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I like the idea, any chance to have a look at the admin panel, also how the script pull the content from Reddit, Thanks

we are using reddit api to get and parse json data
Please check:

Thanks for your reply, will buy it

Thanks for your reply, will buy it

Video doesn’t seem to work, i check the website demo, the video section, does not have any video, only images

I fixed it. Please check again.

Hello i Just bought this reddit aggregator script, and as per the documentation and its instruction done everything settled for my domain on shared hosting, but now when i am trying to open it, then i am getting this error:

“Internal Server Error

The server encountered an internal error or misconfiguration and was unable to complete your request.

Please contact the server administrator, webmaster@- (hidden this as i see this is comment) and inform them of the time the error occurred, and anything you might have done that may have caused the error.

More information about this error may be available in the server error log.

Additionally, a 500 Internal Server Error error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request.”

Please help me out, what shall i do now to get it running for me? thanks and waiting for your quick support.

Maybe you miss some requirements in laravel 4.2. Please contac to provider hosting to turn on php >= 5.4, mbstring, mcrypt extension. Thanks

Gifv in your script don’t work, many things look to be broken. I would polish and look over your problems. Doesn’t seem like a competitor to reddit at all.

Ahh, you mean “Test Crawler” link. I fixed it. Thank you very much.

It seems to be fixed now, although I noticed your script doesn’t detect removed images from Imgur.

Here’s an example:

Any way of making it so that buyers of your script, don’t have to manually remove those, and make the script smart enough to know that it’s pointing to that “removed image” image, to remove the entire post?

We can but we should not do it because it will take server run slowly by check header image broken every time. So I think the better way is delete boken image by yourself.

If I am getting this error due to I am using shared hosting, then please let me know which hosting will go best? in the nameservers for I see DIGITALOCEAN.COM Cloud Hosting, so do u recommend that? also which droplet and/or how to set this cms on that hosting service from DIGITALOCEAN.COM?

Please help me out pubishing this CMS on my domain name, I am completely new to such CMS.

Thanks and advance and waiting for your quick support.

Yes, I’m using digitalocean (10$ package). It’s is powerful vps to host many websites. I recommend you using digital or amazon ec2.
If you want me help you all work for setup vps, webserver and install source code please contact to me. I will get 20$ fee.
But I think you can do it by your self. It’s not hard.
Thanks for your purchasing.

I got it installed by my developer, but there are errors on the site like: 1- We cannot delete the current categories (it starts giving the error) or edit them thru the admin panel of the site.. it starts giving error. 2- also the settings page functions are not working, means we cannot change the site settings etc. from there. 3- also the pages option on admin panel not working. 4- also the complete site sometimes loads and other it does not

Let us know how to manage all these problems? are provide the quick updates also? also i see such errors being just blocked on the demo also.

waiting for quick support and updates for all these errors

1) I fixed. Please wait to update new code.
2) I checked. It’s all ok.
3) I checked. It’s all ok.
4) I dont understand?
-> Did you create new admin account? Please dont use “” for registration because I blocked it on my code.

I have having the same issues… Many things are broken

You right. I updated code. Please wait to checkout. Thanks

Trying to create categories: SQLSTATE[42S22]: Column not found: 1054 Unknown column ‘tags’ in ‘field list’ (SQL: insert into `categories` (`name`, `slug`, `tags`, `updated_at`, `created_at`)

Thanks! I will perform a new install when codecanyon releases the upgrade.

How about you? Is it ok?

Hi! For this script you need a server with a lot of space? Or pictures, video, and so on are stored on the reedit

Dont worry about it.
This is my database that running now.
Some information:
1) I just spent 17MB for 71k records
2) All image, video links store by provider hosting. So we dont care our bandwidth and dispace to storage all content.

Will you consider making this a WordPress plugin?

Nope for now. Thanks

Just some things I have noticed that need attention: 1. Creating Or Editing Categories does at work at all, 2. There appears to be no SQL value/slot in database for Fanpage id for AutoPost. 3. Site name cannot be changed without editing master blade manually. 4. Edit pages from admin does not work. 5. Settings do not save properly. Can we please have these issues fixed?

It is very frustrating when you say that you have made changes when in fact you haven’t!

Please waiting for next update (maybe 1 or 2 days). Thanks

Just downloaded the most recent update. I will let you now how it works out.

so I cannot figure out how to install this. Some documentation might be nice. When I load the site in my browser I get this message:

mcrypt_encrypt(): Key of size 10 not supported by this algorithm. Only keys of sizes 16, 24 or 32 supported

Go to app/config/app.php then change ‘key’ => ‘DuckScript’ to 16 characters word you want (ex: duckduckduckduck).

And the memes you need to add ?

I dont understand what you mean?

After update, settings still do not save properly. You sill have to manually change website name and details by editing code, It is still a complete mess.

Please do not release another “update” until everything is fixed. My list of things that NEED to be addressed: 1. Fix the settings page. 2. Actually add a SQL position for the Fanpage id for AutoPost. 3. Allow settings to change the website name globally on front end. 4. Make sure GIFs work. 5. Fix The /admin/pages, so we can add pages. These are just 5 examples that I have found that need attention. Thank You.

Please update code :)

Hi this is presale question

1. What is the web hosting requirment for your script

2. The content automatically grab from reddit or we have to post the content manually

Thank you

1) Share hosting or VPS all ok. If you have not experience, you should be use share hosting (but they should support mcrypt extension, php >= 5.4). I’m using arvixe with minimum package for share hosting and digitalocean for VPS
2) All automatically ofcourse
3) Thanks.

Recent update seems to work. Just one question, how does the facebook autoposter work? I put in my page ID and nothing is posting.

You should be go to youdomain/login/facebook then accept permission manage your fanpage.

Some content in your page are against Google Ads Policy

No problem :)

will this scrape NSFW posts and NSFW subreddits? Using the browser you need to confirm age.

No need to confirm. We are using get content reddit by api. You can check example content at :

Just purchased your app. I’m in the process of installing it in EC2. Can the images/videos be stored in S3/Cloudfront?

Almost image, gif are been hosted from imgur. So you dont care setup S3 to store for all reddit media.
So it will make you cheaper for hosting.

Ok I just looked into the db. So no images are being hosted. Thanks!

Hi, I was trying to install your app in Amazon EC2 but it won’t install. I’m on an Ubuntu 64-bit and htacces is enabled. Here’s the info:

Do you have email for support?
Please contact to me. Thanks

Mcrypt PHP extension required.
Please install this extension first :(