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Hi ! i wanna purchase this App and i want to know if this App contains Admob place and can i open the project using Android Studio?

Hola. Comosta? I too need Admob integrated into the app and most importantly – would you be able to do customisation work? Gracias

Hi, at this moment I`m not able to do customisation work.

Hello. The code you’ve made available here is very different from the one that you have. I’m having to upload the images because the app is unable to search for them online. Can you tell me what the recommended size of an image should be? Also when I’m scrolling through the recipes the images do not appear. Any way of fixing this? Also the add to favourites feature doesn’t work. Can you please tell me how this can be fixed? Obrigado


abouis Purchased

Hello , first of all i’d like to thank you for your light , design and pretty app that i will purchase .

I want to ask few questions if possible : what’s about the back end and admin panel ? can we use onesignal for push notification ? do you have any link to see this app working on IOS ? is the code clear so easy to make some basic modification ? can we add more than one pic for each recipe?

Again thank you for the great work

Best Regards ,

Hi, sorry for the delay.

- There is no admin panel at this moment; - Yes; - No; - Yes; - No.

Has anyone every got a response from the devloper ??

Hi, what’s your issue?


app look great! Which Ionic version (1 or 2) is used?


Hi, this app was made with Ionic 1.