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hi i would like ask you can implement facebook login?and push notification with parse thanks

this great ,my first question if you can integrate push notification from parse for send all user registered in device thanks

As we said above, Parse Push has been already implemented, so you can also use the Parse Push console to send a push to all registered users ;)

Hi, we have encountered issues while trying to implement Facebook login with Parse, so we decided to avoid it until they’ll fix the issues.
We’ll see if we may add Push notifications when a user likes some of your recipes on a next update.

Yes, please add the Push notification as you mentioned: “We’ll see if we may add Push notifications when a user likes some of your recipes on a next update.” That’ll be really awesome. Also, better to include the username in the push notification as well so that we know who likes our recipes and we can search for their recipes using their username. Looking forward to the update!

We’re already working on Push Notifications, you’ll get a message saying something like “John Doe liked your ‘Dream cake’ recipe” as push notification. We’ll try to make it available soon.

Hi, we’ve just added Push Notifications for new likes, the update should be available soon, stay tuned!

Hi, how many photos can you upload?

One as cover the other 2 in the post page.

Ok, but that will require a lot of more code for the preparation description, because now it’s a textView, we would have to make multiple textViews and work out a complex custom code for that, honestly it’s a feature that is worth more than the price of this template on codecayon, this app does already great things. We may do that as an extra customization job.

It is up to u you.

When I go to Account—> click on one of my recipes the app crashes and gives me this code: Thread 1: EXC_BAD_INSTRUCTION (code =EXC_l306_INVOP, subside = 0×0 ) and highlights this line: let selectCateg: Int = categoriesArray.indexOf(selectedCategory)!

I see that you started moving to Cloudkit… Very smart choice! I was wondering if you were available for hire?If so, you can email me. If not, can you update this code to cloudkit so I can dive into it! Thank you!

Hi, it’ll take time to us to change all our apps into CloudKit environment, we’re working on it, so please be patient and follow us on Twitter to stay updated.
We’re currently not available for freelance work due to the high volume of updates we must get done asap. Cheers !

Pre sale question, i am pretty much familiar with and now that it will become open-source i would like to buy your app with extended license but keep it with parse functions etc. since i’m going to host my own parse-server as soon as possible. It would be very nice to see you continue with parse among with cloudkit, because now parse will be unlimited and we could co-operate somehow about the hosting, if you would like more info send me a private message!

As far as we know, Parse will shutdown on next year. please contact us by our profile’s contact form to send us more info about your proposal. Thanks!

Hi there, Great app! Have you seen that will shut down? Any plans? Because I’m thinking to buy this… Thank you!

Hi, yes, check the announcement in this app description. Cheers!

Hi guys, just saw your update and push has been removed ? I bought this template with push… can you please advise if you will still be providing push? push was a large selling point ( i have bought 4 other apps of yours )

We haven’t found a good Push Notifications provider like Parse was, once we’ll find it we’ll add its code to this app. Cheers!

Hi, thanks for the update the app now always show message of did not find required record this happen after the update, please advice

just fix it by replace Production to Development in Recipes.entitlements file

Right, the Support tab of this app explains how CloudKit environments work.

Also i would to report 2 bugs 1- the app not show recipes when i open it, i need to refresh 2- when i added 3 recipes, 2 have images, and 1 with no image, the app sometimes show wrong images in home specially when filter it

... Also it will be great to add facebook/twitter login

Ok, so are you using Production environment on your CloudKit dashboard?
The bugs you’re experiencing do not depend by our code, but from some record that your dashboard is missing (that’s why the console says nil), we cannot understand what is missing from your screenshots, please check all the records in your Dashboard and do not leave blank fields, fill all the data.

If you’ll experience again some issue, you may contact us by our profile’s contact form. Cheers!

is this app compatible with RTL , and can you add android version

thank you for reply

you’re welcome

Hello. I recently purchased your great app and i was looking at the tables in CloudKit. As i saw in the Recipes table it has too many columns without “foreign keys” as we could say in MySQL. For example you could have a different table for “covers” and for “categories”. Especialy categories because you could easily search for any category without having so much time to check for a string instead of searching for an ID. If you have this in mind in any of your next update, be sure that your app will be great! If you want any help i’m in your disposal.

