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I set up the cloudkit as specified in the user guide along with the other key steps and receive an error “cloudkit access was deined by user settings” Any idea?

Ok, thanks.

you’re welcome

nice app! can this be used to only have one admin user who can post recipes? while the others can just save fav. recipes.

You would have to change several code in the app to do so, an the admin would post recipes manually on the Parse dashboard, not from the app.

Nice app! I have a few question before buying. Can I change it to other language? It has to be change it in xcode or in Parse?

Hi, yes you can change it into another language, not in Parse, only in the Xcode project.

Hi. scrolling in recipes page is very bad. it freezes. we have a lot of recipes. and cant scroll smoothly. it freezes then scrolls. do you have any fix for this? for example loading 6-10 recipe then another 10 . maybe by this way it can work smooth

Envato already released the update, so download it and check the change log in this app’s description ;)

Thank you so much. Now there is new problem occured. Images in recipes page are always changing.It stops after 2-3 minutes. for one recipe shows images of other recipes as an animation :) i think it is cache problem. pls help us to fix this problem as well.

Hi, may you please take a video of your issue and send it to us by contacting us with our profile’s contact form, so we can understand your issue? Because Parse SDK keeps loading data for every cell while scrolling a table or collection view and there’s nothing we can do against it. Thanks,

Hi, back4app is not creating the classes for me. Im running xcode 7.3. I dont see the classes being created. I’m getting this Cloud Code not loaded: { [Error: Cannot find module ’./data/cloud/main’] code: ‘MODULE_NOT_FOUND’ }

yes, i got it to work. do you have a version that works with PHP/MYSQL?

No, we’re not experienced with php and mySql. Cheers!

seem to be getting ‘YouTube’ play back issues from within recipes…any ideas?

what playback issues?
Are you posting the sharing link form YouTube? (you can get it by tapping Share -> Copy Link from the YouTube official app)

what’s best email address to use?

I can send over couple of screenshots, might be easier…

use the Support button in the app description, the one below Our Website one

It looks like a great app, I have a pre-purchase question; Is there a way to add facebook login?

no, sorry, Parse SDK doesn’t work properly with Facebook SDK at the present. Cheers!

We’re going on vacation for the whole month of August 2016.
We are not available for freelance works, nor we can assure to reply to comments/messages promptly.
Happy summer!

Hi somehow the youtube embed is not working is there a fix for that

Never Mind its the thing with the shortlink

right, you must always copy the link that YouTube app generates when you tap Share

When will an android version come out ?

Hopefully on next year

offline or online?

online, it works with Parse sdk hosted on

Hi. How to fix this error “Could not build Objective-C module” ‘GoogleMobileads’ and “Umbrella header ‘GoogleMobileAds.h not found

Thank you thank you, everything is working now. What a great customer service you have.

Glad it works ;) Then don’t forget to rate this app on your Downloads page, we’ll appreciate it ;)

Hey Mate,

I updated the submitButt( ) with the new code you pasted above and this is what is happening.

I did on purpose not to fill out everything and of course the alert popped up but after I dismissed the alert, The HUD keeps spinning…try it out on your end and you will see.

Just thoughtI let you know!

Ok, Nevermind! LOL I had one too many showHUD() after I updated! It is good now!!


ok cool, don’t forget to rate this app on your downloads page: ;)

New Update has a problem….When adding a recipe and you fill out everything it is still alerting you to fill all required fields. You not able to submit recipe’s at all. Just notifying you of this issue.. Thanks!!

Thanks for the quick response, but after I sent the message I noticed it!!


you’re welcome!
please don’t forget to rate this app on your downloads page: we’ll appreciate it a lot ;)

Testing push notifications: When someone likes my recipe I receive the notification with sound. But if I send out a notification to everyone the notification is received but has no sound at all it just comes in silently. Please note: I checked all the settings on my phone and the sound is on.

What could be the issue?


Do you mean that you use the Parse Push web dashboard? It’s a bug from Apple, iOS 10, and you can’t also enable the alert sound on the Parse Push dashboard like we do in the code, so only Apple may fix it, when there was iOS 9.x the Notifications initialization was working like a charm (like lot of other iOS features). iOS 10 was a big mistake, but what can we do? Just hope that Apple will fix everything with probably iOS 10.x.x and Xcode 8.xx someday :)

Another Quick Question

While inside the Recipe and you get a notification, The notification alert does not show the true name of the app, it shows the word Recipes….What file can I changed this so it shows the correct app name.

Now when outside the app it shows the correct name. Thanks!

Yes, of course. Again, it only happens when the app is open and you receive a notification at the same time…Thanks!

For every other alert, it shows correctly!!

ok, we have to investigate why that happens, actually, so what is the name of your app on your back4app dashboard?

It may be a little bug on Parse SDK, something we can’t fix, only those developers can. Anyway, you’re using your own Parse Dashboard, right, not our demo one?

Hi, small problem , when you share recipe in Facebook it doesn’t show the share string of app name and recipe details it’s just shows ”#recipe” . Can you look at that? Thanks

we know that, nut it’s an Apple bug just on Facebook sheet controller, we can’t fixit, sorry.

do you have an android version and a website?

no android version yet, and never a web template, we’re not web developers.

How to remove Fvimagination logo on the startup of the app?


you’re welcome

Hi, the github link on the user manual for Ios push notification is expired. Please provide a new note for the push notification

thank you, most waited, buying it straightaway :D