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hello, dont work cron (curl crawl, it’s run slowly so please wait)
It’s running fine. Please check again.

hello, well hm da cron is not running.

Everyhting – Setted Up. DB and New Version. But no Category updated. Cron/reddit shows images but no one in front page – please fix it.


will try.

yep. something´s wrong. ^^.

Exactly same. Opens in new page (if you run cron url), but doesnt load on website

Yeay!!!! Changed back to 5 stars!

Something is wrong once i’ve changed to PHP 5.7 because of other script, can you check?

Could you send me your url again. I forgot it.
Thank you very much. Sir, can have more Sales and so if you fix this. Leave your time, but.. would be cool.

^^ ya works :) 2. “Advertising” Places are switched! _ Please put all there & see they do really no stay in tha place when ya put them there ex 2 is in 1 & 3 in 2 . .

check thx sir.

I understand, I will check then updating again.

:) @onepunchman.

a. How can i change facebook comment to disqus or other? b. please add most viewed post´s if possible.


thank you awesome script. | let us talk later :)

Salut from german.

How to make working script on PHP 5.6 totally critically, other scripts on server works at 5.6. Your script doesn’t work at 5.6. Please what to change?

just switched site to https—> Viewing site in http works well, but in https, at the end of about 40 images, it stops showing content and shows two words: text.Load More

Once you click on this link, it shows more images, but they look different as they take up the entire page and dont display correctly.

As i said, http works great, its just the https version that sucks after the first 40 images.

Thank you.

I realize that I’m out of “coverage” for support. I’ll be happy to pay 11.38 for the solution. If you can fix it.

Thank you.

Stopped working. :/ Envato really outta get better at policing what gets sold on here.

I’m agree with Angelcrack. There many unfinished scripts, with errors, with installation tricks… If there is no quality, there are no good comments, there is no future for this. Good authors who lose sales because of bad authors.

i hope we get your new script if you have it cause this is no more working. .

i know you did not get rich,, but please do this script to work again. :)

may u rest in peace bro.

i mean, does it work? ,´