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Hi Nice app, can you add admob ? if we can monetized the app I think its good for all and you will get more buyers to . Thanks!

I also added sound effect with other sounds like as RAIN, DOGS, DRUM, GUITAR for you.

Thanks for keeping your promise, even you add more effects to the app you are awesome ! please keep bringing more apps .Best Regards.

thanks, today my another app laughed in this market. If you want , check now : http://codecanyon.net/item/android-brain-puzzle-game/10034548

Hi, nice apps. Can it mixed the recorded sound with other sound file(like rain, bird singing…)?


Hi, i added sound effect with other sounds like as RAIN, DOGS, DRUM, GUITAR for you. now you can check it. Thanks

Thanks for your update. I try your dropbox file but i can’t find the that feature. IS IT POSSIBLE TO MIX RECORDED SOUND WITH other mp3 file and generate a new file?

It is possible to mix record sound with other mp3 but not generate a new file.

generate option i will add in next update session,


Nice work, GLWS! :)

It’s not allowing me to mix the recorder sound with other sound. I purchased the most recent version. Also, please implement the ability to record internal sound only without Microphone such as piano keys. I would like to create a melody separately then record voice separately.

you just record your voice and you can mixed any type of sound with your voice.

to do this job just replace the sound in raw folder ( rain.mp3, dog.mp3, drum.mp3, guitar.mp3 ) in the source code by your sound like as piano or others.

Ok I misunderstood the project. Can you implement a feature that would export a mix of any sound and voice to a mp3?

i will try to add this feature in the next update session,


Can you tell us what changes there are in this update?

offcourse antoniora

i added admob ( Banner + Interstitials ) in the last update session.

to view this update check it now : http://codecanyon.net/item/recorder-and-equalizer-player-with-effect/9904887

I have checked all format sizes of sound files. All are almost same size. After that I have checked in PC(Windows OS based computer) and but not working some formats. Because you have just renamed the files.

All formats are not supported Use mp3 for better

You have not written any code for each file file formates to save files. So remove other names.

looks good is the option to mix finished yet? i would like to be able tomix my voice with a previous recording of music or sound and save it.

it has not this feature. if you want this feature contact me. via skype

Hi, Your application is a eclipse project, or?


yes, eclipse

hi we want to buy your app can you make some changes in this app.

Hi! I have two questions:

1.- Can I integrate part of the code in my own code? 2.- In the purchase is the version for Android Studio?

Thank you so much!