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Hi! How do i change the rate button link? Because when i press it, it takes me on your google play app And second: i`ve changed the red square to black but now it`s 50 red an 50 black? The share button posts a link to your app… not mine… Thx!

Fix all problems! just the red square left! cannot change it in black! pls help

All done!

if you have any more problems let me know :)

Could included songs into the code ?

the sounds i use are in the res/raw folder

Hello i’m interested to buy this code , if i did are you support me to change something ?

i am willing to answer any question about any change, i can also customize it (colors, text, game difficulties). but if it is a big change like another game mode or a completely different gameplay I can do this as a freelance work.

There is a bug in Arcade mode when the game starts if you press other than Red box in the beginning the game gets crashed

okay thank you i will fix this right now !

[Q] Is AdMob banner ad also integrated, or only intersticial? [Q] Is there any video tutorial on how to edit the code, or do we get only the documentation? Because as the person above said there is the need to change for example the share / rate button links etc.

Hello, There is only an interticial in the code, but admob is integrated so adding a banner takes only a couple of lines of code. There is a written documentation explaining how to customise the app. concerning the share, rate link and other minimal changes, I can not document every possible change but it is very easy to change and I will help you if needed. Same for the banner, if help is needed i can explain and give the code.

i need a a customization, i need you to integrate google games leaderboard and achievements in the game. also i want you to add a banner ad in the game. if you can do this i will now only buy your game.

ok, can we talk on mail.

pls reply me. i already mailed you.

hello, i would like to know how can i add admob banner ad in the game play view. also if possible pls provide me the code.

Hello, please contact me on contact@armindevs.com i will do my best to help you

also i would suggest that as u r selling the code, you should not publish game on play store. rather you should put demo apk for customers. play store games creates duplicates for your customers.

How much to customize and upload the MathsFun app for me?

Create new look and Feel, Icons etc.

Thank you

Hello, please contact me at contact@armindevs.com for any freelancing request. Thank you

I’m thinking of buying. AdMob ok?problems have been fixed?Purchasers can tell?