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Dear Sir Nice plugin, Any chance to see a demo with voting. And can you suggest which wp-voting is good


Is this something like your other plugin “Ovogallery”? Can I use it to display my users posts?

I can see I can use it the same way :) I just have two questions

1. Is it easier to show all the categories then it is in Ovogallery. I remember that I should type all the categories in the page by myself manually in Ovogallery. Can you add the categories automatically with Refolio?

2. Can I remove the voting feature so it can not be seen? It is because my theme already got a voting feature in it.

1. Showing all the categories is automatic in both ovogallery and Refolio – it is the filter buttons that are manually inserted,

2. The voting option is again a 3rd party plugin so it is not setup by default and can be removed by a simple shortcode setting. thanks, -Nolan

Pre-sales question:

This look alike a cool thing, but I have a few questions before buying:

1. Can you select the posts you use? (Rather than just all posts) 2. Can you set a fixed width to the gallery? For example, if I had just 3 images/posts, can they spread evenly across the page (960px). 3. When you hover, can you remove the second section (when you click on the eyeglass icon) and just have a link to a page instead?

Thanks for your time, I’m very much hoping these things are doable!


1. Yes, you set a category_name in the shortcode and it only shows the posts in that category.

2. Yes, you can set a fixed width for the gallery in the CSS and use the shortcode options to set the widths of the gallery items.

3. Sorry, this is not an option for this plugin the link icon must display content on the page however you can add a external link on the post page and set the inner content to just show that link. So when the user clicks the icon the inner content will be an external link or button.

Hope this helps, -Nolan

I’ve installed but I do not a see an admin section to add things to my gallery. Under Settings > refolio I only see short codes…

It is a post gallery. You add the shortcode to a page and it creates a gallery based on your wordpress posts. You can choose what posts are included in the gallery by setting the category_name in the shortcode parameters. Please read the settings page for shortcode examples and parameters to set. Thanks, -Nolan

Would this plugin allow wordpress comments and can be user generated?


If the comments are inside the content that is pulled to the inner box using the shortcode option: body_content=”.entry-content” then yes it would include all comments. You can set body_content to any post element depending on your themes structure. If you need me to take a look at one of your post pages and instruct you as to what element to set body_content to I would be glad to help. -Nolan

Hi, Does plugin shows rss feeds as grid layout?

It shows a post populated gallery in a masonry layout. It is not a rss feed gallery. -Nolan

Can the plugin be used with custom post types? Or just posts with categories?

You can set a custom post type by using the “type” setting in the shortcode.

[refolio type="yourcustomposttypename" posts_per_page="30"  ]

Is there anyway to control which social link icons are shown?

Sure you can just hide them in the css(css/style.css). Add the following code to the end of the file to hide all or some of the elements:
.ref-reddit {
    display: none;
.ref-twitter {
    display: none;
.ref-facebook {
    display: none;
.ref-linkedIn {
    display: none;
.ref-pinterest {
    display: none;
.ref-google {
    display: none;
.ref-email {
    display: none;
Hope this helps, -Nolan

Hello, is there a way to allow users to zoom on a picture?

How do you get the pictures, are they automatically added to a gallery or can we manually add them?

Also, are any settings to allow to add or skip some of the picture menu items? For example, no to show social sharing?

I’m interested, Thank you, great job!


Are you referring to the main gallery image or the images inside the inner panel? The main gallery image is the posts “featured image” – There is no zooming or lightbox for this image.

The inner panel content is the post content. You can set any element on the post pages to pull by setting the shortcode option: body_content=”.entry-content” The inner content could have a lightbox target the images since it is pulling content directly from your post page.

The social sharing buttons can be hidden in the css. I hope this answers your questions. Thanks, -Nolan

awesome gallery plugin! Im very interested in purchasing this for my website http://hollywoodblvdcrawl.com/ – its a wordpress site that has the Be|Theme wordpress template. can you let me know if this plugin will work?

Yes it should work with any theme. -Nolan

I meant it will work with any site that doesn’t load isotope 2.0 – it does not appear that your site loads isotope 2.0. Thanks, -Nolan

Hello, I just would like to check if I can use this plug in in my website

here’s the url


If you are using Wordpress then yes. -Nolan


This plugin is not working with the website. I am using the DirectoryS theme but it seems to be incompatible. Can I get a refund?

Thanks, Samvid

You are using it for listings? The theme might be using a custom post type for the listings. If so it would need the custom post type set in the shortcodes using the “type” parameter. Example:
[refolio type="listing" posts_per_page="30" body_content=".entry-content" item_width="335" item_height="272" ]
I do not know what the name of the custom post type for the themes listings are so you will have to ask theme support. If you need further help you can email me at nuvuscripts@gmail.com If you need to request a refund you will have to contact codecanyon for this. Thanks, -Nolan