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I noticed someone else was having an issue with the time being 4 hours off, and I’m having the exact same issue. I’ve tried both local and server time, and both show up the same 4 hours off. My server is in my timezone, and the timezone has been set in Wordpress. I can set the end time to be 4 hours later to compensate, but I’d prefer a better solution. Any thoughts?

Hey, Thanks for contacting support. Could you please PM us a link to the page where the clock is “off”? Our mail is

Best, Boom Apps Team

I sent you an email about this 9 days ago and haven’t seen any response. Do you have any thoughts?

Hello, Sorry for delay in anwer. Our team was on holiday and this info was visible on our Envato page.

We’ve just started working on all the support questions we’ve got and we’ll answer your email ASAP.

Best, Boom Apps Team

Hi, I realise that my support has expired but I was just wondering if you could give me a yes or no answer as to whether you can count up with this plugin?I have reached the target event (a wedding) but would now like to count up. I will stop trying to work it out if the answer is no!!! Thanks Maisie

Hey, Counting up is not possible :)

Best, Boom Apps Team

Hello I need a countdown timer plugin that counts down to the last day of each month and starts again each month automatically. Would this be possible with this plugin? Thanks Ben

Hey, This is not possible with this plugin.

Best, Boom Apps Team

My countdown is shifting to the right. When I resize the screen it pops into place. Have you had this happen before?

Hello, Thanks for contacting support.

We haven’t seen such problems before. This might be related to other parts of the website. Please contact us at with a link to the page where it happens with details about browser/OS. We’ll check it.

Best, Boom Apps Team


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when we put the shortcode inside Revolution Slider, the countdown is hidden, but if we resize the page, the countdown is shown. Have you already meet this problem ? Thank you for your answer.

Regards !

Hello, No, we haven’t seen this issue. Basically, plugins inside other plugins might behave strange/show some incompatibilities.

Please PM us with link to page where this happens, we’ll try to figure this out.

Best, Boom Apps Team

we’re on wordpress 4.5.3 – can you help with installing it?

Hey, Sure! What’s the problem?

Best, Boom Apps Team

It’s been activated etc but I can’t find anything anywhere to actually edit it and make it appear on a blog post…

Hey, there should be a red button in Wordpress WYSIWYG editor toolbar.


raesgo Purchased

Hi there, I’m having issues with the count down time. Seems to be 4 hours off. I’ve sent you an email. If you could have a look and advise I would appreciate it


Just replied.

Could you make a Download link countdown plugin? it’s nowhere on the web

Hey, That’s actually a very good idea. We’ll look into it!

Best, Boom Apps Team

Thanks I’ll be the first to buy it.

I am having trouble with this on my site when i put it up on empty page wroks perfectly… When i put anything else on the page the titles jump out of the circles.

Hey, Please PM us ( with a link to page where it doesn’t work. We’ll check.

Best, Boom Apps Team

hi, is it also possible yo use the beautiful circular for static content. lets say I want to add a non changing number in it like ‘239’?

Hey, This is not possible.

Best, Boom Apps Team


I am having an issue where the text (numbers) are off center from the circles.. Once I adjust the screen size on the browser it kicks in.

It’s been doing this for a few months now on any page I place it on.

Any ideas on how to fix it?

Here’s a sample:

Hello, On what OS/Browser this happens? Please provide us full info – we’ll check the problem.

Also, please provide a purchase code – the system doesn’t identify you as our customer.

Best, Boom Apps Team

It happens on all browsers and OS.. I’ve tested on Safari, Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer.

I’ve also tested on a few different phones and Mac and PC.

Lastly, I’ll try and get the purchase from you. I am working on this site for a client and they’re the one that bought the plugin.

Hi, i have buy the plugin but it doesn’t work. I have installed and actived the countdown plugin for wordpress. I add the code with WYSIWYG editor.

But doesn’t happen nothing.

Please. I have the problem yet

Hey! Please PM us at with your wp-admin password -we’ll check the problem.

Best, Boom Apps Team

i solve :D

Hi, I just got the plugin, installed, activated, create the code with the red button but nothing is showing in the website, any idea what could be the issue? regards.

Hello, Please PM us with a link to page where our plugin doesn’t work correctly at We’ll check it.

Best, Boom Apps Team

Hello, I have installed the plugin but is not working at all.

I need your support in order to have this plugin working otherwise I would apreciatted the refund.

Hello, Please PM us with a link to page where our plugin doesn’t work correctly at

Best, Boom Apps Team

Really love your counter and I thinking of buying another copy for another project. I just want to check if there is a way of reducing the size of everything but still keep the chunky feel. I have the countdown on one website but it takes up quite a bit of space. If I wanted to reduce it so it would fit on the footer is there a css setting for its overall size?

Hey, You can manually wrap the countdown into fixed-width container, eg. [redcountdown …..]

Best, Boom Apps Team


I already purchased this plugin but now it is prompting me to buy pro support in order to create circular countdown timer. The link to buy pro version wants another $13. What is going on?

Hey, This is strange actually. There isn’t anything like “Pro version”.. Are you sure that message comes from our plugin?

Could you please PM us with the screenshots of this? Our mail is

Best, Boom Apps Team

Thanks for answering—it appears I had installed a different plugin. I would like to know whether there are docs for red countdown plugin—could you supply a link?

Hey, There are no docs because it’s very simple to use. you should have a red button in your TinyMCE Wordpress WYSIWYG editor. It’ll open a window with all the settings.

Best, Boom Apps team

Hi! How can I change the size of the counter? Especially the circles around the number and text? At the moment is it full screen and I’d like to make it smaller. Thanks!

Hello, The coundown adjusts to size of parent container. If you are using Visual Composer you can adjust column width.

In plain HTML just add a parent container with width, example: [redcountdown…..]

Best, Alex Boom Apps Team