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Hi all, I have bought your recipe plugin but my SEO manager says it´s not good for SEO becauset the source code is visible in source code and push a menu items to 370 line and more. And it is so much for Google robots. Is it possible to move the code out?

Here is a part of code after press F11 on my websites:

da-rb-st-1 > #da-rb-st-2 > #da-rb-st-3 > #da-rb-st-4 > #da-rb-st-5 #da-rb-image-content{background: rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.7) !important;}#da-rb-st-1 > #da-rb-st-2 > #da-rb-st-3 > #da-rb-st-4 > #da-rb-st-5 #da-rb-image-content,#da-rb-st-1 > #da-rb-st-2 > #da-rb-st-3 > #da-rb-st-4 > #da-rb-st-5 #da-rb-image-content > #da-rb-table td{color: #FFFFFF !important;}#da-rb-st-1 > #da-rb-st-2 > #da-rb-st-3 > #da-rb-st-4 > #da-rb-st-5 #da-rb-image-content,#da-rb-st-1 > #da-rb-st-2 > #da-rb-st-3 > #da-rb-st-4 > #da-rb-st-5 #da-rb-image-content > #da-rb-table td{font-family: ‘Open Sans’, Helvetica, Arial, sans-serif !important;}#da-rb-st-1 > #da-rb-st-2 > #da-rb-st-3 > #da-rb-st-4 > #da-rb-st-5 #da-rb-preparation-title,#da-rb-st-1 > #da-rb-st-2 > #da-rb-st-3 > #da-rb-st-4 > #da-rb-st-5 #da-rb-ingredients-title,#da-rb-st-1 > #da-rb-st-2 > #da-rb-st-3 > #da-rb-st-4 > #da-rb-st-5 .da-rb-pre-rating,#da-rb-st-1 > #da-rb-s


/ phone */ @media all and (max-width: 479px){ #da-rb-st-1 > #da-rb-st-2 > #da-rb-st-3 > #da-rb-st-4 > #da-rb-st-5 #da-rb-image-content{ display: none !important; min-height: 0 !important; }

Thanks a lot for your response. Jay

Hello Jay, the CSS rules and the media queries written in the head of the document are dynamically generated based on your plugin options and thus can’t be stored in the default static CSS file used by the plugin for all the general CSS rules. What you can do if you want is to remove the spaces and the newline character to reduce the overall number of lines.

If you want to modify the content outputted on the head of the document edit the da_rb_style_options() function available inside the recipe-box/includes/functions.php file and remove whitespace and newlines as you prefer.

Hope this helps, if you need more info feel free to aks. For technical questions please contact me directly via my profile contact form.

Hi, First of all thanks for making this recipe box. I have only one problem, I want to translate the ‘No Reviews Yet’ to Dutch. Can you tell me the Custom CCS or the php file where I can do this?

I would advise this plugin to any foodblogger.

Thanks mate, that solved it. I will start running your plugin today. First with a test to see if I get the same SEO results as I have received by creating my own Noobcode ;)

4 more questions: 1. If I share the recipy on social (like facebook) it doesn’t share the picture but my website logo. How can I tweak this? Because the foodpicture is the eyecandy of the post. 2. The description isn’t taken over as an excerpt in the blog below the title, is this due the shortcode? How can I solve that? 3. As in question 2. I have an automatic e-mail system by Jetpack to notify followers on a new post. The excerpt only shows [recipe-box]. 4 I am using the Magazine slider by Woothemes, the picture of the recipebox is pushing the slider out op proportions. Anyway to cure this? I now decided to leave it out of the slider for my testfase.

Hope you can help me out! P.S. My followers already love your layout :)

Hello VMTO15, i’m going to answer directly to your email. For technical stuff please continue the discussion in the email thread. Thank you.

Client was looking at this plugin, but I don’t show the ability to “print” the recipe. Will you consider adding this feature? As well, sharing the recipe (social)

Hello ncdesign and thank you for you suggestions, will be considered but I can’t guarantee on their actual implementation.

Hello I’m trying to create links in the ingredients and was not possible .

Does the plugin does not support HTML?

Is there a reason?

Thank You

Hello ministrillo,

by default in the preparation, ingredients etc. fields HTML is disabled, if you want to enable HTML in a specific field please contact via my profile contact form or via the support tab and tell me for which field you want to enable HTML, so I can send you a modified version.

Hope this helps.

Hello, Very nice plugin. Just some questions. In preparation field. For example I have 3 things to prepare for my recipe. Can I add sections ? For example section is for thing 1 section 2 for thing 2 etc… Can we add video ? Will you update it ? What about front submission by user ? Thanks i advance for your answers. BR Fref

Hello FredN

Can I add sections ? For example section is for thing 1 section 2 for thing 2 etc…

What do you mean exactly? Can you provide a screenshot via my profile contact form?

Can we add video ?

You can place your videos in the same post where the recipe box shortcode is applied ( for example above and/or below ) or manually modify the layout produced by recipe box to include a video ( this requires PHP and WordPress skill )

Will you update it ?

Sure, but I can’t guarantee any feature in advance.

What about front submission by user ?

This feature is currently not included.

Hope this helps, for technical support please contact me directly via my profile contact form or via the support tab.

Hello, Thanks for your answers. Will send you a screenshot. BR Fred

Just bought this, in preparation there does not seem to be any way to split the steps, like ‘Prepare Sauce’, ‘Prepare Patties’ etc.

Also when the text is too long it wraps under the number rather than being nicely aligned under the previous part of the text eg your tea cake recipie “10 tablespoons unsalted butter” the word ‘butter’ is under the ’*’ instead of under the ‘10’

The other is ..

