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very good job, nice ;) i’m excited to see more of your work and wish you all the best for your sales !

thank you my friend :D

Hi, I purchased your game and the file bbdoc is not included in the download package.

yes i forgot put the file , please email me now , i ll send the BBDOC , you cant wait review by codecanyon need few days , please email me

Very good. GLWS :)

thanks bro :D

Can we edit this game without build box ?

if you want edit , you should use BB for that . but if you only rskin the game , you dont need that

I want to buy this template. Can i edit the assets like buttons and all with xcode?? and without BuildBox

yes you can sir , just edit PNG file on photoshop , replace it with what you want

I have emailed you about the build box files. Please send them to me.

hello , i have send the file , please check your email , thanks

Hi i have bought this item and there is no BBDOC file please send it to me

hello , please read your email , thanks

Hi, bought the game. After failing a level the score isn’t reflected in the high scores. Can you suggest any troubleshooting I can try?

Do you have Buildbox sir ? Or you just replace the image on source code ?

I just changed the images in the sprite tables, and loading into Xcode. I will download the project again and try a fresh copy. I dont have buildbox.

Hello if still problem please email me from profile page, i ll send new code

Hello, I just bought the game. After failing a level the score is always at 0. Can you tell me what i have to do ? and the speed doesn’t increase as the game progresses (sometimes the speed at the beginning of the game is too fast).. Thank you!

hello please email me from profile page ,

for level it generate randomly sometime fast , and sometime going normal speed thanks

Hello, I emailed you but still have no reply..

Hello , i ve reply it 3 days ago , please check spam folder … Thanks