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Hello, can this script records unique views?


Yes you can, in the database there is a statistics table that records the following: User Agent String (Browser), IP Address, HTTP Referer, Redirect URL Used, Time, Date

Can the destination link be changed after it has been created? I see the Edit option in the screenshot but not sure what to expect.

Hi Steve,

It sure can be. It can be changed at anytime. I re-enabled the default redirect link. So check it back out.

If you would like a full one to play with just send me a message via my profile and I can link you to an open one where people don’t use it for their own purposes :)

Hello, I really like the way your stats script looks and works from the demo. But there is a “View Reports” link that when you click it it states coming soon.

Have you finished that part of the script yet, that part is important to me and I am willing to pay more to have that information.

Please let me know with a reply soon…

Thank you,


I did not do any statistics although all the material is there for them. No one really seemed that interested in the product enough for me to continue and add the statistics.

However, I do have some time coming up, what statistics are you looking for? I can definitely throw some together and get the item upgraded.

Hello Again, I forgot to ask you if these are search engine friendly redirects (301)?



It is an option in the PHP code which redirect header to send. I have them set to 307 but again you can change this.

For stats I was thinking about the basics like number of clicks / unique clicks and any other data that you are already gathering, it would be nice to be able to see it.


May I suggest you add keywords to your description of this product like Affiliate, link, redirect, commission protector, stats, etc. This will allow you to sell more copies of this script in my opinion.


Hello! I am creating a small course/product about the importance of using a redirect as far as how much being able to make your link say what ever you want helps with click thru’s. As part of this course I want to offer a piece of simple redirect software as either an upsell or a bonus.

I assume this needs to be installed on someones own domain as most redirect scripts do?

Do you have a license type for what I want to do?

Thanks! :)

Sorry I was on vacation.

I cannot anwser the license question (you will need to ask Envato’s Support Centre

The script will need to be installed on a web server and using a domain (or subdomain) as the redirects.

I hope that helps.


I´m also interested in the file. I understand, I can make the following work. If I have a webpage in 3 different languages, I can edit the language to belonging IP-Adresses. Right?

fx. Language french IP-adresse: France + French islands >> all other countries are for english website

2.Is it hard to do that? I´m not a programmer. Do I have to enter all countries in the world??

3.How about aol, is it working too.

4. How fast is the redirect?

I´m waiting for your answer to buy your file pretty soon! Thanks

Yes you can do that with this product, but you would need to do some design / coding around it so probably not the best use for it.

The redirect is as fast as your servers can response (so instantly).

Perhaps I missed something, I uploaded the files per instructions twice, but the redirects don’t seem to work. Help please. Thank you!


Send me an email through my profile page and we will get it working on the server you have it installed on.

I have not been able to get this working either on my server. Is there anyway you can help?

Hi Tiyoo,

Please send me an email from my profile and we will get connected.

Thanks, Mickey

Hi Tiyoo,

Great simple script

When I try to update a record (edit) – only changing the url – I get an error : “Error: Sorry but that Redirect (Name) already exists in the database” – May be I do not understand the “edit” function ?

But should be posible to edit within the same name – right?

You definitely should be able to. I am out of the office, but send me an email and I will look into it as soon as I am able to return to the office.


I’m interested in buying this script, but I see that it has been almost 3 years since you released it, and you still haven’t updated it or added the “Coming Soon” “View Reports” option.

Are you planning on updating it soon, or is this an unfinished project?

Waiting for your reply, YS.

Sorry, buy your script, I installed and found the following errors: database impossible to import and changes necessary. Edit.php file and edit1.php are add.php and add1.php copies, making it impossible to save the edited data. The administration is minimal, ineffective, no users and no security. The statistics do not funcionanan. It is very bad option.

Sorry you feel that way.

The Add / Edit are almost the exact same function and that is why they look similar (one is an insert, then other is an update).

If you cannot use the installation script provided, you can import the SQL file using something like MyPHPAdmin.


I am looking for a redirect script to hide affiliate links (to avoid Google detecting outgoing links from my site).

Would this script be suitable for this?

Thx in advance.


Hello please contact, problem install


hi what means views report coming soon ? is it ready now since 2010 ?

hi i have this message : Warning: mysql_fetch_assoc() expects parameter 1 to be resource, boolean given in /Users/redirect/administration/Database.php on line 112

When I display the admin page

Were you able to fix this error?

Hi How to get redirect_date ? it’s empty

Hi your script live preview is not available can you show me the preview of this script


I have a problem can you solve it

Sorry I missed this comment, what is the problem you are running into?