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Power Ups Shop Not Working?

This a little guide to fix it.
1. Open UICanvas.cs (Assets/Resources/Scripts/UICanvas)
2. Then Find method BuyPowerUps(int id, int value)
3. Delete parameter int value. So the result is BuyPowerUps(int id)
4. Go inside the method and change all “value” to “5” (without quote)
5. Save

When I have only one Cross Power Ups, I can’t use it

This a little buggy. I’m sorry, follow this step
1. Open UICanvas.cs (Assets/Resources/Scripts/UICanvas)
2. Go to PUCrossButton() method
3. On if line change with this code
if (GameManager.instance.puPick == GameManager.PowerUpPick.cross || GPGSController.Instance.mProgress.GetPowerUpsNumber(GameManager.PowerUpPick.cross) <= 0 || GameManager.instance.shapePick != GameManager.ShapePick.nope)
4. Save it.

Interstitial only show once

This a little tricky how to fix it.
1. Open AdmobController.cs (Assets/Resources/Scripts/Services/AdmobController)
2. Add
using System;
at top of code
3. Add this method
private void HandleAdClosed(object sender, EventArgs args){ interstitial.Destroy(); InterstitialSetup(); } 4. Go to method InterstitialSetup(), after
interstitial = new InterstitialAd(KeyIds.instance.admobInterstitialKey);
add this
interstitial.AdClosed += HandleAdClosed;
5. Go to method InterstitialShow()
6. Change the entire code with this if (interstitial.IsLoaded()) interstitial.Show(); else{ interstitial.Destroy(); InterstitialSetup(); } 7. Save it.

unity.advertisiment is defined twice

Double Click the error log then delete that line code.

This template is build with unity 5.0. If you using Unity 5.2 above, it will get error. just delete it.

Unity Ads Not Works?

This because you are using Unity 5.2 above.
1. Delete the folder name StandartAssets
2. Open Splash.cs (Assets/Resources/Scripts/Splash)
3. Delete this code
if (Advertisement.isSupported) //Check if device support Video Ads Unity Advertisement.Initialize(KeyIds.instance.unityAdsKey); //fill with your ID key to monetiz else Debug.Log("Not Supported");
4. Follow this guide : http://docs.unity3d.com/Manual/UnityAdsHowTo.html

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