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Hey, the demo and admin site aren’t working. Is there an alternative site that I can view it on?

Hey sorry, there is a hosting issue that is creating this problem. I will soon switch host and update the demo.

can’t we use our own logo with that product?


Yes, you can add your logo. I made the logo a text field so you everyone can have a working site ready just after installation. But you do have access to source and can easily add a logo with just editing css.

demo is not working correctly please fixed. btw any update with this script ? (ex. auto fetch thumbnails of submited images or url )

Can you describe, what exactly is not working? It seems to be working fine for me.

Hey there, thanks for reporting this. It was a minor issue with my new host(i moved 2 days ago). Please check this now.

Doesn’t seem to work…In the instructions you mention that I need to go to yet in the files that you provided the “install” directory doesn’t exist..

I’ve uploaded all files, changed database info and when I go to the website it just spits out errors..


Hey, Just replied to your support mail. Please follow up there. - Mandeep

Cool script! I have a few suggestions: It would be good if users could vote up/down posts and/or comments. Then posts could be viewed by most viewed, most popular, or chronologically. It would be good if admin had setting to enable/disable user comments. It would be good if there were better control for admin to moderate new posts and new users to protect the quality of the content. There could be moderation option and user permission option in admin config area. Thanks!

And also, ability to flag posts…and tags or categories to help organize & find posts by users.

Thanks for your suggestions, i will keep them in mind for next update.

Hello how to install this on bluehost?

The instructions are same for every host. In case you are having any issue then you can mail me at

Check your email.

admin demo doesnt work

There was a server issue which created this problem, but its fixed now. Please have a look now.

I would like to know if there is a option to moderate posts before they can be published?

No, currently there is no option for this.


is it possible to manage the length of the Article on the Startpage?

In application/views/default/posts/part.blade.php replace line number 30 to

<p class="article">{{ Str::limit($post->content, 100) }}</p>

here you can change 100 to any value you want.

Also, please post in our new support forums for any further support.

You will also get faster response there.

Possible to create different categories of posts? Like on reddit

Its not possible at this time.

Hey, very nice and simple script! Please, add feat to create categories of post like a reddit. Thanks

This script appears to no longer work. Avoid it.

Zero support – Template does not function – This needs to be pulled off of the market place


demo not working

can you make demo?

Demo not working!!!

Demo doesn’t work. Script is not installing at all. It says “page isn’t working”

ı think buy but demo doesnt work

Does this still work as want to buy it ….