Support for Recipe iOS app - Universal complete iOS app in Swift (Backend included)

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I get the following error when entering ‘pod install’ in Terminal: -bash: pod: command not found

That is because your Mac doesn’t have Cocoapods installed, simply go to their website to learn how to install:

How to install Cocoapods

Is this written completely in Swift?

Yes, it supports the latest syntax of Swift, written completely in this language.

Do I need a Mac to use this template?

You’ll need Mac OS and Xcode to be able to run and modify this project.

Does it have a server or backend support?

No, this version is completely local, no backend is added to it. A new template is in the making, which will have the ability to download data from a server.

Does it work with a server or local only?

It does support a server where it could download your data from. Currently it uses to download data (but local files are still supported), but you could go ahead and change that to use yours.

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