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Nice work GLWS :)

hi its looks unique , hope will get good sell , i suggest why dont you add follow system and make more interactive by adding streaming chat and etc

Thanks for the suggestions! I’ll definitely keep them in mind!

on which version of codeigniter is it built on ?


It currently uses version 3.0.6 :)

You can add for ingredient tags like : calories, proteins, carbo …. per 100 gr ? and when you see the recipe .. with ingredients they will calculate auto nutritional informations.


You can put in custom amounts for each ingredient. The amount is a string so you can put in 300g, or 1 half of etc.

Nutrition isn’t calculated automatically. You have to add in that information yourself, if you so wish. You can just leave it blank if you don’t need it.

Nice Work, GLWS

Thanks :)


Can the login and password be disabled without too much coding? I have my own pass and user access management.

Thanks Johannes


Unfortunately not. The login system/user system is quite important to the system and I think it would be a bit more complicated to switch in your own.


Hi, Pre-sale question

1) Where do you add the Meta Tags as description and keywords 2) Where do I add Google Analytics Code 3) Does it work with Structured Data Markup 4) Can Print recipe page 5) Is it optimized for all mobile devices 6) Can user add multiple images in the recipes 7) Advertising Ready

Those are just a few initial questions


1) If you just mean modifying the HTML, these files are located in the Views section of the system. You can modify the layout file to affect all pages.

2) You can add this to the layout file.

3) In what sense? What kind of SDM are you wanting to implement?

4) There isn’t a built in option for this, but you can alway use the browsers Print option.

5) I have only tested on iPhone, so I can’t be 100% sure.

6) Yep.

7) Not really. It would need code modifications to do this.


3) In what sense? What kind of SDM are you wanting to implement?

Using this:

It doesn’t support that at the moment; it would have to be something you custom coded in. If it has an API/PHP library you can use, that would make it better to implement.

Awesome and I will purchase soon. Wishlist item – ability to pull or clip recipes from urls.

Thanks! I have added your suggestion to my user feedback notes :)


Is there any way to add more than one image in the Recipe page.

Best Regards


You could add it to the recipe instructions via the textarea editor.

Is there a demo of how the recipe going to be displayed in the website ? not inside admin panel.


Recipes are displayed inside the actual system (like in the demo). There currently isn’t another view of viewing recipes at the moment.