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Hi, how to make this app work for tvos?

when i like the recipe on the recipe page, the heart symbol is not turning to red! why? But just the no. increments.

Because we can’t make it work like that with Parse SDK, it has some limitations, if you reload the Home screen the heart icons will get messy with more than 10-15 cells, not our fault, we just can’t control that issue :)

Hi, after i send a push notification how do i direct the user to that particular dish once he clicks the notification?

Sorry, I’m not able to do that.

Once i send a push notification my badge increments, even after i click the notification the badge remains the same, how do i reset the badge notification numbers?

thank you. do u have restaurant menu app?

Please ad Interstitial ads to the app.

Not on this template, that may be requested as an extra customization hob, if you want. Cheers!

hi, how to reset the activity screen on the profile page

Hi, you would have to add a reset button on the top-right corner of the screen and build some custom code to remove rows in the Activity class on your Parse Dashboard, that would be an extra customization job and you may request it by contacting us by our profile’s contact form.

do you have android version of the app?

Not yet, hopefully we’ll be able to make it in a few months


iriekid Purchased

can i buy this with the CloudKit support ?


iriekid Purchased

ok makes sense , whats the login options offered ?

by username/password or with Facebook

Hello ,

Ios version?

Demo before purchase?

Can you explain the purpose of “woopy”?

Do you have an app like WhatSapp?

woopy is a classifieds app, check its video preview out
we have this chat app: https://codecanyon.net/item/chatty-ios-universal-chat-app-template-swift/16141898


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nice app , some little bugs but nice, can report send and email ? and can you add Twitter Login button also ?

when you report a user or a recipe it cannot send an email to the admin, you would need some custom code to call a php file and a server to host that php file. We’re currently not available for freelance work so we can’t add Twitter login button for you at the present.

iOS#tutorial-setting-up-push-notifications-on-ios-and-os-x link failed again :(

hi, i want to change the layout to show the recipes on below the other, instead of current two in a row. how to change? pls help!

Hi, if you mean that you want 1 recipe/row, you must enlarge the cell’s width in the Storyboard to at least 320px (fit the iPhone 4S screen’s width).

Very interest to purchase. Can use other video host, like dailymotion or private server?

No, only Youtube.


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do you do custom modifcations ?

for customization requests please contact me by my profile’s contact form and i’ll get back to you asap.