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Hi, sorry but I didn’t understand that the limit was 30 items for the gallery! I thought it was a gallery but it’s a portfolio, something little bit different. Can I have a refund ? Thanks in advance.

Hello typhoon,

Thanks so much for your purchase. Im gald to help you.

The limit is not 30 items. The limit is 30 for custom images. But your can add as many posts you want.

Pleaser take a look at this video tutorial.


Thanks Raf

Hi, i’m having trouble with my flickr account. let me explain i have the Flickr API Key and i want to show an album. before the update this configuration was working. now it’s not. Can you please help me? thank you

Hi Giacomo!

Yes sure! Im glad to help you. Please, can you send me the URL website where the plugin is placed?

Thanks Raf

yes, Sure! http://www.luigicavasin.com/italia/ it’s not the whole site but fixing the issue on that page will make me able to fix it on the other. thank you. another thing that i forgot to say is that (when it was working) when opening the image with ligthbox it wasn’t a large one. I think that your gallery is retrieving the small picture from flickr and not the big one (i checked if it was small on flickr but it wasn’t)

thank you


I reckon is a issue on algorithm.

Can I have access to control panel? Can you send me the credentials by email?

Thanks Raf


I have the gallery configured with a Pinterest account and board. It loads perfectly, but the “Load more” button doesn’t work: http://blog.lookiero.com/milookiero2/

Any help? Thanks!

Hello crisiscreativa

Pinterest Load More feature still is not allowed on Reflektor Plugin.

The team is still working to implement that feature. Soon it will be released.

Thanks for your patience. Raf

Can I create a single grid of galleries that open (lightbox) into their respective gallery of images? From all I’m reading it seems to cover what I’m looking for (showcasing various galleries in one grid) but I want to verify. Thanks!

Hi mamasoto

Yes, you can.

Thanks Raf


yashton Purchased


I’ve created several Instagram galleries and love the Reflektor plugin. However, I’m having an issue with one for my @mayeshcleveland Instagram page and the gallery will not load. I’ve double checked the access token and have tried recreating the gallery. Please advise

Hi yashton,

Thanks for your purchase and I’m glad to help you.

Check if @mayeshcleveland is with Instagram private setting.

Thanks Raf

Hi, I purchase this plugin, I installed and activated it. I want it to do an instagram feed page, there is no link at the back office to generate the access token code. I have try to get it at that url http://instagram.pixelunion.net I paste the access token but doesn’t work Please help Regards

Hello convertClick,

Thanks so much for your purchase. I’m really glad to help you.

You can generate your Access Token here: http://instagramwordpress.rafsegat.com/docs/get-access-token/

Thanks Raf

Thanks so much, but I found it on youtube, it works now Regards

No worries.

Don’t forget to rating. It’s very important!

Thanks Raf

Hello Raf love the plugins..however the instagram is not loading for some reason..thanks

Hello lioncement

Thanks so much for your purchase! I’m glad to help you.

Please, can you send me the URL website where the plugin is placed?

Thanks Raf

Hi Rafsegat,

We have a feed from an Instagram hashtag displaying beautifully on our website but we would like the ability to approve them before they go live on the website. Is this possible? Would you be able to make it possible?

Hello FoxManagement

Thanks so much for your purchase. I’m really glad to help you.

Of course! Send me the website URL to take a look.

Thanks Raf

Hi Rafsegat, I just bought the Reflektor and the images are not showing even after I pasted the shortcode into the post. I also added the Instagram Access Token from your website. Able to assist and solve this?

Hi BlackPlate

I didn’t receive any email with credentials. Can you send again?

My email is rafasegat@gmail.com

Thanks so much Raf

Oh, now I got it.

Sorry, I’m working on.


Hi rafael, For Instagram gallery for Reflektor, able to load only one user with specific hashtag like #modernkitchen. Meaning showing only one user on Instagram and showing only that user post with a particular hashtag eg. #modernkitchen only. What are the settings?