Step – Sauce do 1 do 2 do 3

Step – Base do 1 do 2

Step – Combne Do 1 Do 2

Hello Jenolan, if you need support please contact me via the support tab or via my profile contact form with your question and related screenshots or a link to the page where the plugin is active.


I think this plug-in is just what I’m looking for. However, is it possible to: 
  1. disable the mask overlay and display the introductory text, prep and cooking time etc in the body of the page above the preparation and ingredients?
  2. In mobile view I’d like to display the introductory text, prep time etc

Thank you

Hello jim-2004,

yes by changing the HTML output generated by the plugin in the recipe-box/includes/front_end.php you are able to customize the layout.

An important thing you have to consider is that you have to do these changes by yourself or ask to a professional, because customization services are not included in the support included with the plugin.

To resume, if you need to know where to change things to achieve your customizations or this kind of details feel free to ask, but do not expect that I send you a customized version of the plugin.

Hope this helps.

Very helpful. Thank you for the quick reply. :D

I want to purchase this plugin, but can you tell me what will happen to my current plugin Recipe Card?

Hello gsr265,

nothing will happen to your current plugin until you disable or remove it.

If you need more info feel free to ask.

My question is, will the recipes transfer automatically or do I have to manually go in and change them to this theme?

Hello gsr265, the recipes will not be automatically imported from one plugin to the other. If you are planning to use your old recipes with this plugin you have to manually create them.

My client would like to setup “tabs” on her recipe. Like tab 1 recipe, tab 2 reviews, and tab 3 download. Is it possible to put reviews on a different part of the page??

Hello Brandon,

you can proceed like this:

  • Modify the HTML generated by Recipe Box and include the various sections inside custom div elements that work as containers for your tabs
  • Load a tab jQuery/JavaScript library (for example jQuery UI) in your website

For more information on how to modify the HTML generated by Recipe Box please contact me via the support tab so I can add details via email.

Please also note that I can provide you all the information you need to perform these changes but not develop this customization for you because this isn’t clearly included in the item support terms.

Hope this helps.

I just bought your plugin. I think,search area will be great for that plugin.SS :

Hello hostogle,

since this plugin uses shortcodes to display the recipes in the posts and not a particular custom post type, you can use any “Search Box” or similar plugins that make use of the WordPress categories, post types, and tags of your posts to filter your content.

Hope this helps, if you need more info feel free to ask.

will this get into copyright issues? is there a way to make featured images? looks really good

Hello irdogg,

will this get into copyright issues?

I don’t understand what you mean exactly. Can you please add more details?

is there a way to make featured images?

The layout generated with Recipe Box has no relation with the featured images.

Hope this helps.


Is it possible to use [recipe-directions] as a shortcode? Just like Jetpack?


Regards, Bert Deelman

Hello bdeelman,

this plugin has a single shortcode, which is [recipe-box], that outputs the entire layout of the recipe.

Hope this helps. If you need more info feel free to ask.


Do you plan to update or add any features to this plugin? It has a unique look, but is a bit out of date compared to others.

Also, when I checked it with google, the ingredient schema is incorrectly formatted and it gives warnings: “The recipeIngredient field is recommended. Please provide a value if available.”

Thank You

Hello thatchick,

I confirm you that I’m planning to update the plugin but I can’t provide a release date at the moment.

There are also improvements to apply in terms of rich snippets generated because few things have changed with the specification.

If you have other questions feel free to ask.


I see that you plan to release an update. Is there any chance there will be a print function and the update the schema for recipes?

author keywords nutrition recipeCategory recipeIngredient


Hello thatchick,

I confirm you the update for the recipe schema. The print function is a feature that will be considered but I can’t guarantee at the moment.

Hope this helps, if you need more info feel free to ask.

Hi.. I’m looking at your plugin. However, with the advancements (updates) to the wordpress core itself, I’m deeply concerned about compatibility of your plugin with the current WP environment. I see that you’re planning an update, but do you have any clue as to timeline? What about the compatibility of your current Rev with the latest version of WP and PHP7, etc.? It makes me nervous purchasing a plugin where it’s been left alone for 3 years without any updates or fixes.

Hello DessertGuru,

I confirm you that the plugin support the current version of WordPress and PHP7 and that I’m currently working on the plugin update which is going to be released this month.

I’m also available to provide you a refund in case the current plugin version for any reason doesn’t suit your needs. In case contact me via the support tab after purchasing.

Hope this helps, if you need more info feel free to ask.

Recipe Box 1.05 has been released and the following changes have been applied:

  • The aggregateRating schema property is no longer included in the structured data when there are no ratings (this was causing a validation error of the structured data)
  • The recipeIngredient schema property is now used instead of ingredients
  • Fixed PHP notices

To update simply replace the plugin files with your favorite FTP client without deactivating or deleting the plugin.

If you have any questions feel free to ask.


thymag Purchased

Hi, In the mobile version I cant see the prep time, cooking time, etc?

Hello thymag,

you can control at which width the description and other information available in the mask over the image are hidden with the Options -> Phone Breakpoint option. You can also never hide this information if you want by increasing the value of this option, but this should be done wisely based on the amount of information you are including in the mask over the image.

Hope this helps, if you need more info feel free to ask.

Hi. I am running and would it be possible to import all recipes into your plugin? Tks.

Hello metineis,

currently there isn’t a specific import procedure and in case you switch to this plugin you would have to manually enter the recipes (copy and paste from the old system used to store the recipes for the most part).

Let me know if you need more info.

Okay, very good to know before I start putting in more recipes :) Thanks for a quick answer.