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Heyyy, I want to change the Layout, I mean I want to move the “Category” to the top of the page in the “Create Post” Page just after the “Upload Thumbnail”. Can you help me over this?

Hey But You are not accepting my account at support forum , Account name: tribikramsahu , Please accept me


Thanks a lot :)


i’m interested in this script, and i’m really serious in buying it. I want to use it for my business. So there’s a few things i would like to add up to this script.

If you are able to customize and add up some features that are in my mind to this script for a budget of 100-300$ and in a duration of 1 month. Then let me know, i would buy this script right away and start the customization with you.

the features are:

1- add messaging system, so users can message each other.

2- add a live notifications exactly system like Facebook, so if someone comments, messages you, you will get a notification.

3- add photo and emoji options to comment.

4- add a footer to the whole script, because i have privacy polive, about us, and all that kind of stuff i want to place in the footer.

this is pretty much it for now. Please let me know if you can handle this work as soon as possible.

1- there is already private messaging system

2- also there is notifications plugin for free , but not notification for messages

3- we can make it ,

4- you can add custom links for footer in admin panel

5- sorry we have no time to make big changes

Is there any admin login credentials? I would like to check out the admin panel


I just tried to add Instagram MP4 video by clicking the “Add Media” tab and inserting MP4 URL, but its only showing the MP4 link and not video. Why?

Secondly, can you make changes in future release, for admin account to not be able to post publicly? This will reduce the risk of admin account hacking.

Additionally, link is showing in “Submit Media” of homepage, and when clicked, shows 404 page error. How to fix this?

Sent, pls check your email.

Mann you just ignored my request, despite replying to your message here quick. Not looking good at all.

Once again, the two urgent issues I need fixed are:

1. The 404 errors
2. The missing Instagram video support

This is a feature advertised on your item listing page, and is one of the reasons I bought this script in the first place.

“Supporting popular video and music sources: YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Vimeo, SoundCloud, Vine, VK, DailyMotion”

Also, where is the option to generate sitemap?

hi all i bought this theme after viewing live demo after install theme the slider not working and why when i’m register as a new user i can’t login with face book account like demo please help in this issue

I already purchased but please update the theme to fit our Arabic use , to be RTL—Also the slider isn’t working like the demo

send your page url via email,

hi i need support. i signed up as preeminent77

You need to write this comment in kingmedia or kingmedia bundle product page which you bought for verify your purchase

i just installed it, but i get this error message

Warning: require_once() [function.require-once]: Unable to access /membri/meteengeld/king-include/king-app/cookies.php in /membri/meteengeld/king-include/king-page.php on line 26

Warning: require_once(/membri/meteengeld/king-include/king-app/cookies.php) [function.require-once]: failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /membri/meteengeld/king-include/king-page.php on line 26

Fatal error: require_once() [function.require]: Failed opening required ’/membri/meteengeld/king-include/king-app/cookies.php’ (include_path=’.:’) in /membri/meteengeld/king-include/king-page.php on line 26

What to doo?

Be sure that you have uploaded all the files if still doesn’t work send your ftp login details via email we will check;

facebook video docent work :/ in your demo

We didn’t update demo page

Just bought the theme but MP4 video’s can’t play anymore. I can only see the url.

Send us your page url and admin login details via message box in my profile we will check

I want to use this theme so bad but I have an issue. Whenever I upload an image everything is fine. When I upload a video with a youtube link, there is no thumbnail automatically generated like the other themes. I uninstalled and re-installed without changing any settings and it still does not generate any thumbnails on the home page.

This theme only for create lists and news , you can use other themes

One of your first images on the item details page for this item states “Submit News, Lists, Videos & Images”. So I just figured we could use the same video features as all the other themes. Thanks for the reply.

If you like we can change this theme with royal theme , you can send refund request after purchase royal theme