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Hi, can I add a reddit url like this:

You can’t. But I can help you by modify my code

Hi.. Nice to meet you, i bought your script and now I’m using it in my website. I need support for : 1. dead link/ broken link found when I generate sitemap : added sound to a gif I found here http://domaincom/ Hotel in Dubai Is Burning Now

etc, found up to 25

2. How i can change redirection to external link to be “no follow” or may be i can change to monetize external link witf for example ?

Please change url at app/views/util/paginator-image.blade.php
<h3 class="text-left"><a href="/joke/{{ $image->slug }}" style="border:none;margin-bottom:10px;" class="pull-left link-cron">{{ $image->title }}</a></h3>

What about the Copyright? I don’t think that this is legal!

It’s total legal. Please check reddit legal to confirm. Thanks

i don’t see any documentation of installation… please help

Hello, I need see the demo page. Here it redirects to another script. Thanks

I fixed broken link. Please check again.

Hello I am running your script now but adsense disapproved the ads. What can I do now?

google review and rejected, what to do?

I dont know. I just submited this website to google then they replied me ok :(

I thought you can try pull clean content first. Maybe that’s good idea.

can i have your email?

Please contact to my profile then I will reply your email. Thanks :)

About Reddit Aggregator script.

sir, i want to ask a question before i buy this script. This script only take pictures and videos from reddit? Can it take words only for example this subreddit : . I want only text no pictures or videos. Can?

Sorry for my late.
It can not now but I will help you free after buying this script
Thank you very much

Hei, i sendt some questions to you, can you look at them? Thanks

Please check your email

What kind of server(hosting) do you use for

And can you answer the questions i asked you before?

it is legal , right?

1) I’m using 10$ per month.
2) It’s total legal.


I have a bizarre problem. When I try to load more pages/content by scrolling down, the entire site goes complete white and no new posts load. This happens on both Chrome & Firefox.

Can you please look into this?

It’s your own
Please try remove this script.

Oh wow. Ok, those are ads from Chitika. Surprising that an ad banner code could would cause this issue.

Will this also happen with AdSense or can you recommend some other ad-network that will play nicely with your script?

Thanks for your help!

I’m using adsense. You can implement it with no pros

You said to get rid of duplicate content: “It’s easy. Just change reddit column in database to “unique”” – how, what, where – do you find this?

Go to phpmyadmin. Then click unique to ‘reddit’ column. That’s easy.

Sorry – this is my PURCHASING ACCOUNT. You said to get rid of duplicate content: “It’s easy. Just change reddit column in database to “unique”” – how, what, where – do you find this?

Go to phpmyadmin. Then click unique to ‘reddit’ column. That’s easy.

I have just purchased your script and set it up.

If i go to

it opens up a debug error page with alot of code details and website detail. That is a huge security problem.

You can even try it on your demo so you can see what i mean.

Go to this link

Please tell me how to make that NOT show if user goes to a page that does not exist.

Also in your installer it says to remove install from route. How do I do that?

Thank you.

Ok I have resolved this problem after looking in to Laravel some more.

Go to: /yourproject/app/config/app.php and set

‘debug’ => false,

Good job. Thanks

Hi again. I need your help to change the url slug. Right now when I go to a single item (comment page) the slug says jokes I don’t want it to say jokes. I want it to show the slug of the post. Please tell me how to do this.

Also please help me with my previous question. I just bought the script so I have some questions.

I really like the this script and I hope you can help me fix it up the way I need it.


1) You must set domain for your post follow this pattern: yourdomain/post/slug. If you pass like this yourdomain/slug it’s will go to subreddit category.
2) Yes, I set hard code url in app/route.php at Route::get(’/joke/{slug}’, [‘as’=>’home.detail’, ‘uses’=>’HomeController@getDetail’]);
So please adjust it as you want.
I know you have experience with php code so I think it not hard for you.
Thanks :)

Right now the way it works is But I need it to be[name of category]/name-of-post

How can i replace ‘jokes’ with variable that shows category name of the post?

I not easy because you add more one parameter to route. So we need override getDetail method.

Hi There.

I have purchased reddit aggregator script. how do I install this website?



Please following this document.
(Note: must use php >= 5.4 and install php-mcrypt extension)

using one can see that the page load times are both slow & have a very large file size. anyway to decrease both of those?

Please view source code. I load all media from another host. Almost of them are from imgur.

I dont think so.
Please view source code. I load all media from another host. Almost of them are from imgur.

I think you need update search module into admin controller to delete post easy.

I will add ‘delete button’ to homepage later.
Thank for your idea :)

Hi. Please help me. I have an error with auto post facebook. I have setup like your document. But it don’t active.

Did you get authorize post to fanpage facebook?

Yes. I did. But it’s not working. I am try to run cron in brower. And I get an error. How to fix it?

Can you show me the error?

This is amazing! Are you adding up vote, Comments, Trending, Sections Drop down?

There is a new type of meme that is becoming insanely popular on tumblr, they are called text memes because they do not use pictures. More of a character followed by a : <— Then what they say and what the other person or thing says back. It would be cool to have this added to this script.

Text memes

Example #1 Below


Me:?? can u be more specific

Anxiety: :)

Example #2 Below

Society: Try going to bed at a reasonable time!

Me: Noooooo

Society: Tryyyyy iiiiiit

Me: nooooooo (quieter this time)

This one got over a 100,000 shares and was only posted two weeks ago:

I own and would love to run this.

Going to add upvote +comment + trending features?

If so I will buy 4 licenses

Thanks for your idea but I have no more time :(

Why broken now? After 3 months?

Your cron job didnt work. Please check.