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how are the radio stations maintained?. Remote server or local?. What kind of radio stations supported?. Shoutcast support?

The app does not store local playlists . We are not affiliated with Apple and can not be responsible for their quirks about the approval of the application. In App store a lot of applications with the ability to stream the recording. If Apple wants to find fault with your application, it will in any case find the cause. The app does not violate principles build the application described in the Apple documentation. Thanks

I think i am confusing you. All i wanted to know was where is the stream url stored?. Is it locally stored in app or like a xml file on the webserver?.,

Good night. Url to the radio stream stored in the .json file that you upload to your hosting. Documentation has video tutorials, how to do it. Thank you

is there a control panel script for this too ?

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We mentioned in the previous comment that the version with the backend will be a little later.


Do you have a link to a app thats currently in the app store using this ? Not sure how legal it is to record music streams

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Application pending in Apple. Documents Apple no point in saying that it is impossible to do stream recording.


Hi . I’ve bought Recordio and got many deprecated issues in xcode . can you please update it before i start to use it ? thanks a lot .

If you enrage yellow triangles in xcode :reallyevil: :), write to support, I will explain to you what needs to change, it will be faster.

thanks for update !

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Great concept. I have 2 questions:

1. Can you share the playlist of series of recordings? Maybe with other users internally or externally.

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The application does not function to create playlists. The application there is only a collection of radio recordings. Share recordings from users can not! For this functionality the application is not approved in the appstore.


Hi, support streaming AAC+ and AAC and MP3 ?

I do not understand, I do not modified anything in your project. Just open it in Xcode and sent running. The error message is clear, these functions that Xcode shows, he says that this code is no longer available in the new iOS. If you uncomment the line of code, give the overall error in the application. I say again, not modified anything, just sent running.

Discover the error. I set in Deployment Target to 9.3 However, its code is in version 8.3

So Xcode warns that function: MPMoviePlayerTimedMetadataUpdatedNotification was discontinued in the new iOS 9.3

Now I ask you, leaving the configuration of the pair to design iOS 8.3 would not bring problems to users of iOS 9.3?

Yes, the app will work

I have just open project in xcode without having had changed something still have 20 times with fault in red always displayed with the designation Swift?

Please go to http://help.appteve.com and create a new ticket

thanks for the quick response, I will upgrade to xcode 7.3 us swift to 2.2 and hopefully everything is green otherwise I’m going with send a description and screenshots to support thanks you and have a nice day

Have a nice day!

Have questions, please contact us.

waiting android too :-)

For android – in the development process


station meta data does not stop loading if no data is available. Please solution

Hello, I’m hoping you fix the problem of how the application is reading the TAG ID MP3, you already solved it? I bought it already a few days and even spoke, and you got to release an update to stop solving the application problem is closing.


Firstly, I advise you to write a ticket in our support (no message), we do not provide support for applications in the comments and email. Unfortunately you do not write the ticket.

Secondly. Not correct metadata – this is an error content provider. There are generally accepted standards that we adhere to when programming applications. We are not new to programming applications, and have been doing this for over 7 years.

You, the second person in recent years, which can not solve the problem from the wrong (not correct) Metadata. The correct response from the server by all standards:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?> <metadata> <TIT2>Song Title - Song Artist</TIT2> </metadata>

If Metadata stream is not correct, there may be errors in your application, you can only fix by changing the Metadata on the right. We are waiting for you to: a) ticket, b) the error screenshots, if they have

Best regards, Appteve Dev

No way. It once again is completely wrong. You plumb saw the bug in your application. If the MP3 metadata does not have the correct name, or the signal that separates the artist’s name (-) your application closes completely. Other users also noticed this problem. This only becomes a problem for those who have a large number of MP3 and is impossible to correct each metadata of each MP3. IN my case I’m talking about more than 5 million MP3. So much so that you got to solve this bug in a maximum of 15 days. Not now understand that his arrogant attitude and lack of respect for the client who believed in his work, it just shows their immaturity in dealing with the customer. I did not expect this from you. Will trigger the Envato and ask for restitution of my money, it is clear that his last answer, that you do not do anything to resolve this bug in your application. I hope you have luck on your sales.

All users running the app, you do not. Do not you think it strange? We always communicate with their customers on a good note, I’m sorry if you do not want to accept and start to demand from us. In my opinion it is you show us disrespect. Have a nice day.

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We do not give support in the comments and by e-mail. For all the technical questions we have support site. Please go to the address http://help.appteve.com and create a new ticket. We also strongly recommend that you carefully read the product description. Sometimes we write there are very important things. In your case, you must update your development environment. I am sure that you have installed Xcode is not version 7.3. We also remove all comments that contain screenshots of the source code.

Best regards, Appteve Dev.


Good evening. Read the answer in the support, we will reply 1 day ago. Envato does not oblige me to provide support in the comments.

Today for developers: Current version Xcode 7.3 , Current version Swift 2.2. Update the development environment and you will be happy. I have it repeat with the first comment.

Best regards, Appteve Dev

do you know some links (URL) with useable radio streams?

No, we do not have a list of radio stations

Support ios 10 and Xcode 8.2 ?

Yes, iOS 10.2, Xcode 8.2, Swift 2.3

I downloaded the code, opened it in Xcode and had it run, but before that Xcode had it converted to the new Swfty. But when it tried to run in the emulator gave more than 19 errors. I am using the latest version of Xcode and macOS. It’s a lot of error, and I have not changed any line of the application code.

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Thank you for purchased our product.
Read carefully the documentation. (It does not say that you need to convert the code)
Read the product description carefully, sometimes it is possible to find answers to such questions:

We do not provide support in the comments and email. For any questions, we have customer support center :
The code works great with the new version of the Xcode:
As can be seen from the test video in an application no mistakes and everything is working correctly.
For all actions that you do with the application code and are not specified in the documentation, you do at your own risk.
If you want to experiment with the application code, you do not need us to report their results.
Studio for Christmas and New Year holidays. Support will begin work only 4 January.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Kind regards, Appteve

As I told you, I just downloaded the application and opened the project on xCode, since the version of my xCode and my macOS is the last version. But when I run the project, it generates more than 100 errors in the project. And if you download your application again and open it, xCode always asks you to do a conversion to Swft. That is, it is impossible to use your application because the errors prevent you from running the application. For months I’m trying to open it and manage to use it, but for months it always happens the same errors …

I repeat again and again – for all technical questions we have support service.


Your app crashed on iPhone running iOS 10.2.1 connected to an IPv6 network when we:

The app crashed when we selected a radio station.

This occurred when your app was used:

- Offline - On Wi-Fi

We have attached detailed crash logs to help troubleshoot this issue.

Next Steps

Please revise your app and test it on a device while connected to an IPv6 network (all apps must support IPv6) to ensure that it runs as expected.

Good day.
For all technical issues, we have a support site. We do not provide support in comments and mail.

About iPV6:
- It is necessary to specify that your server (hosting) does not support the protocol iPV6. This is necessary otherwise Apple will not approve your application!


You are welcome.