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is it seo friendly?


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4 days later i sit in same s**t i bought


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I saw the auto update was working. What’s problem?

I have two questions:

1. Do you provide the website?

2. Will AdSense allow the content? Because it is not exclusive content and maybe they will block the AdSense account.


1) My demo website:
2) Please look at my ads on my site.

Thank you for your answer, I mean because the content is not exclusive, so the AdSense usually bans such websites.

I dont know. Please reading google adsense carefuly. Thanks


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not auto updating posts, not auto posting on facebook…... and i waiting for almost 5 days to solve this…..

I saw the auto update was working. What’s problem?


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yeap working not thx to u..


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How to select what posts can be showed in index page? And where i can change site visuals?

Sorry, you can not select to show homepage. It’s show all by time order.
You just can edit template by css. I do not provide visual tool.

Can you turn this into a “ninja media script” plug in? You would make so many sales and they encourage others to creat plugins for their theme from what I understand :)

Good idea. Thanks

Do you know when you might have it available? With all the people that use ninja media, Im sure your plug in would do amazing. It’s basically everything we have all been waiting for.

Hey, i just want to add only image, for example a subreddit for dogs and then post to facebook page, did the post been attached as an image or a link to the post? i like to only use it to post to facebook page as an attached images.

Can this be done with the script ?

I see some posts in your page that have an image attached with a link back to the post. I want just the title and image, no link

It’s ok, I will help you modify like you want. Please contact to my email.

Seriously, does anyone have a specific process on how to fix the dupicate posts? Asked the author for help – he essentially says, “turn it to unique in the database” – seriously, looking for a way on how to get rid of duplicate posts – anyone???

Because this is fasted way to fix duplicated post.
Please lookat

hi there,

seems lot of people having issues here :)

I do not use phpmy admin therefore I cannot use “turn it to unique in the database” option.

Can you suggest anything else for removing duplicate post.

Do you have any tool for edit database?

Ia m using Virtualmin for my hosting panel. Do you know bout it?


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Hello thanks for the script. Is there a way to contact you about facebook autopost not working please.


I have two issues I am hoping you can help me with.

Script appears to work pretty good but for whatever reason, ‘Meme Management’ and HandJokes titles are somewhow hard-coded into things after my install.

Please see screenshot:

How can I modify this?

Thank you!

Can i save the image to localstorage


When i try to load more content in index page, the picture does not show.

can you help me check this :

Hey! Product didn’t updated not at all. I as admin forgot my password, and Forgot Password link doesnt work! What should I do?

Is this plugin still is supported by author, or it’s dead? I’m interested in buying it.

My script just STOPPED working within the last month. It still shows at “” but it won’t update anymore. When I go to the admin panel to “force” an update or to force the cron to run, it brings up an error screen saying that there is something wrong. Nothing on the server was changed, and I even reinstalled (using the same database obviously) Was there a change made on the Reddit API side? Is the script broken now? I’ve grown accustomed to the script cutting out from time to time, but it has been down for a month now (not updating) Please advise.

Never received response from author – has clearly abandoned this catastrophe. I sincerely feel like I was ripped off.

Demo not working, it takes you to a domain parking!!!!

@ababoolal let me know if you fixed! Yes confirm, theme is stopped to work :(