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great work mate . good luck

Thanks bro :)

Buildbox File include Regular Licence ?

Yes sir buildbox included

works with android studio?

Actually work well on Android Studio but currently im not make any video for Android Studio mm myabe next week dor Android Studio Tutorial thanks

but someone have make a video for Android Studio , you can watch it

Can i have .psd files ? That will be easy to re design. Thanks,

hello sir , this not PSD file i use Corel Draw to make the game … you can contact my by email after you purchsed , i ll send the file :D


Do you use free version of Buildbox for development? Do I need to have buildbox too? Please inform me the process… so we can think on it.

no sir , you dont need buildbox but you cant edit the game like add level , change menu position and more . you can only Reskin the game , change the graphic music and icon , :) thanks

I will buy it today but ı want to ask 2 thing.

1)I have to reskin graphicsh(colors),music and game icon and after ı will take the project to eclipse and convert it to apk,then publish it right? 2)İf ı proceed like that, ı wont break the license right?

I will take pics and e mail to you today sir tahnk you ypu r very kind!

it’s my pleasure for do service sir , but im sorry if i can’t reply fast , im afraid sleep away , cause here 12:32AM …. i will wait ok ;) hope this problem solved faster

I sent an email!

hi Do i have some problems please help me. your score and best score not working

sir please email me ill send the link

send link

Hi i have a problème .can you help me . Do you have an e-mail address to send you a screenshot

My problem is : private UnusedStub() { }

My problem is solved. thanks

hello sir , im sorry didnt reply your comment , please email me from profile page . i will send you new update , cause this item have error on score and best score

LibPNG version? and eclipse project ?

LIBPNG solved and eclipse project sir :D

Hi, I can’t find BBDOC File! Where is it? I see only Eclipse Project..

Hello , yes sir i forget include the bbdoc , please email me from profile page , i ll send you bbdoc file thanks

Brother, I want APK plz

hello you mean BBDOC file right ? please email me from profile page , thanks

bought it and did not bring me the bbdoc file only the folder extracted from Buildbox please send me the bbdoc by mail or something since in the title says that also comes and I will rate it 5 stars. Email:

hello sir , i have reply your email , please check it . im really sorry for this inconvenience . thank you so much for purchasing my item

The title says that it includes BBDOC, but when I download it I see that it does not! Can you please give me the BBDOC file? or at least make a refund since it does not have what the title says :/ My email

hello im sorry for this inconvenience , i didnt update it yet , can you please email me from profile page , i will send bbdoc file . thanks ;)


hello , i have reply your email , plaese check ;)

Can you add leaderboard, reward video and Facebook sharing to this game?

You are a great guy. Really enjoyed this purchase. Already rated. Can you please send me the bbdoc file for the latest update with my leaderboard id that you did?

Thank you

hello sir , can you eemail me again , i lost your email . im sorry for late reply due going on vacation


hello sir please check your email , i have reply it , once again im really sorry for delaying reply

hi i bought this template & i am getting many problems while running eclipse, do you have Skype or something ?

ok let me try

i downloaded java 8 now i am getting “Conversion to Dalvik format failed with error 1”. Can you please help me using team viewer or something. I am stuck here for almost a week now.

hello sir , i think there are problem with your gradle file , can you send me screenshots ? can you eamil me sir ?

I need this game for android studio can you please tell me if I buy will you provide me source code for android studio

sure , just email me after purchase this code , thanks

Hi, Today i buy your game, I want to change name “redemption evolution” how can i?

hello , please email me sir . i will send you bbdoc file thanks