Thanks for your suggestion, but CloudKit takes the same time to fetch records by string or recordName (the one you called ID), so the CK database of this app is fine, we use References to call records from different tables. CK doesn’t work like MySQL and php. Cheers!

do you have a full list of FIELD NAMES, TYPES, and INDEXES. the guide is not that clear and there are no indexes

hi, yes the guide is clear, just carefully check the screenshots and create your Record Types and field names and types as they look in the pictures. There are no indexes in CloudKit. Cheers!

Getting an error on iOS saying “Type is not marked indexible”. This message occurs upon login. All field types have been added and double checked. Could you please help

yes, i’ll email you screenshots

ok thanks!

Hello, closeButt is not implemented in Login.swift. This causes the application to crash when trying to use the close button.

This actually makes sense though. Just take out the X image. ;)

Yep, thanks for pointing it out, we hadn’t noticed it and we’ll fix it soin, meanwhile just remove the X button from Storyboard ;)

Youtube video cannot view

You have to post the Sharing link of a YouTube video, use the YouTube app, tap Share and Copy Link

I will try by your suggestion, thank you for good supporting :)

You’re welcome! don’t forget to rate this template on your Downloads page on Codecanyon ;)

When are you planning to release stable version ? app has several bugs , and it crashes lots of the time, and shows recipes slowly. Are you planning to add comments to recipes ? Would be good to have facebook or instagram login as well.

This app has so many bugs. For example i can like recipe as much as i want and each time it will show alert. when i sign out and try to sign in, it shows alert and doesnt sign in. In the main page recipes images are not showing properly it changes each time. i registered with another username. and i got full shopping list which i added to other users profile. and also app store didnt accept app because of ads. so i deleted ads everywhere but ad place shows in app and tooks much space.

Hey, that’s not a bug, you’re supposed to have one user, not multiple users, if it’s for test that’s fine, but usually you must have an account only. If you want test and switch accounts then, because of CloudKit, you must logout and kill the app, then open it again. The Shopping list is not made by account, it saves a general array and we’ll not change it.

If you like a Recipe once, yes you get an alert that tells you you ‘ve liked it, but if tap again you will UNLIKE that recipe and that’s what the alert tells you, it’s not true that you can like a recipe multiple times.

App crashes when i go to recipes from my profile.

App has critical problems. Please fix them with update. Right now it is useless with this much problems to upload to app store.

Many people here uploaded their own version of this app successfully, it’s not a useless app :)

Now that you went back into parse sdk i can help you make facebook login if you want _

We’ve tried it with back4app, but it doesn’t work yet, they must improve their platform, so we’re waiting for them to make Facebook login funcion working fine. Cheers!

It’s not their issue, actually i’ve made up my own parse-server in digital-ocean for a few $ per month and been working on it almost a month now. And i didn’t need to do anything about facebook login. Actually i had an issue with your push notification code and i could not login via FB but as soon as i found out what was causing the issue i debugged it. You have my email we ‘ve been talking for quite a while if you want any help i wont ask you for money :P

Ok, thanks, right now we’re super busy with updating our apps and do other stuff, we’ll let you know if well need you. Cheers!

why did you move to parse? parse is going to close in january.

Hi, but you don’t have to create fields in your Parse Dashboard, the app will automatically do it when you’ll use it, you just have to create an App on back4app and grab its App & Client keys. So now remove all Classes from your Dashboard and run the app, sign up for an account and use it.

i already have 66 users registered. can you please tell me what is it for users class ? i wrote string to most of them.

What do you exactly mean, sorry? Do you mean if the Users class in Parse has the same record types as CloudKit?
Instead, if you mean what column types you need for Parse, you don’t have to setup them, the app will do it on your Parse database.