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Beautiful ! Very good work !

I’m buying it with closed eyes dude, excellent work and ultra useful tool, congrats


Thanks! Let me know if you have an suggestions for making it better!

I’d say a way to select elements on page in visual mode and having their settings displayed for us to change them (both html and css) :) just as firenug does but with saving options :)

Agreed! The tough part is figuring out which template files generate the corresponding HTML. The next feature I’m working on is providing access to the theme’s CSS, so hopefully that’s a step in the right direction.

Interesting! So it’s possible to edit the html of any post or page? Would this work for custom types?


That’s correct! It will work with custom post types, and will allow you to edit the title or body copy HTML on any single (non-archive) page.

looking forward to future features, bookmarked.

Great. Thanks!

Nice plugin but can I edit custom fields and meta boxes as well?

Not yet, but I’m optimistic there’s a way we can work out the logistics. Thanks for taking a look!

I love what you created! I have a question, how would I make it so I can edit multiple sections separately on one page.

For example, I would like to have three div’s #laika-editor1, #laika-editor2, #laika-editor3.. three titles #laika-editor-title1, #laika-editor-title2, #laika-editor-title3, and three edit buttons #wp-admin-bar-backtick1, #wp-admin-bar-backtick2, #wp-admin-bar-backtick3.

I would like to click on #wp-admin-bar-backtick1, and have it edit #laika-editor1, so on and so fourth. Basically I created a 1 page site, that each section pulls from a seperate table from mysql. Now I just want to edit each section separately, but remain on the “1 page”.

I hope this all makes sense! Thanks so much!

Thanks! I think it’s a great idea. I really like the notion of multiple toolbar buttons (or a dropdown) to choose which area to edit.

It sounds like you’re referring to the creation of a custom widget that could be placed in various locations to add the additional editable areas. I think that could work. One of the difficulties of editing parts of the page (other than the title and main body) is that it’s difficult to tell exactly where the content is coming from; it could be a widget, plugin, theme file, etc. With dedicated “Redaktor widgets” the process would be much simpler.

I’ll do a little more research and see if we can add it to a future version!

Thanks again for your input!


Thank you so much for the QUICK response!

So, this is where I’m at right now: I stripped wordpress away and I’m using your plugin in a php&mysql fashion.

I have a while statement ($show_pages), that is pulling directly from my database. So I have three rows, id=1 id=2 id=3


<a href="#<?php echo $show_pages[" id="">"  id="wp-admin-bar-backtick<?php echo $show_pages["id"]; ?>" class="btn btn-success btn-lg" style="color:#fff;">EDIT</a>

     <div id="laika-editor-title<?php echo $show_pages[">">
            <?php echo $show_pages["title"]; ?>                     

        <div id="laika-editor<?php echo $show_pages[">">
                  <?php echo $show_pages["content"]; ?>

As you can see I’m pulling unique content, and I have unique names for each element, Edit/Title/Content.

Where I’m getting stuck is, how do I make laika.js work with each unique edit click.

I tried adding loading laika.js inside my index.php file and adding <?php echo $show_pages[“id”]; ?> to these elements.

// this is the element to be edited
var $content = $('#laika-editor<?php echo $show_pages["id"]; ?>');
var $title = $('#laika-editor-title<?php echo $show_pages["id"]; ?>');
// title field in the editor window
var $editor_title = $('#editor-title<?php echo $show_pages["id"]; ?>');

I can send you a link to my code and you can take a look!

Thanks so much!


Sure! I think that can definitely work. Please send me a link through the contact form at

Thanks, Jon

FYI, if anyone is reading these comments before buying!

This plugin is absolutely amazing, simple easy to use & works great!!

Five stars!

do you have a non wordpress version?

I have a JavaScript-only version in the works that handles the editing (but obviously not saving the updated HTML). Is that close to what you’re looking for?

Hi, I actually don’t need this plugin but I want to say CONGRATULATION! Good stuff! ;)

A major drawback is you apparently cannot use any shortcodes as they are removed. I rely on shortcodes. my whole website is full of them. the statement “When the page is saved, shortcodes will be lost, although the raw code generated by the shortcodes will remain.” is an understatement.

Hi, we are looking of this features for our website for the exercize of our student. Is possible to add this functionality with shortcode and allow just training students without save work?

Would this plugin be able to modify FontAwesome and Flaticons shortcodes on Wordpress theme?

I need non wordpress version only the html css editor. Can i get it?