugin Master Modal Login. It doesn’t work with my theme ‘bucket theme’

If I keep everything on default settings (hit reset) then I can get [qt_popup_button] to pop up but I then I can’t close the window

However [qtpopup] some text here [/qtpopup] doesn’t do anything at all

If I change any setting from the default settings then [qt_popup_button] stops working

Adding the login to the menu displays but clicking on it does nothing.

It seems there are a number off issues here and I really don’t have time to try and debug. I was hoping for an off the shelf solution that would work first time. Therefore I would like to request a refund.

Many thanks,


Hello Kia, sorry it doesn’t work for you out of the box. If you want to request a refund please do so through your dashboard. Before you do please consider following: There’s no need to debug but please take some time to tweak your installation as there’s plenty of different themes out there and it may not work right out of the box with your theme. It’s good that you have reset settings, in the situation you have I’d kindly advise you to change an option in Click Menu from ID to Class, that may help. there’s many other options you may try to tweak to make it work, it should take just minutes, not hours. You can also request direct assistance and we would help you with setup. For direct assistance please contact us via contact form on our profile page. Thanks!

06b81743-0e53-482a-87a1-4a57feafecd5 – 28 Dec 2016 REGULAR LICENSE I am enjoying the look of the Reforce3 modal pop-up. But: 1. If I click “sign-up”, there is no placeholder for the password. 2. There are no default templates listed in my wp-admin. So where is the default template to be found which is currently being displayed?

Where do I find that template, please. From wp-admin end I see “PopUp” and “PopUp Templates” but there are no template file in either

Desperately looking through previous comments to help myself. I have come across this: “Hello, please edit /runtime/tmpl-YOUR-TEMPLATE.php and remove the confirmation button from the accordion and add a simple button instead. Thanks!”

I’d be very happy to do this, but where is the runtime folder located?

OK- works well now.

hello guys, my client recently purchases your plugin, and would like to add a phone number field for woocommerce user registration, any suggestion to do this?

Hello, you can add as many fields on the registration form as you need. You can add any HTML and/or shortcode(s) directly to plugin template. Please note that you’d need to create a listener to apply those data that form sends for that you may need some basic programming knowledge. Hope it helps. Thanks!

Hi, i hace purchased plugin reforce popup. can i have document for helping me to setup di plugin. Thanks

Hello, please find documentation enclosed with your purchase, please download Full release file, documentation is inside ZIP file in HTML format. ReForce need need little configuration. Before you proceed it’s suggested to begin with resetting the plugin options, next step you can setup template for the popup, there’s 3 ready to use and modify templates included with the plugin, please copy/paste template code and specify what template popup should use. All shortcodes used on template properly documented. Thanks!

Great plugin. Any plans to add more integration with autoresponders eg. GetResponse. Furthermore, can you change text on the “Sign Up” button and hide the “Sign In” and “Password” buttons?

Hello, we don’t plan to include support for GetResponse, etc. as most of the autoresponders has their own WP plugins. You can use any autoresponder plugin that works on signup event, this plugin triggers proper signup event. You can change any text on any button or on popup canvas it’s fully customizable. Hope it helps. Thanks!

Hi there i need a plugin to solve one problem:

For some of the PDF/video link on a page of the site I’m developing i need to make new users find a registration form to complete the action (download the PDF/watch the video desired). Does your plugin satisfy this request? Thanks a lot for your attention


firoz82 Purchased

how can we add other fields in sign up form as name and contact number along with e-mail id


buddy1 Purchased

How do I fix it so everybody has to login everytime? thanks, Buddy


buddy1 Purchased

I have menu item “Employees” how can I fix it so that every time it’s clicked the popup register forms shows up whether clicker is registered or not? thanks, Buddy


Your plugin work with bbpress and Avada ? Thanks


I am having some real trouble getting this plugin to work, I have sent a message to support but have not had a reply. I followed all steps provided and cant get anything to load.

1. The PoPup settings wont let me load a template.

2. The PoPup settings wont save and I’ve re-entered all the information multiple times

3. It wont let me load a logo or any image this includes from media library/computer/url

4. Any configuration I make doesn’t show up in the popup and cant be viewed.

at this point its a dead plugin that wont work.

I am using latest version of wordpress with the divi theme, I look forward to your response and your help in this matter.

Hello there, Just a Pre-sale question. I am using Avada theme. Will it work with it properly?


usjhk Purchased


When I click password reset then it automatically redirect to homepage.

How can I fix it ?


usjhk Purchased

Hello, How can I fix the problem ?


usjhk Purchased



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I just bought the plugin reforce and I have somme difficults to set it. First, I tried to use the default template (orange one) but when I change Translation in your plugin, that seems not to work. (enter your username ….) Even when the form is open, we can’t access to the submit button


cesu46 Purchased

and is it possible to redirect in special area as for example :

usjhk Purchased

I have an error. The error message is” Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in wp-content/plugins/ReForce3/assets/lib/plugin/admin/core.php on line 159” Please advice me what should I do !!

Man… this set up is a pain…

Hi there,

Your popup is working quite well for my site, however I have noticed an issue when users are attempting to sign-in via the popup on my site

Under the sign-in field, users are prompted to enter either their username or email, along with their password, to sign-in. The issue here is that sign-in via email does not work, and only username sign-in is function. This is fine, but I need to remove the ‘or email’ part of the text, to prevent confusion amongst users (IE so they are prompted to sign-in just using their username).

Removing this text does not appear to be an option in the Reforce menu, could you please point me in the right direction as to where I can edit this text?

All the best, looking forward to your response.