Recipe iOS app - Universal complete iOS app in Swift (Backend included)

Recipe iOS app - Universal complete iOS app in Swift (Backend included)

This app is a fully working, complete iOS application, that is ready to be submitted to the App Store. Written in the latest Xcode, using Swift 3.0 for supporting iPhone and iPad devices from iOS 9.0 +.

This template has been designed to suit your needs to create your very own iOS app that showcases your awesome Recipes. With this template you can easily add your own Recipe collections and showcase them to your end users. You can decide if you need a backend or not, the app is prepared to support server or any other.

In this package you will find the following items:

  • Xcode project
  • Sketch file
  • Get started guide

We added the Sketch file as well so you can customise the look of your app without having to rewrite any colors, code and run the app.

This template has been written in Swift 3.0, which is a lot easier to understand than the good old Objective-C. Every method and class has been documented, commented in a way that it is easy to understand and see the bigger picture.

How to modify, add new Recipes

We set up the process of adding Recipes and collections/groups to the app as easy as possible. We use the local file system to create your Recipe groups and .json files to organize all your Recipe properties (such as: Ingredients, Description, Steps, Cooking Time, etc), so you can easily add new Recipes to your app.

Further options

You could implement the following options to make the app stand out a bit more.
  • Create a settings page where you could give options to display your recipes in different layouts (3-4 column grids, list views etc)
  • Add ability to support in app purchases so you can add Recipes which are only available after users purchased them
  • Support a backend system and let the app download your Recipes from your server directly
  • Add user login and registration so they can store their favorites on your server and share them with their friends
  • Add ability to your users to upload their own Recipes and share them with the world



- Updated to Swift 4
28/01/2017 – Version 1.5
- Fixed smaller issues with Favorites
10/01/2017 – Version 1.4
- Added Search to recipes
25/10/2016 – Version 1.3
- Added Swift 3 support
13/08/2016 – Version 1.2
- Added support
- Now you can decide what to use, local files or download recipes from or your server
02/08/2016 – Version 1.1
- Added AdMob framework
- Added BannerView to load ads and Interstitial ads
26/07/2016 – Version 1.0
- Initial release